Quiz: If We Give You One Definition for a Word, Can You Give Us Its Second Meaning?
If We Give You One Definition for a Word, Can You Give Us Its Second Meaning?
By: Isadora Teich
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About This Quiz

English is one of the hardest languages to learn if you did not grow up speaking it. In fact, even many native English speakers struggle with the correct pronunciations of words and the proper spellings and meanings of other words throughout their lives. 

Many experts believe that English has the largest vocabulary of any living language spoken today. While this is impossible to prove or disprove because of how complex languages are, English's unique roots certainly give it a staggering modern vocabulary. 

English has roots in both the Germanic and Romance languages of Europe. Many of its words come from the Latin and Greek vocabulary, and it shares ancestors with German, Spanish, and French. It is related to almost all of Europe's major languages, and easily adapts to and absorbs new words from other languages all the time. 

Unlike other languages, which follow rough rules or use accents to let you know how they are pronounced when it comes to English, you just have to know. After all, the words "naked" and "baked" don't rhyme. And you just have to know it with no indication at all. 

Put yourself to the test and see if you can guess the other meanings of tricky English words with this quiz! 

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The word bark is related to trees and what else?
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Shoes can be blue, but if a person is blue, how are they feeling?
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A bit is a small amount, but what else can it be?
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Musicians can jam, but what else is jam?
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You can wear a check print, but it can also refer to what?
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You can join a club, but club is also what part of speech?
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Shake is a verb, but it also refers to something you do what with?
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Pound is a unit of measurement, but what else is it?
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It can be light outside, but light also means which of these?
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You can be one of a kind, but what does it mean to be kind?
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Horses can go in a stable, but what does this word also mean?
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You can fix something, but is something being fixed good or bad?
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You can squash something, but what else can you do with a squash?
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You can eat a date, but what else can you do in regards to this word?
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If someone is your charge, they are your responsibility, but which of these does the word also relate to?
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Berry cobbler is tasty, but what does a cobbler do?
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Columns are decor, but what can you also do with them?
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A clock can strike midnight, but what else can strike?
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You can lash out, but what else is a lash?
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Animals can have sex, but what does it mean to sex something up?
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Mint is a distinct flavor, but it also means that something is what?
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You can read a novel, but if something is novel what is it like?
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Someone can be a doctor, but what does it mean to doctor a report?
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Coach is a luxury brand, but it also means what in regards to sports?
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Someone can be a riot, but what does it mean if there is a riot outside?
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You can make a reservation at a restaurant, but if you have reservations about something, how do you feel about it?
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Graves are in cemeteries, but if a situation is grave what is it like?
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Fall is a season, but what do you season?
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There is a sink in your kitchen, but when you sink something what are you doing?
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A pupil learns, but what else does a pupil do?
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Green is a color, but if someone is green, what are they like?
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Animals can mate, but who is your mate?
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Mediums channel spirits, but what else can a channel refer to?
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Dawn is sunrise, but what else does it refer to?
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Stars are in the sky, but who else is a star?
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