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This epic series of books was turned into four Hollywood blockbusters. How much do you know about the characters in "The Hunger Games?"

Which tribute went insane after witnessing the beheading of her district partner?

She has PTSD after seeing the horrors of the Games.


Which tribute bit the throat of another in order to win the 61st Hunger Games?

It was a gory but unforgettable way to win.


How old is Katniss at the beginning of the story?

By the end of the story she is 17 years old.


What is Peeta's last name?

He becomes a tribute for District 12.


Which character allowed the bombing of the Capitol's children?

The bombing winds up killing Prim, the younger sister of Katniss.


What did Finnick Odair use to win the 65th Hunger Games?

He was from District 4, where people use nets to catch fish.


What is Peeta's father's occupation?

The baker's shop becomes a setting for parts of the story.


Who puts together a plan to electrocute a group of tributes?

His electronics skills give him an advantage over many other competitors.


Who gives Katniss a pin featuring a mockingjay, which becomes a symbol of the rebellion?

She and her family die in the bombings of District 12.


What is the name of the District 2 tribute who also leads the Career pack?

He becomes known for his ruthless killing ability.


How does Finnick die?

Katniss watches him die in the fighting arena, as he is killed by lizard-humans.


Who does Katniss kill after he is attacked by wolf-mutts?

After being mauled, he begs Katniss to finish him off.


How old was Haymitch when he was reaped?

He went on the win the 50th Hunger Games and then became a mentor to Katniss.


Much to the dismay of Katniss, who kills Rue?

He is adept with a spear and killed many other tributes, too.


From which district does Katniss Everdeen hail?

She eventually wins the 74th edition of the Games.


Who constructs a bomb that ultimately kills Prim?

His guilt over the death hurts his relationship with Katniss.


Actress Willow Shields plays which character?

She also appeared on "Dancing with the Stars."


Cinna prefers what color of eyeliner?

The Capitol fashion trends see many people wearing garish face paint.


Who did Peeta kill using nightlock, a plant that produces poisonous berries?

The redhead survives to the final four but then succumbs to the berries.


Who orchestrates a plan to help tributes escape the arena in "Catching Fire?"

He serves as Secretary of Communications after the rebels win the war.


What is President Snow's first name?

The last four letters of his name sum up his treacherous personality, too.


Glimmer Belcourt chooses which weapon during the Games?

Her death gives Katniss a chance to take the weapon for her own use.


Who is Lady?

Prim milks her every day before heading off to school.


Which character died in the District 12 mines?

His death impoverishes the Everdeen family and takes a toll on Katniss' mother.


Which character draws Prim's name during the reaping?

Her perpetual politeness can't mask the horrors of the reaping.


What is Johanna Mason's weapon of choice?

Thanks to the lumber trade in her district, Mason is comfortable with the weapon and uses it to kill Cashmere.


What job title does Effie Trinket hold?

She often seems oblivious to the fear that Reaping Day generates in the populace.


Katniss says President Snow's breath carries a whiff of roses and what else?

Snow resorts to all manner of brutality to hold power.


Which character is played by a real-life rock star?

Lenny Kravitz excels in his role as a stylist for Katniss.


Katniss describes which character as "the friendliest person on the planet?"

Delly helps Peeta recover from the psychological torture he endures in the Capitol.


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