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Unless it malfunctions, you have probably never thought about how a water heater works. Take this quiz and see how a hybrid water heater can save you money.

What home appliance uses the most energy?

An electric water heater uses more energy than any other home appliance.


Since this appliance uses so much energy, when were water heaters first regulated by Energy Star?

Surprisingly, it was only in 2008 that Energy Star began regulating their energy consumption.


What percentage of a home's energy bill goes to water heating?

It is estimated that about 17 percent is spent on heating water.


How popular are hybrid water heaters today?

Since only a few models of hybrid water heaters are available and these are more expensive than regular water heaters, their popularity is still limited.


What is the first thought many have when they hear hybrid?

The first thought is often of a hybrid car, alternating between rechargeable battery power and a gasoline-powered engine.


When applied to water heating, what does hybrid refer to?

Although it is still evolving, hybrid in this context means a combination of tank and tankless water technology.


What is the difference between tank and tankless water heating?

Tank heaters heat from the bottom, the air rises through the tank and exits at the top, wasting some of the heat. Tankless models also heat from the bottom, but copper pipes carry the water.


What is a drawback of tankless water heaters?

A criticism aimed at tankless heaters is that they don't store water in order to make it readily available.


How does a typical hybrid water heater work?

The Eternal Hybrid has 44 heated pipes around which water flows and is quickly heated.


On the other hand, how does the General Electric hybrid heater work?

Heat within the air is absorbed and then transferred to the water.


In general, what is the major benefit of hybrid water heaters?

The major benefit is that they use much less energy than older water heaters.


How much more efficient is GE's hybrid heater than its present products?

GE states that the hybrid heater is 50 percent more efficient.


What would an average family save by installing a GE hybrid heater?

These savings could be about $250 per year.


What is the efficiency rate of the Eternal Hybrid previously mentioned?

According to the company, it has an efficiency rating of 86 percent.


Which is said to be the most efficient water heater?

The Vertex Power-Vent Gas Water Heater is advertised at 90 percent efficiency.


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