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You have to know your hunting to get all these right. And we're not just talking about the deer, moose, elk and bear kind of hunting. This quiz will take you out of the blind and ask you about huntin' gators, wild boar and even a rattlesnake or two. Not to worry, we won't blow a lot of smoke and talk a lot of smack about the hunt itself. This is about the gear you bring, including the dogs. 

For instance, if we were to ask you about something that looks like a duck, floats like a duck but is not a duck, you'd say it was a decoy, right? But do you know the name of the vehicle used on the water to cross swamps and marshes? You're correct if you called it an airboat or a fanboat. 

Please don't hold us accountable if this quiz gets your juices flowing for the hunt or if you get buck fever just thinking about when a monster buck comes into plain view. Think of this quiz as a checklist of gear needed to be properly outfitted for the next hunting season. Go on, take it now. Getting a high score is easier than scoring your next deer!  

This covers your rifle so it is not easily detected in the woods. What is its name?

A gun wrap stretches and conforms to the gun with self-cling​ camouflage material. Be sure to choose a brand that is quick and easy to remove.


This is a type of safety clothing you wear when hunting. Hunters can see it but deer cannot identify it. What is it?

In many areas, it is unlawful to hunt wildlife, or to accompany a hunter in zones open to shooting deer, bear, or elk without wearing an outer garment of daylight fluorescent blaze orange or "hunter orange." To deer, this color appears brownish or gray.


These water-proof boots go all the way up the leg and keep going. What are they called?

If you're going fly-fishing or duck hunting and you have to place your decoy and retrieve your kill by walking into ice-cold water, you'll want to have chest-high waders so you can stay warm and dry longer without getting hypothermia.


This enhances​ your viewing power in both eyes. What would you call it?

Binoculars allow you to have long-range hunting visibility and clarity. Whether it's spotting tracks or spotting the game itself, you'll do better with a pair of binoculars in your gear.


It is a long, thin T-shaped item used in archery. What is it?

Bow squares feature a ruler for accurate measurement and nock placement. It is used to measure the bow's brace height and tiller. There are measurement lines on both the vertical and horizontal bars of the square.


It's a covered platform with open windows that can be installed in a tree to hunt animals. What is it?

The perfect deer hunting blind should have windows in all directions for maximum visibility and wide doors. In addition, if it is covered in camouflage and the exterior withstands the elements, you have one sweet blind.


It shoots shells in a short range and in a disperse pattern. What word matches this description?

A shotgun has a smooth bore and is used for firing at birds or smaller animals at a short range. It fires in a wider pattern than a riffle.


This instrument has a curved blade to separate the hide from the meat. Which one of these is it?

You would need to use all these blades to complete the field dressing chores involved in big-game hunting. The skinning blade is curved to encourage a smooth motion that makes it easier to separate the hide from the meat.


A domesticated carnivorous mammal that typically has a long snout, acute sense of smell and is used in hunting other animals. What animal is this?

Dogs are thought to have been used for hunting as long as 20,000 years ago. Dogs are thought to be the first animals humans domesticated, before cows and sheep.


Made of canvas or mesh, this contraption allows one to sleep between two trees. What word comes to mind?

A hammock is a convenient and lightweight apparatus for hunters who are camping overnight. Easily anchored to two stable points (trees), a hammock hangs above ground and is used for sleeping.


They cover your feet, protect you from sharp rocks and debris and dry quickly. What would you call them?

Protect your feet from sharp rocks, glass, branches and debris by wearing water shoes. They have quick-dry fabrics as well as slip-resistant traction.


It has grooves cut lengthwise into the inside of the barrel. What is it?

Rifles are preferred over shotguns when hunting because the grooves of a rifled barrel cause a bullet to spin, which makes it shoot straighter and travel faster.


A device that springs shut suddenly on an animal. Which word is used to describe this?

A steel trap is a mechanical device that springs shut suddenly on an animal so it can't escape. Many hunters supplement their income by trapping.


This portable equipment uses perimeter poles, a center support pole and stakes to keep fabric in place. What name describes this?

There are pup tents and tents that sleep six. If you really want to spend money, you can purchase a tent with a roof window, multi-panel windows, fold-down shelves with cup holders and gear pockets!


This has everything you need to keep your firearms in working order. What is the proper name for it?

From cleaner to lubricating oil to cleaning rods and patches, a gun kit has all the necessary items to keep your guns in tip-top condition.


It's long, thin and can only be used in a crossbow. What word matches this description?

The word “bolt” can only be used in conjunction with a crossbow (never with a regular bow).Technically speaking, a bolt has no stabilizing vanes near the back, while an arrow always does.


This device usually falls into three main categories: a single, double, or triple reed. What is being described?

