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If you were born after the 1960s, you probably take your home icemaker for granted. Take our quiz and see how much you know about icemakers.

When did home automatic icemakers become available for consumers?

Home automatic icemakers became available during the 1960s.


A home automatic icemaker needs fresh water to make ice cubes. Where does the water come from?

The home automatic icemaker is hooked up to the plumbing line in your house.


How is the home icemaker powered?

The icemaker is hooked up to the electrical circuit that powers the refrigerator.


For home icemakers, how long should it take for water to fill the ice molds?

It should take about seven seconds for water to fill the ice molds.


In home icemakers, what apparatus freezes the water into ice?

The cooling unit in the refrigerator freezes the water into ice.


What is the purpose of a home icemaker heating coil?

The icemaker heating coil warms the bottom of the ice mold to loosen the cubes, so the ice will fall out of the mold.


How are the ice cubes connected to one another?

The ice cube molds are designed so each cube will connect to the next.


In a home icemaker, what happens if the shut-off arm cannot reach its lowest resting position?

If the shut-off arm does not return to its lowest resting position then the ice making cycle will stop.


What makes ice cubes appear clear?

When water is frozen in layers the ice forms clear.


What makes ice cubes appear cloudy?

Home icemakers freeze water all at once, creating cloudy ice.


How do standard commercial cube icemakers differ from commercial flake icemakers?

The basic principles are the same, but the flake machine has an ice crusher to create ice flakes.


What determines the flake size of ice from flake icemakers?

The crusher mechanism determines the size of the flake.


In commercial icemakers, what system ejects the ice into a collection bin?

The harvesting system ejects the ice.


What is the purpose of ice flakes?

Ice flakes may be used to pack perishable items.


Restaurants and hotels prefer what type of ice cubes?

Most restaurants and hotels prefer cubes with a standard shape and size.


What is the purpose of a commercial icemaker's cylinder piston?

Some commercial icemakers have cylinder piston that gives the ice cube tray a push, forcing the cubes into the collection bin.


How does a home ice machine know when the water is frozen?

An icemaker has a built-in thermostat to monitor the water temperature of the molds.


How does a commercial ice machine know when the water is frozen?

A commercial ice machine has a time setting for the water to freeze.


What material comprises the molds in a home icemaker?

Home icemaker molds are made of plastic.


What century did compact and affordable home refrigeration become available?

During the early 20th century, home refrigeration became available.


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