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All-terrain vehicles are not just for sport. Hunters use ATVs to get to tough-to-reach areas as well as to make transporting the kill easier. Take this quiz to learn more about hunting ATVs.

How many different kinds of all-terrain vehicles exist?

There are two basic types of all-terrain vehicles: sport models and utility models.


Which all-terrain vehicle model is designed primarily for the purpose of fun?

The sport model is built for fun.


Which model is bigger and heavier?

The utility model is bigger and heavier.


Which ATV model is used for hunting?

Hunting ATVs are utility model vehicles.


How are ATVs powered?

The engines are either gas or electric.


Why was the manufacture of three-wheeled ATVs discontinued in the U.S.?

The three-wheeled vehicles were unsafe because they frequently flipped over.


Why do hunters use ATVs?

ATVs make hunting easier.


How do ATVs make hunting easier?

With an ATV, a hunter can get to previously unreachable areas because of its smaller size and the machine will also carry home the fruit of the hunt.


What is the price range of an ATV used for hunting?

Prices range from $1,500 to $11,000.


What item would a hunter transport in an ATV?

The greatest advantage of an ATV is that the hunter can use it to transport the kill.


Which ATV operates more quietly?

Electric-powered engines operate more quietly.


What is a disadvantage of electric powered ATVs?

E-ATVs are slower than gas-powered vehicles.


Which off-road vehicle allows two riders to sit side-by-side?

The UTV allows tandem riding and is the next size up from an ATV.


Where should weapons be stored when transporting them in an ATV or UTV?

Store weapons in carrying cases and ammunition should be stored separately.


What can change the way an ATV handles?

Any change in load can effect the way an ATV handles.


What color do some states require hunters to wear?

Some states require hunters to wear orange clothing.


How can a gas-powered ATV be modified to run more quietly?

For a more quiet operation, the muffler can be modified.


How do ATV riders sit?

ATV riders sit astride the vehicle like a motorcycle.


What is an example of hunting gear?

Hunting gear may include deer urine and camouflage seat covers.


What is an ATV accessory?

Cultivators and disk plows are available as ATV accessories.


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