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What is a job, really? Well, of course, it is something that you go off to and work at most days, and hopefully, it is something that you enjoy or at least that you don't totally hate. A job is not only something that you do to make money and support yourself or your family, but it's also something that you hopefully do because you're interested in it, and that offers you something of value.

But how would you describe your job to others if you wanted them to understand what you did for a living? What words would you choose so they knew exactly what you did for work? What if you only had a few words to help them figure out what you did? What if you had only three words to use? 

If you were a police officer, you might say the words "gun, badge, and handcuffs." If you played basketball for a living, you might say "ball, court, and hoop." If you were a landscaper, it might be "lawnmower, rake, and shears." You see where we are going this? We will give you three words, and you pick what job we are talking about. Just do it at home, when you're not working, or you might need a new job yourself.

Ladder, Nails, Shingles

Roofers pretty much always use ladders to get up to the roof they are working on. Nails and shingles are also tools of the trade.


Rake, Lawnmower, Leaf blower

As any landscaper knows, they are going to spend a lot of time mowing lawns in the summer and picking up leaves in the fall. It's a great job in nice weather though.


Chalk, Blackboard, Desk

Even with all of our technological advances, some things stay the same. Teachers use blackboards, chalk and desks in their classrooms to this day.


Headset, Computer, Phone

Just about every telemarketer has three things they need. A headset to keep out the noise, a computer for when it is time to make the sale and a phone, of course.


Bat, Ball, Glove

You're pretty lucky if you make your living as a baseball player. If you do, you're going to need to be pretty good with a bat, ball and glove.


Stretcher, Ambulance, First Aid Supplies

Being an EMT is very stressful but pays well too. These three words are all things that an EMT deals with every day on the job.


Hose, Firetruck, Boots

Not many jobs are more impressive than being a fireman. These guys all use a hose, boots and a fire truck at some point during their working week.


Torch, Mask, Helmet

Welding is one of those jobs that can be intimidating if you don't know what you're doing. Welders always should use a helmet and a mask for safety.


Desk, Car, Phone

There are a lot of things you might need to be a good auto salesman. But you definitely can't be a good one without a car, a desk and a phone.


Packages, Uniform, Truck

Everyone knows who Fed-Ex is and what they do. They are constantly delivering packages, especially around the holidays.


Chainsaw, Spurs, Truck

Being a tree climber is no joke. To do this job well, you need to practice a lot and have some really good training. All of them use a chainsaw as well as safety equipment.


Bucket, Mop, Vacuum

Janitors have to do all sorts of things these days. But one of the things they still need to do is clean, which is why these three words all have to do with that.


Glasses, Alcohol, Stirrer

Depending on where you're at in life, a bartender might be someone that you see a lot of. If that is the case, hopefully your bartender has alcohol and glasses.


Eye-chart, Glasses, Contact Lenses

There are all sorts of different doctors around, but only one that specializes only on the eyes. Have you ever seen an eye doctor without their trusty eye chart?


Trainer, Mouthguard, Gloves

A boxer has to be more than tough. He also needs the correct gear and a ring to fight in. His mouthguard and gloves are part of that gear.


Bridle, Hat, Spurs

There aren't a whole lot of cowboys around anymore, but there are some. All of them have a horse to ride.


Freight, Brakes, Headlights

There is one job that is never going to totally go away and that is the truck driver. They haul freight all over our country and always will.


Knives, Pans, Stove

People are always going to need to eat, and cooks are always going to be needed. A cook definitely needs, knives, pans and a stove to do their job though.


Wrench, Overalls, Air Compressor

There are all sorts of things that an auto mechanic needs, but it seems like the most important is a wrench. Well, and also a car to work on.


Brush, Ladder, Bucket

The world will always need painters. And painters will always need paintbrushes and ladders.


Passengers, Driving Route, Keys

There are all sorts of different kinds of bus drivers, from school bus drivers to city and town bus drivers, to long-distance truck drivers. But all of them need passengers, keys to their vehicle and a route to drive.


Hammer, Nails, Saw

There are a lot of jobs in the trades, but none are more well-respected than a woodworker. Every woodworker needs a hammer, nails and a saw.


Microphone, Audience, Band

It isn't easy to get work as a singer, you've got to be good. But if you can do it, you pretty much always need a band and a microphone; a crowd is nice too!


Sewing Machine, Thread, Fabric

A seamstress is more than just a woman that sews, although that is the dictionairy definition. It is a person that is extremely talented at the sewing machine.


Blueprints, Pencil, Drafting Board

Architects all have the ability to envision what houses look like and design them. But they still need some tools of the trade so the rest of us can see their vision.


Gun, Uniform, Jeep

One thing that sets soldiers apart from the rest of us is that they are braver than most of us. Another thing is that pretty much all of them wear a uniform and carry a gun. While a police officer might occasionally have a Jeep, it sure isn't very often.


Sink, Gloves, Soap

While it isn't the most glamorous job in the world, it sure is important. No one wants to eat off dirty dishes!


Robe, Gavel, Courtroom

A judge is one of the most respected professions in the world. So why do they still have to wear those silly robes?


Handcuffs, Disguise, Gun

A bounty hunter tries to find people that are wanted by the law, but they don't do it out of the goodness of their hearts. That is where the whole "Bounty" thing comes in.


Boots, Forklift, Boxes

Just about everything you buy is held in a box in a warehouse somewhere before it gets to you. And while it is there, employees in work boots use forklifts to move them around.


Food, Tray, Dishes

What would a good restaurant be without a great waiter or a waitress? These people bring you your food and do it in the right way.


Wrench, Plunger, Drain Snake

While a plumber isn't something people think about all that much, they do when they need one. All plumbers have a wrench, a plunger and a drain snake as tools for the job.


Flashlight, Uniform, Keys

Pretty much all security guards have to pull a night shift every now and then. And when they do, they need a flashlight, as well as a uniform and keys to get in places.


Pencil, Calculator, Computer

Being a bookkeeper isn't all that glamorous, but if you like that kind of thing, it can be fun and pays well too. Every bookkeeper needs a pencil, calculator and a computer these days.


Coupons, Customers, Pennies

A lot of places are starting to not take cash anymore, but it will be a long time before cashiers are obsolete. Most places are still going to take money, no matter what.


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