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Hydrogen-powered vehicles may be the wave of the future, but do you know why? Test your knowledge of this extremely light, clean-burning fuel source with the hydrogen-powered vehicle quiz.

What percentage of the universe is made up of hydrogen?

Although there's little pure hydrogen on the Earth's surface, the universe we live in is made up of about 75 percent hydrogen.


Which of the following is not a method of producing pure hydrogen?

Some of the more common methods include extracting hydrogen from natural gas, removing it from water through electrolysis or producing it from algae.


What are the byproducts of a hydrogen fuel cell?

No carbon emissions are produced when electricity is generated in a hydrogen fuel cell -- only heat and water.


A fuel cell utilizes what percentage of the available energy in hydrogen?

While internal combustion engines are only 20 percent efficient, fuel cells are 60 percent efficient.


What's the price of one kilowatt of electricity produced from current fuel cells?

The U.S. Department of Energy estimates that current generation fuel cells produce electricity at a price of approximately $225 per kilowatt. Prices will need to drop to about $30 per kilowatt before hydrogen is competitive with gasoline as a fuel. The National Research Council predicts that the cost of the hydrogen itself, measured on a per mile basis, could end up being almost 50 percent lower than the current cost of gasoline.


Many of the methods currently used to extract hydrogen from larger molecules rely on:

The fact that many current hydrogen extraction methods require electricity is the primary obstacle to a hydrogen economy. Electricity is generated largely by methods that create pollution.


Why is storage a problem for hydrogen fuel?

Since hydrogen fuel is stored in compressed liquid form, over time some of it escapes through evaporation. Getting hydrogen into that liquid form also requires a great deal of energy.


What might liquid hydrogen do to your skin upon contact?

Liquefied hydrogen is extremely cold and contact with skin can cause severe frostbite.


What color are hydrogen flames?

Hydrogen flames are nearly invisible, so when hydrogen catches fire the flames are hard to avoid and hard to fight.


Despite the potential dangers of hydrogen as a fuel source, why does it pose relatively low risk?

Due to its lightness, hydrogen gas disperses rapidly into the surrounding air and poses less of a risk.


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