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May the odds be ever in your favor as you test your knowledge of "The Hunger Games" districts with this quiz. It's time to storm the Capitol!

When was the book "The Hunger Games" published?

The novel "The Hunger Games" was published Sept. 14, 2008, and written by Suzanne Collins.


When was the movie "The Hunger Games" released?

The feature film "The Hunger Games" was released in the U.S. on March 23, 2012. The movie went on to gross more than $400 million in the U.S.


Who is the main character of "The Hunger Games"?

Katniss Everdeen is the main character of the series "The Hunger Games." Actress Jennifer Lawrence plays the character in the film series.


True or false: "The Hunger Games" character Katniss Everdeen is from District 10.

"The Hunger Games" character Katniss Everdeen is from District 12, where she lived a hardscrabble life before volunteering for the games.


What is the name of the fictional country that is the setting for "The Hunger Games"?

The fictional setting for "The Hunger Games" is the country of Panem. The name is derived from the Latin phrase <i>panem et circenses</i>, which translates to "bread and circuses." The phrase was used to describe the Roman use of food and blood sport to keep the masses content.


How many districts are in Panem?

There are 12 functioning districts and the destroyed remnants of District 13, which is believed to be uninhabited.


Including Katniss Everdeen, how many victors have come from District 12?

In "The Hunger Games," four victors, including Katniss, have come from District 12.


Which district of Panem manufactures hovercraft and trains?

Mechanic, conductor and porter are some of the professions offered in District 6.


Which district in "The Hunger Games" series is responsible for livestock?

District 10 is mostly farmland.


How many books are in "The Hunger Games" series?

The film franchise split the last of the three books, "Mockingjay," into two films.


Which district in "The Hunger Games" series produces most of the Peacekeepers?

In "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire" it is revealed that most of the Peacekeepers are originally from District 2.


What commodity do the people of District 9 produce in "The Hunger Games" series?

District 9 has many factories for grain processing.


Which district supplies Panem with lumber and paper?

The residents of District 7 are skilled with axes.


Which district is the fishing district of Panem?

The people of District 4 are fishers and supply seafood to Panem.


True or false: "The Hunger Games" characters Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark win the 74th Hunger Games.

This is true. Jennifer Lawrence, who plays Katniss, and Josh Hutcherson, who plays Peeta, were both born in Kentucky.


Which Panem district has not taken part in a Hunger Games event?

District 13 is believed to have been destroyed and uninhabited.


Which district is the character Rue from?

Rue is from District 11. Actress Amandla Stenberg plays the character Rue in the 2012 film.


How does Katniss Everdeen become the female tribute from District 12 in "The Hunger Games"?

Katniss volunteers as tribute in place of her little sister, Prim.


Which character is the male tribute from District 12 in the movie "The Hunger Games"?

"The Hunger Games" character Peeta Mellark is the male tribute from District 12.


How many tributes do the districts send to the Hunger Games events?

The districts of Panem send a total of 24 tributes to the Hunger Games event. Each of the 12 districts sends one male and one female.


What commodity does District 12 provide?

District 12 is the mining district and primarily provides coal to Panem. It's the poorest of the 13 districts.


In "The Hunger Games" movie, which district is first to lose a tribute in the arena?

The unnamed male tribute from District 8 was the first to die in the arena in the movie "The Hunger Games." In the book of the same title, a male tribute from District 9 was the first to die in the arena.


Which district of Panem produces luxury goods?

In "The Hunger Games" series, District 1 produces luxury goods primarily for the people of the Capitol. It's one of the richest districts.


Which character from "The Hunger Games" is the District 12 escort?

The character Effie Trinket is the District 12 escort in "The Hunger Games."


What do the citizens of District 11 provide for Panem?

District 11 is responsible for agriculture, primarily orchards.


Which district provides power to the nation of Panem?

District 5 uses a hydroelectric dam to provide the nation's power.


In the movie "The Hunger Games," who is the president of Panem?

Coriolanus Snow is the president. Actor Donald Sutherland lobbied for the role by writing a personal letter to the film's director, Gary Ross.


True or false: In the movie "The Hunger Games," Gale gives Katniss the mockingjay pin.

Katniss first gets the mockingjay pin from a merchant named Greasy Sae.


Which district provides textiles for Panem?

Weavers and dressmakers work in District 8.


What does District 3 manufacture for the people of Panem?

District 3 is full of engineers, technicians and scientists who develop different technologies.


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