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For cold or hot weather, insulation is important for your home. Whether your are insulating new construction or fixing up an existing home, knowing about the latest products may help you make an informed decision regarding insulation. Icynene is a newer and more ecologically friendly type of insulation. Take this quiz to see how good your knowledge of Icynene insulation is.

When was Icynene first brought to the market?

Icynene was brought to market in 1986 by a Canadian company.


Compared to other types of insulation, Icynene is considered to be more:

Icynene is proposed as an environmentally friendly alternative to other insulations, and like many other green products it has a higher cost.


What do icicles, hanging from the roof, indicate?

Hanging icicles may be a sign that you are losing heat through your roof.


What does a high R-value mean?

An industry standard, R-value expresses a material's effectiveness at minimizing the transfer of heat. The higher the R-value, the better the insulation.


How is Icynene installed?

Icynene is sprayed or poured into new or existing construction.


How many products does the Icynene company make?

Icynene Inc. manufactures four products.


Icynene's newest product uses _____________ to replace some of the petroleum product.

Castor oil replaces some of the petroleum product in Icynene's newest product.


Who is qualified to install Icynene?

Only authorized installers with an Icynene license are qualified to install the product.


What is the foaming agent for Icynene?

Water is the foaming agent for Icynene. With Icynene, there is no need for ozone-depleting chemicals.


What happens to Icynene products overtime?

Overtime, Icynene products stay supple and maintain their shape.


What type of weather conditions are suitable for Icynene installation?

Unlike other types of foam insulation, installation of Icynene does not require perfect weather.


What is cellulose particle insulation made of?

Cellulose particle insulation is mostly composed of recycled paper and flame-retardants.


Mineral wool insulation is what percentage recycled industrial material?

Mineral wool insulation is 75 percent recycled industrial material.


How is fiberglass batting installed?

Fiberglass batting rolls are laid out by installers. In loose-fill form fiberglass, batting may be blown-in.


What is the cost of attic insulation?

The cost for insulation may run $0.50 to $2.25 per square feet and $5.38 to $24.22 per square meter.


How much does sprayed Icynene expand after application?

Sprayed Icynene may expand a hundred fold after just seconds.


After how long does poured Icynene expand sixty times the starting volume?

Poured Icynene expands more slowly than sprayed Icynene. Poured Icynene takes minutes to expand 60 times the starting volume.


Where are the components of Icynene combined?

The ingredients are combined at the site.


What is the cost of the spray equipment used to install Icynene?

The spray equipment costs about $50,000.


What safety precautions do Icynene installers need to take?

Installers must wear full protective gear.


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