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Lucille Ball knew just about everyone in Hollywood, and it seems like all of those celebrities eventually wound up on her show. How much do you know about "I Love Lucy" guest appearances?

Which guest star appeared opposite Doris Day in "Pillow Talk?"

He played himself in an episode called "Palm Springs."


Which guest star was a well-known Hollywood costume designer?

He was particularly noted for his amazing neck ties.


Lucy convinces which new neighbor to attend a PTA show?

Bankhead plays herself, a libertine celebrity neighbor who attracts attention everywhere she goes.


Which of the Marx Brothers appeared on the show?

He was reportedly the only one of the Brothers that Lucy got along with.


Which actor spends time at the Ricardo home in an attempt to finish a book?

It seems like a poor choice of locations for someone who needs to concentrate.


Lucy asks which celebrity to autograph a stolen grapefruit?

The episode begins when Lucy and Ethel go on a tour of celebrity homes in Beverly Hills.


Hedda Hopper appeared on numerous Hollywood productions but was famous for what?

She was known as a fierce (and fearless) gossiper with many connections.


Which guest star had her own sitcom, called "Private Secretary?"

Sothern was a longtime personal friend of Lucy's.


What role did Gale Gordon play in multiple episodes?

He was the owner of the Tropicana Club where Ricky's band performed.


Guest star Harry James was best known for which skill?

He acted in several productions that requires a big band leader.


Which actress played the supervisor in the memorable episode about the candy factory?

Lucy and Ethel fail miserably at their new factory jobs, and the show was an instant classic.


Which "Lucy" guest was one of 20th Century Fox's biggest stars in the 1940s?

He was nominated for an Academy Award for "A Song to Remember."


Which guest also had a starring role in "Green Acres?"

She was actually the first choice to play the role of Ethel Mertz.


Which guest actor played the Joker in the "Batman" TV series?

Romero appears in the same episode as Ann Sothern.


What job does Frank Nelson have during his stints on the show?

He is "Freddie Fillmore," and he's a quiz show host.


Which guest star starred in Alfred Hitchock's "Dial M for Murder?"

In real life Cummings learned to fly from a family friend … named Orville Wright.


Who played Mr. Ritter, who attempts to have an affair with Lucy?

He appeared in just one episode but had a significant career with other shows, such as "The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show."


K.T. Stevens plays a new neighbor in the Ricardo's building. Ricky mistakenly believes she is what?

She also played roles on "The Real McCoys."


On how many episodes of the show did Tennessee Ernie Ford appear?

He played Cousin Ernie and wore a funky hat.


To which state do the two couples travel to see Red Skelton?

Lucy subsequently freaks out during a bush plane ride with Red.


What does Sheldon Leonard do that costs the Ricardos money during one show?

Both Lucy and Ricky become enamored of Leonard's charm.


Which guest star had a huge hit in the 1974 movie "The Towering Inferno?"

He first rocketed to fame with the film "Sunset Boulevard."


Which guest star was cast in "The Avengers" movie in 1950?

Lamas was famous for his roles as a Latin womanizer.


With which actor does Lucy have to perform a dance routine in order to impress a rival?

She begs Johnson to dance with her, and he does, much to Ricky's disbelief.


Which guest actor was better known for his role as the barber in "The Andy Griffith Show?"

His little mustache was unforgettable.


Which person had a limited appearance in the show but she was a huge star thanks to "Grease?"

She played herself in an episode titled "Hollywood at Last."


During an episode with which actor does Lucy abruptly find herself in the middle of a bullfight?

Chevalier received a nomination for Best Actor after his performance in "The Love Parade."


Lucy and Ethel try to steal the sidewalk footprints of which celebrity, who winds up appearing on the same episode?

Lucy accidently figures out that Wayne's concrete footprints are loose, giving her the idea to take them.


Why does Lucy ask Roberta (Eve McVeagh) to dye her hair black in one episode?

McVeagh shared onscreen time with Gary Cooper and Ginger Rogers in "High Noon."


Which actress assists Lucy in her attempts to enter a race horse at Roosevelt Raceway?

In the WWII era, Grable was one of the most famous people on the planet thanks to her hit movies.


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