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You might think that the outlines of countries are easy to identify, but let's size it down a bit. You'll have to identify all of the states on this quiz! From the coastal states to the states that border Canada, Mexico and everything in between, there's a lot to remember. Break out your United States map - you'll need it to get through this quiz!

Did you know that some state lines run along major landmarks, such as the Mississippi River? Oh, and don't forget about the Four Corners states! If you know facts like these, you'll have some big clues into what state could be the right answer.

Maybe you know that Alaska is quite large and secluded. You might remember North Dakota as being pretty rectangular. Isn't Missouri a combination of shapes? Don't forget the cool composition of West Virginia! Whether you're from sunny California or spacious Oklahoma, you'll need to think back to geography class to ace this quiz!

Maybe you haven't visited every state, but you've definitely learned about them! There's only one way to find out if you're an American geography expert. So, take the quiz if you think you have what it takes to name the state from only its outline!

Can you name this coastal state?

Maryland has a lot of history, as it was one of the original thirteen colonies. In the mid-1800s, the Naval Academy was created in the state and is still around today. This is one incredibly historic state!

This is a state with many firsts. What is its name?

Pennsylvania is a state of many firsts. You could take a seat at the world's first baseball stadium and read the first daily newspaper ever issued! Just watch out for a foul ball.

Can you name this Midwestern state?

The largest city in Illinois is Chicago, but that isn't the capital. The capital city of the state is actually Springfield. Have you ever seen the dragon that lives in Illinois? It is called the Kaskaskia dragon, and it really breathes fire!

What small state is shown above?

Vermont's largest export is marble, which is sold across the country. Do you remember the movie "Pollyanna"? The happy little girl from the novel and movie lived in Vermont, along with her aunt!

Which tiny state is shown above?

One of the smallest states in the country is Delaware, which is commonly called the "Diamond State." Bob Marley even lived in the state at one point in his life.

What is the name of this large Southern state?

Did you know that Louisiana is named after King Louis XIV, who was a king in France? French settlers occupied the area in the late 1600s, which led to the French culture that you can still find in the state today.

Can you name the state with many water sources, shown here?

Minnesota is often referred to as the "Land of 10,000 Lakes" because of the many water sources in the state. If you're looking for the enormous Mall of America, you'll find it in Bloomington, Minnesota.

Do you know which coastal state this is?

California's state animal is the bear, which became official in the mid-1900s. The state was once involved in a conflict known as the Bear Flag Revolt. That's not all, as it was also home to mountain man Grizzly Adams and his grizzly, Benjamin Franklin!

What desert state is shown here?

Arizona was one of the last states to be admitted to the union in the early 1900s. The state even has its own fish, the Arizona Trout, which is exclusively found there.

Which maritime state is shown here?

Connecticut is often called the "Nutmeg State." If you've eaten PEZ, you might be interested to know that the tasty candy is made in Connecticut. The state even has its own museum dedicated to the brand.

Can you name the landlocked state shown?

The soil in Kentucky is very rich, perfect for a species of grass that looks blue when it goes to seed - which gives the state its nickname, the "Bluegrass State." Did you know that Abraham Lincoln was born in Hodgenville, Kentucky in 1809?

Which state along the Canadian border is shown here?

Michigan is known for its booming automobile manufacturing industry. But did you know that there is a floating post office in the state? It uses the postal code 48222.

This state has a full-scale replica of the Parthenon in Greece. Do you know what state it is?

If you're a Tennessean, you're definitely from Tennessee! The state is all about country music, with the Grand Ole Opry and Bristol, where country music was born.

What lonely state is this?

Eight main islands make up this state, but do you know how they were formed? Underwater volcanoes erupted long ago that formed the island state that we know today. There are still a few volcanoes that are active in the state.

Can you name this state?

Florida is home to the oldest European settlement on the continent. If you ever visit St. Augustine, you'll find yourself looking at some historic sites that date back to the 1500s.

Do you know which large state is shown here?

Texas is home to some of the largest cities in the entire country. The state itself is even one of the largest! The city of Waco has brought the world everything from what was once the world's longest suspension bridge in the nation to Dr Pepper.

Can you name this geometric state?

