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From the flame-powered Fire-type Pokemon to the creepy-looking Ghost-type Pokemon, Generation 1 is filled with a slew of interesting and intimidating pocket monsters, each with their own unique abilities and characteristics. As a trainer, your job is to discover every one of them by recording their evolutions, abilities and even types. How many types do you remember from the 151 Pokemon introduced in Generation 1? Here's a quiz where you can see for yourself. 

From Pallet Town to the Elite Four, the journey through the Kanto region is a long and turbulent one, but that doesn't mean it's wasted time, as the most intriguing part of the adventure is all of the Pokemon you get to discover as you fill your Pokedex with entries for every Pokemon you catch. 

It's time to see how many Pokedex entries you completed on your journey through the region by listing the types of the Pokemon you encountered. That's if you are up for the challenge, of course. After all, this quiz won't be easy. From common Pokemon like Rattata to rarer encounters like Articuno, there's plenty here to dig into. 

When you're ready, get started and see if you've mastered the types of all the Pokemon in Generation 1! 

One of the original starter Pokemon from Generation 1, what type does Bulbasaur belong to?

Bulbasaur was the first of the the three starter Pokemon from Generation 1 that Ash caught in the anime, which occurred in the episode "Bulbasaur and the Hidden Village." Though it displayed determination, Bulbasaur was captured after losing a battle to Ash's Pikachu.


The most common Pokemon used by Jessie from Team Rocket, do you know Arbok's type?

Arbok was one of the strongest Pokemon used by Team Rocket as they tried to steal Ash's Pikachu on multiple occasions throughout the Kanto region. Typically, Team Rocket's attempts failed when they were blown off into the distance by one of Pikachu's attacks.


Can you remember the type of Kadabra, the prized Pokemon of Saffron City's gym leader?

Listed as Pokemon #064 in the Kanto regional Pokedex, Kadabra is the second of three forms in its evolutionary tree. Kadabra evolves from Abra at level 16 and only evolves into Alakazam when traded.


Known for its strong defense, what type is Metapod?

In the fourth episode of the anime, titled "Challenge of the Samurai," Ash used his own Metapod to fight another Metapod led by a trainer named Samurai. The battle ended in a draw since both Pokemon only knew the move Harden, which was used to increase the Pokemon's defense.


Do you know the type of the fox-like Pokemon Ninetales?

Described as "very vengeful" in Pokemon Red and Blue, Ninetales isn't the kind of Pokemon to easily let something go. In fact, if you grab one of its many tails, the Pokemon will put a curse on you that will last for 1,000 years.


Dodrio is easily recognized by its three heads, but is its type as easy to remember?

During Ash's adventures through the Kanto region, he first comes across a Dodrio while taking part in the Big P Pokemon Race in the episode "The Flame Pokemon-athon!," where the Dodrio barely lost to a Rapidash ridden by Ash. Dodrio's owner, Dario, was upset by the loss and bitterly complained he was cheated to no avail.


Can you identify the type for Beedrill, a Pokemon known to cause problems if you come across its hive?

When dozens of Beedrill show up throughout the Kanto region, they are quite the pest for Ash and his friends. These Pokemon have interrupted the heroes during both intense battles and while they are on important missions, such as searching for Apricorns.


One of the first birds you will encounter in Pokemon Red and Blue, do you know Pidgey's type?

Pidgey is quite useful if you need to get around the Kanto region when you can finally use the HM02 move Fly. The move allows a player to fast travel to any town that they have already visited.


Pikachu was Ash's first Pokemon in the anime. What type is it?

No Pokemon has placed itself at the center of the franchise quite like Pikachu. Before becoming the primary face for the Pokemon world, however, Pikachu was just a powerful mouse-looking Pokemon that refused to obey Ash until he earned its trust.


A Pokemon that will easily put you to sleep, do you recall the type for Jigglypuff?

Ash and company first ran into a Jigglypuff during the anime in "The Song of Jigglypuff," where the Pokemon tried to perform a song without putting anyone to sleep. Jigglypuff failed in its first attempt, but it was determined to finish its song, following the heroes around until they listened without falling asleep.


One of the top Pokemon for smashing boulders, can you remember Geodude's type?

