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If there's one thing the United States doesn't go halfway on, it's creating a strong military presence throughout its own territory and in many parts of the world outside its borders. America maintains about 800 military bases, dwarfing the number kept by other Western nations. The amount of money, troops and other resources that the U.S. puts into its military bases was, in large part, responsible for what was known as the "Pax Americana," the long period of peace enjoyed in the country after WWII (until the September 11 attacks). 

Not surprisingly, a large number of the U.S.'s military bases belong to the Army, America's largest service branch, and the one responsible for land warfare. The Army has four bases where its new recruits will do their basic training, many others where regular Army troops serve, and some bases that are strictly for Army Reserve training. Among the most famous of the Army's bases is the United States Military Academy in upstate New York. America's "war college" is still considered an Army base, and has been since the Revolutionary War, when traitor Benedict Arnold tried to hand it over to the British. 

In this quiz, we're only going to test you on domestic Army bases. Some are famous, and might be easy for you; for others, it will probably take some thought before you identify the nearest town or city. Either way, good luck, soldier!

Where would you find the famous Fort Knox?

Technically, Fort Knox is only next to the United States Bullion Depository; the gold isn't actually housed on the Fort's grounds. But the base is an active training ground and is home to the George S. Patton Museum.


Fort Benning is closest to ...

Fort Benning is one of the best-known Army bases, on the Alabama-Georgia line. It is the home of the Infantry School, as well as the former "School of the Americas" (now the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation).


Near which of these cities is Fort Bragg?

Fort Bragg is well-known, mainly because of its size. More troops and their families are stationed there than at any other military base in the world. It also has not one, but two airfields.


Where would you find Fort Lee?

Fort Lee is in Prince George County, Virginia. Fun fact: The city and county were both named for a Danish prince, not an English one -- which is what you might have expected in a state named for the "virgin queen" Elizabeth I.


Which city is Fort Eustis closest to?

Virginia is rich in military bases, which is perhaps a holdover from being so central to America's early wars, the Revolution and the Civil War. Fort Eustis, outside Newport News, recently combined with Langley Air Force Base.


Where would you find Fort Sam Houston?

Sam Houston, the first governor of the former "Republic of Texas," is honored both in the name of a city and in that of an Army base. However, the Army base isn't *in* the city of Houston. It's now part of "Joint Base San Antonio," a merger with the Air Force installation.


Fort Dix is located near which of these cities?

Fort Dix is now officially called Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst, after a round of cost-saving mergers. However, the full name's a mouthful, so many people still use "Fort Dix."


In which urban area is Fort Hamilton located?

It isn't that the U.S. Army established a base in an urban center. Instead, Brooklyn grew up around this longtime military fort, which was established before the U.S. was a nation, during the Revolution.


Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson is just outside which city?

As the name implies, this base is the result of a merger. The Army's Fort Richardson was linked to the Air Force's Elmendorf base in 2010.


Where would you find the Presidio?

Don't confuse this one with the Presidio of San Francisco, which is not far away! The Presidio of Monterey is home to the Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center, which teaches language and culture to officers anticipating overseas postings or intelligence work.


Where would you find the U.S. Military Academy?

This one was probably pretty easy -- after all, the USMA is usually called "West Point." But it was a fort in the days of the Revolutionary War, and is still considered as such by the Army.


Outside which town would you find Fort Huachuca?

Fort Huachuca isn't near any sort of urban hub, but it has a rich history. It was established in the 1870s, and for a time was home to the famous "Buffalo Soldiers" of the West.


Hunter Army Airfield is outside which of these cities?

Hunter Army Airfield is affiliated with Fort Stewart, which is in a more rural area of Georgia. Hunter's runway is more than two miles long. Whatever you're flying, you could land it there!


Where is Fort Carson located?

When you think of Colorado Springs, you more likely think of the Air Force Academy, also located just nearby. But Fort Carson, built in 1942, is an important Army presence in the same area.


Where is the Army's Camp Pendleton State Military Reservation? (Note: This is not the Marine base).