The state has some fun city names, like Hurricane, Eagle Mountain and Salt Lake City. The name for people who live there are called Utahn, and that's the correct spelling, although Utahan is also acceptable!

What is the name of the state pictured here?

Arkansas is filled with all kinds of nature and home to many parks. Many musicians, including the legendary Johnny Cash, were born in the state.

Can you name the state shown above?

Massachusetts has come a long way since the first settlers from England arrived in the 1600s. The state advanced quickly, with the first subway system being implemented in the late 1800s. Of course, it was much different than the subway stations we know today!

Which state is shown here?

North Carolina is known for its beautiful landscapes and nature. It's also known as being the place where the famous pirate, Blackbeard, met his demise in the early 1700s.

Which isolated state is this?

Maine is one of the smallest states in the country, but it's a big producer. If you've used a toothpick recently, it is very likely that it was made in Maine!

Can you name the state shown here?

Colorado, the "Centennial State," is known for its beauty and mountainous landscape. Did you know that the state turned down the chance to host the Olympics in 1976?

Can you name the government-centric state show here?

Virginia is home to the Pentagon, and it is also the birthplace of many presidents. To add to the state's history, it got its name from Elizabeth I, who was commonly known as the "Virgin Queen."

What is the name of this agricultural state?

In World War II, most conflict took place overseas. But on one occasion, a bombing took place in mainland America and its target was Boise City, Oklahoma. The bombing of the city was accidental, conducted by a group in training who mistook it for their intended target in Dalhart, Texas.

Which Northern state is shown here?

Montana, the 41st state to join the country, is home to many things. One of those is the largest elk herd in the country, as well as many other types of wildlife, some of which are shared with Canada.

Can you name the state shown here?

The state gets its name, the "Equality State" for many reasons. It was very progressive in the realms of women's rights, giving them the right to vote in the mid-1800s. Did you know that there are only two escalators in the state?

Do you know which state is pictured here?

Wyoming is a state in the western United States, in the mountain region.

Do you know which state this is?

Nevada is known for it's vibrant entertainment hub, Las Vegas. But did you know that there is gold in Nevada? Gold mining is one of the largest industries in the state, even though Alaska may be more commonly associated with the practice.

Can you name the Western state shown here?

Oregon is among the largest states in the nation. It also has a very unique terrain, and it is home to one of the deepest lakes in the country, Crater Lake. However, it wasn't created by a real crater, but rather a volcanic collapse known as a caldera!

Can you name this central state?

If you love art, it's likely that you've seen the painting "American Gothic." But did you know that the house in the painting was inspired by one that Grant Wood encountered while in Iowa?

Which state is this?

Washington is the birthplace of Starbucks, which is now a large, international franchise. Many board games were also invented in the state, including the popular "Pictionary." Could you draw the state from memory?

Can you name this historic state?

Although Alabama's capital city is Montgomery, it is not actually the largest in the state! The city of Birmingham beats out the capital in terms of population, with over one million people in the metropolitan area.

Which state is shown here?

Wisconsin was home to the famous magician Harry Houdini, who lived in Appleton, Wisconsin, as a kid. Although he said that he was born in the state, he was actually from Budapest.

Can you name this state?

Idaho is known as the "Gem State." Did you know that you can see four different states from Idaho? Just head up to Heaven's Gate Lookout, a high point in the state.

Which Eastern state is shown here?

Georgia, one of the original thirteen colonies, also has a city named Rome. Don't get it confused with the Italian city of the same name!

Which state is pictured here?

Ohio is home to some influential people, including Neil Armstrong and Jesse Owens. If you're from Ohio, the name used for you would be "Ohioan."

What minuscule state is shown here?

Rhode Island is the smallest state in the country. There's a huge bug that lives in the state! It's found at the New England Pest Control, but don't forget to look up, because it's on the roof.

What Eastern state is this?

New Hampshire is bordered by Canada to the north. New Hampshire was the first of the thirteen colonies to declare independence from England.

What state is this?

New Jersey is home to many things, such as the largest water tower in the world, as well as the longest boardwalk. Although it has some of the biggest structures, it's one of the smallest states in the country.

Can you name the Northern state shown here?

New York is home to the Big Apple, a major travel destination and entertainment hub. Speaking of entertainment, the state was also the site of the iconic Woodstock Festival that took place in 1969.

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