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Take one precocious little boy, add a dedicated doctor and one shocking twist ending, and you've got "The Sixth Sense." This 1999 movie was one of the rare horror films to satisfy critics as well as fans, and it helped kickstart M. Night Shyamalan's reputation as the master of the unexpected ending. Take our quiz to test your "Sixth Sense" smarts!

What role does Bruce Willis play in the film?

Willis stars as Dr. Malcolm Crowe, a Philadelphia psychologist who specializes in disorders among children.


Who shoots Dr. Crowe at the start of the film?

As the film opens, an intruder breaks into the Crowe home. Crowe eventually recognizes him as former patient Vincent Grey, who suffered from severe hallucinations as a child. Donnie Wahlberg plays Grey, who shoots the doctor before turning the gun on himself.


What physical feature identifies people who can talk to the dead?

In the film, those who are able to see the dead have a tell-tale streak of white hair. Both Vincent Grey and Cole Sear have this feature.


Where does Dr. Crowe meet Cole for the first time?

Crowe meets Cole for the first time in a church, where Cole is playing with his toy soldiers. The church is a favorite hangout for Cole, who reasons that nothing bad can happen to him while he's inside.


What is the name of Malcolm's wife?

Malcolm's wife, Anna, works in an antique store. He suspects that he and his wife are going through a rough spot in their marriage until he finally realizes the truth about his condition.


What does Cole claim he was looking for when his mom finds all the cabinets open in the kitchen?

When viewers first meet Cole's mom, Lynn, she is totally freaked out to find all of the doors and drawers open in the kitchen. Cole reassures her that he opened them while searching for Pop-Tarts.


What was Cole's school used as before it was a school?

Cole's teacher insists that the school was simply a courthouse, but Cole knows the truth -- lawmakers once used the building to hang people.


What was Mr. Cunningham's nickname?

Cole gets in big trouble when he screams out his teacher's former nickname -- Stuttering Stanley -- while in class one day.


Whose party is Cole attending when he is locked in the attic?

Cole is invited to a rare birthday party at Darren's house when Tommy and Darren cruelly lock Cole in a small cupboard in the attic, telling him they are playing a game called "Locked in the Dungeon." Cole emerges with terrible scratches and torn clothing.


Where is Cole when he finally spills his secret to Dr. Crowe?

Cole finally explains to Dr. Crowe that he can see dead people, when he is in the hospital after the incident at the party. Crowe doesn't believe him right away, but Cole explains that he sees the ghosts all the time, and they don't know they're dead.


What piece of jewelry keeps going missing from Lynn's room?

Lynn gets frustrated with Cole when she keeps finding her mother's bumblebee pendant in his room. She thinks he is taking it, but later learns that her dead mother has been moving the pendant.


What is the name of Cole's dog?

Cole finds comfort in cuddling up to his dog, Sebastian, in the film. The puppy sometimes growls when a ghost is near, as though he can sense the dead.


What finally gets Dr. Crowe to believe that Cole can see dead people?

While listening to an old audio tape of a session he had with Vincent Grey, Malcolm hears a ghost pleading for help from the boy. This confirms for him that Vincent actually could communicate with the dead -- and maybe Cole is telling the truth.


What is Malcolm's advice to Cole for dealing with the ghosts?

Dr. Crowe suggests that the ghosts are reaching out to Cole for help, and his best bet for dealing with the problem is to listen to the dead and try to help them.


Where does Cole hide in his house when ghosts are near?

Cole has a tent at home that he hides in for shelter from the ghosts. He has decorated the tent with religious symbols, creating a church-like safe haven at home.


What killed the ghost who shows up in Cole's tent?

When the ghost of Kyra Collins -- played by Mischa Barton -- vomits in Cole's tent, he works up the courage to help her. It turns out she was killed by her own mother, who slowly poisoned her until she died.


What does Kyra want Cole to find at her house?

Kyra directs Cole to a videotape hidden in her jewelry box. Cole gives the tape to Mr. Collins, who learns that it was his wife who killed Kyra.


Where does Cole admit to his mom that he can see dead people?

Cole finally decides he's ready to tell his mom about his ability while the pair are in the car, stuck in traffic. Cole reveals that a woman was killed in the accident, and she's standing right next to the car.


What does Cole tell his mother about her own mother?

Cole finally convinces his mom he can speak to the dead when he reveals that his grandmother secretly saw his mom dance in her recital, even though the pair had had a fight beforehand.


Where is Malcolm when he figures out that he is dead?

Malcolm hears his wife talking in her sleep at home, notices that the door to his basement office is locked, and finally realizes that he died when Vincent shot him.


How did the young boy that appears to Cole in his home die?

One of the ghosts Cole sees in his home is a young boy, who brags that he knows where his dad hid his gun. The boy then turns to reveal that the back of his head has been blown off.


What is Cole holding the last time he sees Malcolm?

The last time Cole sees Malcolm, he has just performed in the school play and is carrying his prop sword. The two know that Malcolm was finally able to help Cole and they won't be seeing one another anymore.


What color is used in the film to represent the spirit world?

Those who went back to re-watch the film after learning of the twist ending may notice that the color red is used with great care in the film. The only red items are those tainted by ghosts, such as the doorknob to Malcolm's office or the red balloon Cole follows at the party.


Bruce Willis made the film because he owed Disney a favor.

Willis didn't choose to star in "The Sixth Sense" because he was crazy about the script -- he was actually forced to participate, under contract, after he dropped out of another movie, "Broadway Brawler."


Who plays Cole's mom in the film?

Toni Collette plays Cole's mom, Lynn, in the movie, although Marisa Tomei auditioned for the part.


What role does M. Night Shyamalan play in the movie?

Director M. Night Shyamalan plays Dr. Hill -- the doctor Cole sees after the incident at the party. Shyamalan took the part to pay tribute to the many doctors in his family.


How old was Shyamalan when the film premiered?

The film premiered on M. Night Shyamalan's 29th birthday -- August 6, 1999. While his first two movies were relative flops, "The Sixth Sense" helped to secure his spot among the country's best directors.


What did Lynn ask at her mom's gravesite?

Cole reveals to his mom that his grandmother answered the question Lynn asked at her gravesite. Lynn asked if her mother was proud of her, and her mother told Cole, "every day." This cemented the idea in Lynn's head that Cole really could communicate with the dead.


How many Oscar nominations did the film pick up?

The film earned six Oscar nominations, including Best Picture. While "The Sixth Sense" didn't go on to win any Oscars, just the nomination is very rare for a horror movie.


How old was Haley Joel Osment when the film premiered?

Born in 1988, Osment was just 11 when the film premiered. He became one of the youngest actors ever to earn a Best Supporting Actor nomination.


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