Duck calls are made up of two basic parts -- the narrower 'stopper' and the barrel. Inside the stopper are a reed, a tone board and a wedge. Blowing into it will make the "quack" sound.​


A device made from fibers woven in a grid-like structure and attached to a long stick. What might someone call this?

Modern fishing nets are usually made of nylon, although nets of wool or silk thread were common until recently and are still used today.


It's a piece of long wood with a flat end. You place it in the socket before you start rowing. What word matches this description?

If your motor gives out, getting back to shore is easier if you have a pair of oars at the ready. Oars are designed to work with the size and weight of your boat. Whereas a kayak paddle may work, it's not the best answer.


It looks like a duck, floats like a duck but is not a duck. What word matches this description?

Decoys can be made of wood or a flexible polymer material and are realistically painted to look like a duck. Some decoys even have remote controls so you can make them move without leaving your blind.


This helps absorb the impact and reduce or stop penetration to the body from firearm-fired projectiles. What is being described?

You don't want to lose man's best friend to a stray bullet. That's why strapping a bullet-proof vest on your dog is a good idea in a crowded hunting area. Many police dogs wear them.


These are small, metal, cylindrical-shaped projectiles that sometimes contain an explosive. What would you call them?

Bullets that are used to hunt large animals usually have controlled expansion and deep penetration along with excellent ballistic coefficients. Some have heat shield tips to retain the shape.


It comes in a bottle and helps retard the growth of bacteria on your camp dinner. What is the correct terminology for this?

Game bag spray and meat preserve kills bacteria, reduces bacterial growth and deters flies from laying eggs on your game meat. It's also great to use when aging meat.


This works in conjunction with a GPS to scout boar hunting locations. Which term is the correct one?

Set up your game camera along a suspected wild boar highway, mark your GPS, and come back for the hunt if you've found some action.


It's a type of camouflage clothing which covers someone from head to toe. It has a distinctive name. What is it?

Although also used by the military, the ghillie suit was developed by Scottish gamekeepers as a portable hunting blind.


Any long pole which has been tipped with a multi-pronged spear used for hunting fish and amphibians. What do you call it?

Gigging is the practice of hunting fish or small game with a gig or similar multi-pronged spear. Many people in the South engage in this activity at night when frogs' eyes reflect the light of a flashlight, making them easier to locate.


This contains wooden pegs with a cable leader and swivel. What would you call it?

Steel hooks are not allowed – only wooden pegs may be used to secure the bait to the line to attract alligators to your boat. Once an alligator swallows the bait, the hunter retrieves the line and the peg by pulling the cable along with the alligator.


This product enables a hunter to avoid detection from prey, such as whitetail deer. What is it?

Although camouflage is good, the whitetail's sense of smell is stronger than sight, sound or taste; and one whiff of you can spoil a well-planned hunt.


It’s a pole with a stainless steel chamber attached to it that holds a live round of ammunition over a fixed firing pin. What is the correct terminology for this?

If you're hunting alligators, you need this. If you're in trouble, hit the dangerous end of this chamber with a good amount of oomph onto the alligator and it will force the round back onto the pin and fire a projectile -- keeping you off the dinner menu.


It has a strap that goes over your back or hip and has a long, narrow, pliable case. What would you call this?

Today's quivers offer quick access to arrows. Plus they have dividers to keep arrows organized. Some models use a belt or a sling to hold it in place, while others use a clip.


This device contains a long pole and controllable jaws at the end of the grabber. What is it called?

Whether you're camping in a snake-infested area, or want some snake meat to bring home to the family (tastes like chicken!), a snake tong will help you capture snakes quickly and easily while keeping you safe from their fast-striking moves.


This is brightly colored and will keep you afloat if you wear it BEFORE you fall overboard. What do you call it?

A life vest can be life saving if you wear it properly. Be sure to strap yourself into one BEFORE you go on the water. Today's life vests have mobility panels for unrestricted movement.


This gives you the ability to see at night without using electricity or batteries. What is the first word you think of?

Lanterns can light the way during the darkest nights, which is important because the moon isn't always full. There are many lanterns today that are solar powered, use batteries, as well as those that use propane and kerosene.


This instrument can be made of fiberglass or traditional birch bark and has a reed or diaphragm. Which term is the correct one?

A moose horn reproduces the mating call of a cow (mature female moose) by producing deep, guttural moans. Some hunters just learn the call and use a bullhorn.


This flat-bottomed watercraft is propelled by an aircraft-type propeller and an aircraft or car engine. What is the correct terminology for this vehicle?

​This vehicle allows you to cross marshes and swamps quickly and easily. They are commonly used for fishing, bow fishing, hunting and ecotourism.


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