For trainers in Pokemon Red and Blue, it takes a lot of effort to evolve Geodude into its top evolve form, Golem. For one, Geodude doesn't evolve into Graveler until level 25, and after that, the Pokemon must be traded to evolve into Golem.


Kingler can use the move Bubble because it is which type?

Ash first obtains a Kingler when his Krabby evolves during the first round of the Indigo Plateau Conference. The Water-type Pokemon reaches its top form after defeating an Exeggutor with a Stomp attack, going on to defeat its next two opponents as well.


Do you know the type for Magmar, the prized Pokemon of the gym leader Blaine?

Lacking the Pokemon's respect, Ash has a hard time controlling his Charizard until it runs across Magmar, a Pokemon Charizard views as a worthy opponent. Charizard comes out victorious in one of the most action-packed duels in Pokemon history.


Held in high regard because of its diverse move set, what type of Pokemon is Nidoking?

If a trainer wants to get the powerful Pokemon Nidoking in Pokemon Red and Blue, they have to obtain a Moon Stone. The Moon Stone can be used at any point after Nidoran evolves into Nidorino, which begins at level 16.


Though it's easily confused, Psyduck is otherwise powerful as what type of Pokemon?

In the episode "Hypno's Naptime," Misty obtains a Psyduck after accidentally catching it when a Poke Ball rolls out of her bag. The Pokemon constantly frustrates Misty, as it releases itself from the Poke Ball at the most inopportune times.


Dragonair is one of the rarest Pokemon in Generation 1 because it is which type?

For trainers who make it to the Elite Four at the end of the Kanto region, they will have to fight Lance, who uses Dragon-type Pokemon, in the last battle. Lance's strongest Pokemon, of course, is the powerful Dragonite, which he sends out at level 62.


Can you remember what type of Pokemon Team Rocket's Meowth is?

Team Rocket has a Meowth that is capable of talking like a human, a strange quality for a Pokemon. It's later revealed that Meowth taught itself to speak after being rejected by another Pokemon, who apparently preferred humans over Pokemon.


Known for its extremely aggressive nature, do you know the type for Primeape?

Preferring forests and mountains, Primeape is not a Pokemon that a trainer wants to come across by accident. These easily-angered Fighting-types will chase people away just for making eye contact with them.


A battle with Tentacruel can leave your Pokemon in immense pain because it is which type?

A Pokemon most commonly found surfing the ocean, Tentacruel can be difficult to overcome for trainers trying to get from one point to another. These Pokemon can cause immense damage with moves like Wrap and Poison that will leave members of the trainer's own team fading as each turn passes.


The evolve form of the weakest Pokemon in the game, what type is Gyarados?

If you're trying to evolve a Magikarp, it takes a lot of work because of how useless the Pokemon is in the game since it has no real attack. That, of course, is until it evolves at level 20 into Gyarados, one of the strongest Water-type Pokemon from Generation 1.


Do you know the type for Charizard, the top evolve form for one of the starters from Generation 1?

When Charizard evolves from Charmeleon at level 36, it goes from being just a Fire-type to being a Flying-type as well. The evolved Pokemon can learn a host of powerful moves from Fly to Fire Blast.


Lapras is great for traveling in Pokemon Red and Blue because it is which type?

Lapras was an important member of Ash's party during the events that unfolded in the islands of the Orange Archipelago. The Pokemon, originally caught in "The Lost Lapras," helped Ash and company get around the islands and was part of Ash earning a badge from Danny, the Navel Island's Gym Leader.


A Pokemon that can morph into other Pokemon, what is Ditto's type?

Ditto's morphing abilities aren't always beneficial, but that doesn't make them any less unique. For example, if two Ditto come across one another in the wild, they will go back and forth attempting to morph into one another.


Resurrected from a fossil, do you know the type of Aerodactyl?

Trainers will spend a lifetime searching for Aerodactyl in the wild because it can't be found there. Instead, a trainer has to obtain a Fossil known as the Old Amber then bring it to Cinnabar Lab.


Weezing was James' favorite Pokemon from Team Rocket, but what type does it belong to?

After spending years committing crimes together, James finally releases his Weezing in the episode "A Poached Ego!" During the episode, Team Rocket saved a cage full of captured Ekans and Koffing, who were caught by a poacher named Rico.


You wouldn't want to take a punch from Hitmonchan because it is which type of Pokemon?

