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You've heard of hybrid cars, but hybrid appliances? Instead of running on two different sources of power, hybrid appliances perform two or more functions at the same time. To see how this intriguing concept can work for you, take this quiz.

What is a hybrid appliance?

Basically it is a combination appliance that performs two (or more) separate functions.


Could you toast your bagel and listen to the traffic reports using the same appliance?

Well, you could if you had a $60 radio/toaster from Hammacher Schlemmer.


Why Is it necessary to have so much time and effort devoted to new inventions?

We're running out of basic resources such as food, water, space, clean air as well as space and time. New inventions can help us with these problems.


The concept of a washing machine/toilet has been developed in Turkey. Just how could such a device affect our environmental awareness?

The wash water stored in the washing machine would be used to flush the toilet, thereby saving clean water needed for drinking or bathing.


If we move beyond the weirdness of the idea, what other benefit could such a combination provide?

Since the washing machine part would be located above the toilet in what is usually unused space, you would save space. In an apartment that has limited space, this could certainly help.


When can you expect to see this appliance in your local store?

Sorry to disappoint you, but this is a conceptual design and not yet a production reality.


Would you like to save water by installing a sink that runs water after washing into the toilet bowl?

In principle the idea is good. After you flush the toilet, the water with which you wash your hands flows into the toilet tank, ready for the next flush, instead of clean water.


Can you think of why anyone would want to combine a refrigerator and a keg?

Frigidaire offers a combination refrigerator and keg that could remove a stigma attached to keg parties or could hide the keg from unwanted persons.


What happens when you're not having a keg event?

You can remove the keg and use the space to store less important items like food.


What would be the more appropriate name for this combination for a serious keg partier?

Frigidaire calls this a beverage center, which is great for the cocktail crowd, but kegger combo says it better for serious keg lovers.


Are getting cleaned and tanned simultaneously two totally unconnected activities?

At the beach or pool you tan, then shower, or the other way around -- but not at the same time. The SunShower, introduced in 2006, enables you to tan while showering thanks to UV light that is similar to sunlight.


What about the aging effects of tanning?

The company introduced an anti-aging option using LEDs that reduces the appearance of wrinkles, enlarged pores and crow's feet.


What about a hamper that senses when it's full enough, washes and dries, then e-mails you that the laundry is ready?

Such a device was invented in China, but it raises the problem of differentiating between types of clothing. You would have to divide the clothes into separate hampers.


Getting back to the beverage center, how do you enjoy the contents of the keg?

A pipe leads from the keg to a spigot on the front of the door.


What could be a problem with a washer mounted over the toilet?

Apart from banging your head on the washer as you stand up, you could drop items of clothing into the toilet while loading or unloading the washer.


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