The more famous "Camp Pendleton" is a Marine base. You might not have been familiar with the Army's Camp Pendleton, since it's changed names several names, being called "Camp Trinkle" and "Camp Peery" in the past.


Outside which town would you find Fort Stewart?

The town of Hinesville and the Army base have generally grown together to make the Fort Stewart-Hinesville metro area. It's more or less a "company town" for Uncle Sam, with most people in some way working in support of the base that houses the 3rd Infantry Division.


You'd find Fort Shafter near which US city?

The Army runs most of its Pacific operations from Fort Shafter, outside Honolulu. We imagine a pretty serious rivalry with the Navy, which naturally also has a large presence on the island.


Outside which city would you find Fort Riley?

Fort Riley is outside the "other" Manhattan, the one in Kansas. It's also close to the town of Junction City.


Near which of these cities is Fort Detrick located?

Fort Detrick was the home to the Army's biological weapons program. It's now home to the "biological defense" program. Is it just us, or does that sound like a change-in-name-only, akin to renaming the War Department the Department of Defense?


Outside which large city would you find Fort George G. Meade?

George Meade, for whom the base is named, was a Civil War general. He led the Union's Army of the Potomac.


Outside which of these towns in Fort Devens?

Fort Devens has a well-known cemetery. One of the people who lies there is Murray Savage, the close friend of WWI hero Alvin York. Savage died on the same day that York committed the heroics that won him the Medal of Honor.


Where would you find Fort Drum?

Fort Drum now has a biofuel power plant that provides energy for the base -- very eco-friendly of Uncle Sam! It is also being considered as the site of a missile-defense installation.


Near which of these towns is Fort Sill located?

Fort SIll was born during the Indian Wars. It's one of several bases where recruits do their basic training.


In which city is Fort Jackson?

There have been several forts in US history bearing this name, including two in the civil war, in Virginia and Louisiana. However, the present-day, operational base is in South Carolina.


Where would you find Fort Buchanan?

This is the only U.S. Army base in the Caribbean Sea (Guantanamo Bay is a naval base). Its presence is not entirely welcomed by all Puerto Ricans.


In which city is Fort Bliss headquartered?

We say "headquartered" because this base covers a lot of land. Part of it is over the border in neighboring New Mexico.


Where would you find Walter Reed Medical Center?

"Walter Reed" is a famous name. The Army physician did important work establishing that yellow fever is spread by mosquitoes. The hospital was also famous; however, it's closed now, living on in the name of a medical research facility.


Near which city is Fort Myer (now part of Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall)?

Fort Myer is neighbor to Arlington National Cemetery. Less well known is that it was also the site of the first aviation fatality. William Selfridge, a contemporary and partner of Orville Wright, died after a plane crash there in 1908.


Near which city is Fort Lesley McNair?

This base is now named for a general killed in Word War II. Back in its time as a federal penitentiary, however, it was famous for being the place where four conspirators in Lincoln's assassination were hanged, including Mary Surratt.


Which of these is nearest to Camp Roberts?

Camp Roberts is near the wine-making city of Paso Robles, west of Fresno. It's also a bit north of the tourist destination of San Luis Obispo.


You'd find Fort Lewis outside which Western city?

This fort was named for Meriwether Lewis, the explorer who helped discover a passage to the Pacific. (Sidenote: When are we getting a Fort Sacajawea? Lewis and Clark would have been hopelessly lost without her!)


Near which town is Fort McCoy?

Where?! We hear you. The town and the base aren't terribly well known. Military exercises are held there, and Wisconsin's State Patrol also performs officers' training there.


Dugway Proving Ground is nearest to which town?

Dugway Proving Ground is about 85 miles from Salt Lake City. It isn't particularly close to anything -- probably because it's a place where biological and chemical defense systems are tested. (Yikes!)


Where is Camp Ethan Allen?

No, it's not a joke! Though it's mostly a Vermont National Guard training site, the Army's Mountain Warfare School also trains there, and it's the home of the 86th Infantry Brigade Combat Team.


Bonus question: Which state has no U.S. Army bases?

The Army has bases in every U.S. state -- and quite a few overseas. The number of bases that America's army maintains dwarfs those of most other nations.


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