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"I Love Lucy" would never have been the same without Lucy and Ricky's nosy, quarrelsome neighbors. How much do you know about the Mertzes?

In which state was Fred raised?

The actor who plays Fred (William Frawley) was born in Iowa.


Which social gathering do Ethel and Lucy often attend together?

During one episode, the two compete to become president of the league.


What was the first name of Fred's vaudeville partner?

Barney and Fred performed as "Mertz and Kurtz."


What was another last name that the show's writers considered for the couple before settling on "Mertz?"

They wanted something that veered towards amusing without being ridiculous.


What sort of career did Fred and Ethel embark on together during the early years of their marriage?

They performed as "Mertz & Mertz."


Which subject often causes conflict between Fred and Ethel?

Fred is tight-fisted with money, and it drives Ethel bonkers.


What pet name does Fred have for Ethel?

On the set, though, these two actors could never get along.


In which city did the couple become stranded during their vaudeville career?

For a while, they were forced to take up other jobs just to get by.


When the four pals went on a trip to Europe together, Ethel was in charge of speaking which language?

It was a touring trip for Ricky's band.


Sometimes Ethel insults Fred by calling him what?

In turn, he often mocks her eating habits.


What rank did Fred climb to in the Army?

He was only briefly in the service but managed to become more than a simple private.


In which state was Ethel born?

She was born in Albuquerque.


What is one of Ethel's favorite pastimes?

Gin and bridge are two of her favorites.


In which war did Fred serve?

He spent time with the Army in France.


What was Ethel's maiden name?

Her full name was Ethel Mae Louise Roberta Potter.


What sort of business did Ethel's father own during her childhood?

The family also owned a ranch.


What does Fred say when he's exasperated?

He is from the Midwest, after all.


What is one business that Ethel and Lucy attempt to launch?

The two are always concocting new plans, devious and otherwise.


What is one of Fred's bad habits?

Yet he seems oblivious to the annoyance of people around him.


Ethel was very talented at what activity?

She also grew up doing a lot of dancing.


Which sports team does Fred passionately follow?

He also enjoys watching boxing matches.


With which musical instrument is Fred proficient?

His backstory indicates that he once played violin.


Which instrument does Ethel play?

In some episodes she's a very good pianist.


How old was Ethel when she married Fred?

The couple decided to elope because Ethel's father didn't like Fred.


Clues in the show indicate that Fred exceled at which sport?

There's at least one reference to a Golden Gloves championship.


What month is the couple's wedding anniversary?

It is May 3.


Beyond friendship, what was Ethel's relationship to Lucy?

Their friendship, however, definitely takes priority over the business side of things.


Which event likely played a role in Fred's frugal way of life?

He was scarred by the stock market crash of 1929.


To which state do the Mertzes move in 1957?

Ethel missed Lucy so she and Fred moved to be with the Ricardos.


What is one of Ethel's annoying habits?

She is known as a food lover.


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