Though not originally given a de-evolution form, Hitmonchan was later shown to evolve from Tyrogue when its Defense is higher than its Attack. On the other hand, Tyrogue evolves into Hitmonlee if its Attack is higher than its Defense.


The second gym leader, Misty, favors Starmie as her strongest Pokemon since it combines which two types?

The evolve form of the Water-type Pokemon Staryu, Starmie can only be evolved by using a Water Stone. Once evolved, the Pokemon is easily recognized by its core gym, which "glows with the seven colors of the rainbow" according to the Pokedex.


A Pokemon that will annoy you with its bind attack, do you know Tangela's type?

Tangela wasn't given an evolve form until Generation IV was released when the Pokemon was shown to evolve into Tangrowth. However, it can only reach its top evolve form after being leveled up while knowing Ancient Power.


Recognized by the bone it carries, what type does Cubone belong to?

Aside from the bone it carries, Cubone's other major characteristic is the skull mask it wears, which has never been removed. According to the Pokemon Yellow Pokedex entry, this mask belonged to Cubone's deceased mother.


You might find it easy to remember that Tauros doesn't have an evolve form, but is it easy to remember its type?

Designed after a bull, Tauros has a 100 percent male gender ratio. The Pokemon is viewed as an opposite for Miltank, introduced in Generation II, who has a 100 percent female gender ratio.


One of the legendary bird Pokemon, can you identify the type for Articuno?

According to Pokemon history, the three legendary bird Pokemon created the ocean. Under the leadership of Lugia, Articuno teamed up with Moltes to form the sea, and Zaptos created the streams and currents.


Do you remember the type for Eevee, a Pokemon that Gary makes popular in the anime?

Eevee receives three evolve forms in Generation 1, although the Pokemon is later given many more. The original three evolve forms are Flareon, Vaporeon, and Zolteon, which are Fire-type, Water-type, and Electric-type respectively.


Mr. Mime will both fight for you and clean your house. What's its type?

Mr. Mime was given a de-evolution in Generation VI named Mime Jr., which followed suit with the release of other baby Pokemon like Pichu and Magby. The only way Mime Jr. can be evolved into Mr. Mime is by leveling it up while it knows the move Mimic.


Squirtle is a great starter Pokemon if you like which type?

Ash obtains a Squirtle in the episode "Here Comes the Squirtle Squad," where he runs across a gang of Squirtle that were left behind by trainers. Ash catches the leader of the gang and encourages the other Squirtle to form a firefighting group.


Once pitched as a legendary Pokemon by the game creators, do you know the type given to Arcanine?

In the first Generation of Pokemon games, Arcanine can only be obtained by evolving Growlithe or through a trade with another trainer. To evolve Growlithe into Arcanine, a trainer must use a Fire Stone, which can be purchased at the Celadon Department Store.


A Pokemon that loves to sleep, can you identify the type for Snorlax?

In Pokemon Red and Blue, Snorlax are placed on Route 12 and Route 16 to block a trainer's path from one location to another. They can be woken up using a Poke Flute, but when Snorlax's sleep is disturbed, it's ready to fight.


Zubat can be a difficult Pokemon to escape when you run across it over and over in a cave because it is which type?

If a trainer runs across a single Zubat in a cave, it can be difficult to defeat using moves like Supersonic to confuse opposing Pokemon and Toxic to poison them. However, Zubat prefers to live colonies, so running across only one of them is a rarity.


What type of Pokemon is Onix, the strongest Pokemon of the gym leader Brock?

According to the Pokemon Yellow Pokedex, Onix speedily burrows through the ground as it searches for food. The tunnels that are left behind by Onix are later used by Diglett as a home.


Do you know the type of Rattata, a Pokemon that will annoy you if you're trying to catch something a little more rare in Pokemon Red and Blue?

Rattata has become a popular Pokemon in competitive battling because of its ability to use the F.E.A.R strategy. The strategy, which requires that the Pokemon holds a Focus Sash, can defeat a full powered Pokemon in only two moves.


Poliwrath becomes which two types when it evolves from Poliwhirl?

Poliwrath is one of two evolve forms that Poliwhirl can reach, the other being Politoed. Poliwhirl, who evolves from Poliwag at level 25, can only be evolved into Poliwrath by using a Water Stone.


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