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Many people argue against hunting as a sport, even when the principles of hunting with respect for life are applied. Organizations such as PETA would like to see hunting come to an end, because they consider it cruel and inhuman. Even proponents of hunting with respect for life want to see some forms of hunting end. Take our quiz on hunting with respect for life to learn more about the arguments on both sides.

Ethical hunting is:

Ethical hunting is not making use of unfair hunting practices and making sure the kill process is quick and painless. However, one man's idea of ethical can be very different from someone else's.


What hunting techniques are unethical, according to proponents of respect for life hunting?

Respect-for-life hunters like to get out in the woods and hunt, but they are against practices like baiting, spring hunting and hounding. Many respect-for-life hunters are fighting to outlaw these common practices.


What well-known author wrote an article that described hunting as an experience that merged hunter with prey?

Dr. Randall Eaton states, "When we hunt we experience extreme alertness to the point of an altered state of consciousness. For the hunter everything is alive, and he is one with the animal and its environment."


To what does Eaton compare the humbling of the hunter to the animal's level?

Eaton says the "conscious and deliberate humbling of the hunter to the level of the animal is virtually a religious rite."


How do those who appreciate hunting with a respect for life view the experience?

They see it as more than a way to hunt; rather as a way of life, a deep-seated belief, a moral code and an ethical code.


What is one thing that hunters who follow the principles of hunting with a respect for life do differently?

They tend to appreciate nature's bounty and strive to keep game populations healthy. They also never take more game than they need.


On what ideal do hunters who follow respect-for-life standards place a high value?

They place high value on maintaining and properly using their tools. Whether hunting with a bow, knife or gun, these hunters understand how to use their tools to implement quick, clean kills that will result in the least amount of suffering possible.


What do respect-for-life hunters do once they have downed an animal?

They follow through on a kill immediately to ensure the animal is not suffering. They are very careful to have a clean shot before firing on an animal.


What is one claim that proponents of respectful hunting make?

Proponents claim that respectful hunting maintains animal populations and prevents overpopulation, which leads to sickness and disease and unnecessary suffering.


How many dollars worth of licensing fees does hunting provide that is routed to conservation programs?

According to, hunting and fishing licenses provide needed revenue for fish and game organizations. Hunters provide $1.7 billion dollars each year for conservation.


What is another claim that proponents of respectful hunting make?

Proponents believe that respect-for-life hunting is a more humane way to kill animals and control animal populations than many other options.


What percentage of Americans value hunting, according to a recent survey?

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service found in a survey that almost 75 percent of Americans value hunting.


What percentage of Americans believe many hunters violate laws and use unethical hunting practices?

The same survey found that 62 percent of Americans who value hunting also believe that many hunters violate laws and use dangerous or unethical hunting practices.


What is a prime argument against hunting?

Enthusiasts who hunt for the thrill of the kill often bring large numbers of people with them who have little or no experience hunting. This makes wild lands dangerous to non-hunters and hunters alike.


What do hunting opponents say about bow hunting?

According to, studies show that bow hunting is often an unreliable means of hunting. One out of two animals shot with a bow will die painfully and slowly from their wounds.


What popular actor made headlines in 2007 interfering with dolphin hunts?

Actor Hayden Panettiere made headlines by interfering with dolphin hunting off the coast of Japan. However, in the fall of 2008, Panettiere signed on with Dooney & Bourke, a leather handbag company.


What is the name of a genuine calfskin leather product that Dooney & Burke released in Hayden’s name?

The Hayden Clutch was released as part of the company's 2009 line. Although PETA still supports Panettiere, they released a statement saying they would be sending her undercover footage of cows being skinned for leather goods.


What does PETA call hunting even if respect-for-life principles are followed?

PETA deems hunting a cruel and unnecessary sport, no matter what form it takes.


What does PETA offer as a better way of controlling animal populations?

PETA says alternatives such as sterilization and birth control are better methods of animal population control.


What does PETA think is the best way to control animal populations?

PETA prefers a natural means of population control, such as disease and starvation, letting nature ensure that the healthiest animals survive. They also prefer that natural predators kill off sick and weak members of a herd as a form of natural selection.


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