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You love to hunt, but there aren't many open, public lands where you can do so. Perhaps a hunting preserve is for you. Hunting preserves are parcels of land licensed by their respective states to offer hunting for a fee. You can choose a commercial or a non-commercial preserve. Take this quiz to learn more about hunting preserves.

What is the typical duration of the hunting season offered in hunting preserves?

Most hunting preserves provide a six-month season.


What is the legal status of non-commercial hunting preserves?

Non-commercial hunting preserves typically operate as non-profit entities.


How large is the hunting business?

According to a U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service survey of hunters in 2001, hunting is a $20 billion a year business.


How do wild animals benefit from hunting preserves?

Hunting preserves serve as wilderness refuge for them.


What is a major complaint of non-hunters regarding hunting preserves?

Non-hunters, such as animal lovers, activists or legislators, often complain about the costly bag and tag fees on these private lands.


Which among these is a traditional hunter safety program?

The 4-H shooting sports program is popular and traditional hunter safety program.


Which among these is considered a nice perk in hunting preserves?

One of the nicest perks is when the staff cleans your catch, doing the dirty work for you.


What kind of all-in-one feature is offered by many hunting preserves?

Many hunting preserves nowadays also provide all-in-one pricing for arranged transportation, lodging and meals.


Which of these things can you also do in a hunting preserve?

Hunting preserves aren't only for hunting wild animals. You can do things like hiking, bird watching and camping on these exclusive lands.


What is the size of the hunting preserve business in the U.S.?

According to some estimates, hunting preserves add $1.6 billion to the United States economy.


What positive skills do hunting preserves teach young people?

Hunting preserves teach gun control skills.


What is the operation to get cranes and geese home during migration popularly known as?

Operation Migration pioneered the initial "human-led migration" in 1993. It leads migratory birds home with lightweight planes.


Which of these species of crane was brought back from the brink of extinction?

There were only 15 whooping cranes left some 60 years ago. With help from proactive preservation activities, whooping cranes have been brought back from the brink of extinction. The sandhill crane is another species of crane that was also saved from extinction.


Which of these places is a hunting preserve crucial for the survival of cranes in the U.S.?

The Jasper-Pulaski hunting preserve in Indiana plays an important role in the survival of cranes, as does the Greater Yellowstone area preserve in Wyoming.


What type of hunting preserve is important for the survival of certain other species?

Hunting preserves located on migration grounds play an important role in survival of many bird species and other animals.


What is it called when a hunting preserve uses fences to contain prey?

The practice of using fences to contain prey is known as canned hunt. It is a derisive term.


Who among these accidentally shot a man while hunting in a preserve?

Former US vice president Dick Cheney wounded a fellow hunter in 2006.


Which of these organizations offers outdoor adventures for the terminally ill and disabled children?

The USSA, short for United Special Sportsmen Alliance, offers outdoor adventures for the terminally ill and disabled children and their families.


What percentage of hunters in the U.S. hunt on private lands?

According to the Peterson's BowHunting magazine, more than 50% of U.S. hunters did so on private land in 2001.


Which of these is the mad cow disease version for deer and elk?

Chronic Wasting Disease is a fatal wasting syndrome. Infected animals suffer tremors and weight loss. The technical term for the disease is transmissible spongiform. encephalopathy, or TSE .


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