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You simply adore feline bundles of fluff, but unfortunately you break out in hives and teary eyes whenever you approach them. Is there a solution? You bet, and Allerca Lifestyle Pets has got it! Find out about their hypoallergenic cats by taking this quiz.

Of all the people who are allergic to cats, how many keep one as a pet?

This means that about one third of all the people who are allergic to cats keep a cat as a pet in their homes. Talk about playing with your health!


What can an allergic cat lover do to lessen the harmful effects of proximity to cats?

It's not the best solution, but it can indeed help. It's called immunotherapy, a series of injections that lessen the effects of the allergy.


If you wanted to purchase a hypoallergenic cat from Allerca Lifestyle Pets, how much would it cost you?

It would cost about $6,000. At least you won't break out in hives and you won't need immunotherapy.


In general, what breed is the hypoallergenic cat?

It's usually based on the British Shorthair.


The waiting list for getting a 12-week-old hypoallergenic kitten is two years, but you are desperate to lay your hands on one, what can you do to speed up the process?

You can pay another $2,000 in order to be placed on the Premium Placement program. This will reduce your waiting time to only one year.


If you're allergic to cats, chances are that it's the Fel d 1 glycoprotein that's giving you the itches. Where on a cat is this found?

The Fel d 1 glycoprotein is secreted through the skin and saliva.


What is the recommendation of the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America for people who are allergic to pets?

Their recommendation for people who are allergic is to avoid pets altogether, where possible.


Which of these home remedies lessens the allergic effects on people?

These are tried and true ideas that apparently work for allergic people. Make sure to get a neutered male cat and wash it twice a week.


When an allergic person comes across an allergen, the body releases IgE antibodies, which triggers a release of histamines. What happens then?

The soft tissues around the eyes, nose and throat become sensitive to irritants. This causes them to scratch, itch and become watery.


Of the allergy-related asthma sufferers, what percentage are due to cat allergies?

Thirty percent of allergy-related asthma sufferers are triggered by cat allergies.


If someone produces an allergic reaction to one of Allerca's hypoallergenic cats, what does the company offer?

They offer complete satisfaction or your money back, with a full year's guarantee.


How does Allerca produce hypoallergenic cats?

Allerca conducts selective breeding, by mating only those animals that have certain desired traits.


Using the concept of genetic divergence, Allerca sped up a process that arguably would have taken place through nature over a much longer period of time. What name does the company give to their technique?

They call it bioinformatics. In laymen's terms, they selected a cat breed that was most likely to genetically diverge from other breeds in their production of the allergen glycoprotein.


What genetic damage do Allerca cats show?

Thankfully, there are no apparent damaging signs at all.


Are the Allerca cats spayed or neutered or is this responsibility left to the new owner?

Before Allerca bestows the hypoallergenic bundle upon the new owner, the cat is spayed or neutered.


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