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The sirens are blaring and you know there is some kind of emergency going on. You truly wonder what it could possibly be. You pull over to let the emergency vehicle go by, as it's killing your ears from the loud sirens blaring. That is when you notice it is an ambulance, so someone must be having a health crisis!

This happens on a daily basis for many people, as our curiosity is always spiked when an ambulance or fire truck go by. We want to know what is going on, but we also want to follow behind them to the scene of the crime! That might be a bad choice, so you should just continue on your way to work and stop trying!

Because of the infatuation many of us have with emergency vehicles, we have come to figure out who they are representing just by seeing it. That is what we are testing you on today! Can you tell if the photo is a picture of an ambulance, fire truck or something else?

Don't get overconfident either, as you think you might know what you are talking about, but this quiz has some tricky ones in there! Can you get past it and ace this quiz?

Most states do a yearly inspection of the vehicles to see if upgrades are needed.

An EMS vehicle does respond to emergency situations. However, it is not designed to transport a patient, like an ambulance would.

Since stroke treatment is highly time-sensitive, a mobile stroke unit helps treat patients who have had a stroke. In addition to normal ambulance equipment, you will also find a device for brain imaging and a point-of-care laboratory.

An ambulance is the type of vehicle that will transport patients to their treatment. In emergencies, they will provide out-of-hospital medical care.

The vehicle is designed for firefighting operations. The purpose of the vehicle is mainly to bring the firefighters to the scene, provide water to fight the fire and carry equipment the firefighters will need.

Hazmat is short for hazardous materials. These vehicles are brought in when hazardous materials are present.

In England, these bikes belong to a network of volunteer Blood Bikes groups. They provide motorcycle courier services of blood, tissue and organs to and from hospitals.

This was founded in Turkey, as it is an armored water cannon used for riot control. It is designed to protect against ballistic threats and has been exported to Azerbaijan, Libya, Zimbabwe, Georgia and Kazakhstan for use.

This is a special vehicle that is used by police departments to transport heavily-armed members of the Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) team. Because of the situation, the vehicles are often armored.

An airport crash tender is a specialized fire engine. The one pictured is called the "FLF Panther" and it is designed to use in aircraft rescue and firefighting.

This is called London's Air Ambulance and it's a British registered charity. They operate a Helicopter Emergency Medical Service, which allows them to respond to serious trauma emergencies in and around London.

In Germany, these are called NEF from NotarztEinsatzFahrzeug, where Notarzt is Emergency Physician, Einsatz is Mission and Fahrzeug is Vehicle. They are staffed with an emergency physician and paramedic and normally called out for serious calls only.

A police bicycle is designed to meet the requirements needed for that specific department or unit. They are able to get through crowded areas and sidewalks more easily than a police car.

It's a little smaller than the police cars we have in the United States, but it works in France.

This is called Terapevt Matvey Mudrov and is a train-based mobile medical center. In Russia, it is operated in partnership with Russian Railways.

This is a general-purpose armored 4-wheel drive vehicle used by the French Army. They are often used by the Research and Intervention Brigade, also called BRI, and the Anti-Gang Brigade, which is a unit of the French National Police.

The Hong Kong Fire Services Department established the first motorcycle program in 1982. Later they discovered that motorcycles are helpful when responding to medical calls, so they added more motorcycles into the mix. They now have 35 motorcycles.

This is a Lykan Hypersport, which the Abu Dhabi police added to their force in 2015. It cost $3.4 million and has a 2.8-second 0-60 mph time and 240 mph top speed.

Many police forces use unmarked cars. They are used mainly for traffic enforcement or by detectives, as it allows them to not be recognized and to catch a criminal in the act.

A mobile health vehicle is your doctor's office brought to you. It is a mobile medical office that can provide you with easy access to primary care, screenings, immunizations and more.

These vehicles are used in emergency situations. They are deployed to enhance or reestablish communication and coordination.

A park ranger is responsible for protecting and preserving the parklands. Since those can be large areas, they are given vehicles to drive around in.

This is British slang for a police car. As you can see by the color scheme, it's reminiscent of a jam sandwich, which has jam placed between two slices of white bread.

In the United Kingdom, emergency care is free to everyone. This includes ambulance and emergency department treatment.

These have been used by the Merseyside Fire and Rescue Service since 2005. They include water liters, so they can contain small fires and allow the bigger trucks to work on bigger fires.

These are vehicles owned by the Australian Federal Police that have been designed to transport police dogs, as you can see with the installation of cages. The vehicles are usually marked to let people know that a police dog is on board.

Bomb squad vehicles need to allow for quick deployment. They are also designed to make room for a robot.

These are used by cycle responders in places like Heathrow Airport and the City of London. They are part of the London Ambulance Service.

CNSAS is a voluntary agency in Italy that provides search and rescue (SAR) relief efforts in mountains. The helicopters help survey the mountain areas for danger.

This vehicle type comes from British police cars, as they were called "panda cars" because of the large panels of light blue and white. They were never painted black and white, but it comes from popular British television and TVs being black and white at the time.

UNICEF helped bring five eRanger motorcycle ambulances to help pregnant women in Southern Sudan. The pilot study worked and more ambulances have been brought to the area since.

An ambulance bus is a way to treat multiple patients at one time who may need ambulance care. These come in handy when a natural disaster occurs.

In Poland, the patrol boats are used by the Policja. They cruise the waterways, like in Warsaw.

Military ambulances are trucks that have been modified and help with the transport of casualties to medical aid stations or long-distance transportation. They are marked with the red cross.

The water ambulance is used in Venice, Italy, the Isles of Sicily and other places. It's a boat used to provide medical care in these island areas.

These are new armored Unimog vehicles used in Hong Kong. They are used to carry personnel in emergencies, and provide enhanced response capabilities and ballistic protection.

These motorcycle ambulances are used in Poland's high-traffic citycenters. They normally carry one or two persons, a first aid kit and automated external defibrillator.

This is the vehicle used by the fire chief at the scene of a fire. It's similar to police cars, but the red makes it stand out more.

These are motorcycles equipped with a case to hold medical equipment. They are manned by volunteers in Israel to respond to medical emergencies, when needed.

A rescue motor boat is sometimes used by lifeguards, as they help when victims are far from the shore or if there is a big wave.

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