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From the time we're young, we're taught that the long word, vocabulary, is important. Why? Because it's what sets us apart from other humans when we speak. And we're not talking about accents here- we're referring to the collection or body of words that you use in whatever language it is that you speak. 

People who read or are more academically inclined have wider vocabularies than those who don't, unless you're just naturally smart or have a thing for words. And while it's not always a competition, in this case, it is. We want to test the words you have in your arsenal and see if you can withstand the attack that is this quiz. But, we're only going to do it with a particular set of words -- those that start with the first letter of the alphabet. 

So, come allow us to test whether you know what a tiny word like "apt", a long word like "anthropology" and an exotic word like "adequate" all mean. If you pass this test, you'll be nothing short of A-mazing! Do you know what these words that start with "a" mean?

Which of the following words means "fake" or "not naturally occurring"?

Artificial is defined as something created or manufactured by humans, usually a copy of something which occurs naturally; to be lacking sincerity or spontaneous quality.


What do you think "affluent" means?

Affluent means to be rich, prosperous or wealthy, particularly a person, group or area; to flow freely or in abundance; a small stream which flows into a larger body of water (archaic).


Which word means "acceptable" or "enough"?

Adequate is defined as a satisfactory or acceptable amount or quality of something. It is derived from the 17th-century Latin word adequate, meaning ‘made equal to.'


Which A-word is a synonym for "conceptual"?

Abstract means that something does not have a concrete or physical existence, but only as a thought or idea; theoretical, conceptual, philosophical; non-representational, non-pictorial.


Can you define "ambitious"?

Ambitious means to have a strong desire or aspiration to be successful, famous or powerful by achieving a specific goal(s); to have or be motivated by ambition.


Which of these words represents a kind of passageway on a road?

In North America, an avenue is a passageway running at a right angle to the city streets formed in a gridlock pattern; a road or path lined with trees, specifically one which leads to a country house.


Which of these words means to confront aggressively?

Accost means to confront and speak to someone in a bold and aggressive manner. This word originated in the 16th century and was derived from the French verb, accoster.


Which of the definitions belongs to "adept"?

As an adjective, adept means to be highly skilled or competent at something. As a noun it refers to someone who is proficient and formidable at something; master, expert, genius, maestro.


Which of the following words means "the quality of being real"?

Authenticity is a noun derived from the adjective "authentic" and is defined as the quality of being true or real; genuineness, legitimacy, credibility, reliability, validity, trustworthiness.


What is an alias?

Alias, introduced in the 15th century, refers to an assumed or additional identity used by someone; to indicate or imply that someone is better well-known by another name.


Which of these words could replace "stubborn"?

Adamant is defined as an unwavering refusal to change one's opinion; hardheaded, stubborn, inflexible; an extremely hard substance, (formerly diamond) believed to be impenetrable.


What's a good word for something that is favorable?

Aesthetic, also spelled esthetic, is defined as having a pleasing or favorable appearance, to be appreciative, responsive or concerned with beauty or what is pleasurable to the senses.


What does articulate mean?

Articulate means to express one's ideas and feelings clearly, readily and effectively (verb); to show or display the ability to speak eloquently and fluently (adjective).


Of the options, which one could mean "upset" or "ruffle"?

Agitate means to make someone nervous, disturbed or troubled; unsettle, ruffle, upset, unhinge; to move with a quick, violent action; to provoke public discussion of something.


Can you define "annihilate"?

Annihilate is a verb which means to obliterate or destroy completely; to cause something to cease to exist. It also serves as the root word for annihilation and annihilator.


Which of these words means "to reprimand"?

Admonish means to give someone a warning or disapproval in a gentle and honest manner; to provide friendly advice, to reprimand, scold or criticize someone in a firm tone of voice.


What's an altercation?

An altercation is defined as a noisy, heated verbal dispute or argument, especially in public; quarrel, disagreement, clash, shouting match, fight, squabble, falling-out, blowup, wrangle.


Which of the options means "indecisive or unsure"?

Avid is defined as having or showing a passionate or enthusiastic interest or pursuit in something; keen, zealous, devoted; to have an intense desire for something to the point of greediness.


What does it mean to be "ambivalent"?

Ambivalent is an adjective defined as having contradictory feelings or ideas about someone or something; uncertain, indecisive, unsure, mixed emotions, of two minds, doubtful, torn.


What does "accordingly" mean?

Accordingly is an adverb and is defined as acting or behaving in a manner that is suitable to the specific circumstances; consequently, appropriately, subsequently, respectively, therefore.


Which of these words represents "an intense hatred of"?

Abhor is a verb which means to feel intense hatred or dislike for someone or something; to regard with extreme disgust or aversion; loathe, despise, scorn, abominate, recoil from, shudder at.


Which of these words is often linked with cleanliness or the lack of germs?

An antiseptic is an antimicrobial substance that is applied to the skin or living tissue to inhibit the spread of microorganisms which cause diseases. To be extremely clean or tidy.


What is an anomaly?

An anomaly is something that is considered abnormal, unusual or peculiar; a deviation from the standard rule; the angular distance from a satellite or planet from its last perigee or perihelion.


Which of these is linked to a Christian celebration?

Advent is defined as the first season of the Christian church year, which begins four days before Christmas. This period is observed by some Christians as a season of fasting and prayers.


What do you think the tiny word "apt" means?

Apt is defined as suitable or fitting according to the situation or circumstances; to have an inclination to do something; predisposed, likely, prone. To learn quickly; bright, sharp, intelligent.


Which of the options means "to insinuate or imply"?

Allude means to make an indirect reference; to call attention to or suggest indirectly. To make mention of something without going into details; indicate, infer, insinuate, imply, hint.


Of the options below, which one is closest to the description of "abysmal"?

Abysmal is defined as extremely bad, dreadful, atrocious, appalling, frightful, terrible, hopeless; immeasurably low; very deep, an immense extension inward, downward or backward.


What do you think "anthropology" means?

Anthropology is the study of humans, human behavior and human societies from the past and present. It is grouped into social, cultural, linguistic and biological or physical anthropology.


Which of these words can be used to describe an object that is gained or bought?

Acquisition is a noun defined as an object or asset purchased or gained, usually by a museum or library; buy, possession, investment, addition — the learning of a skill, quality or habit.


What's a good synonym for "to strongly criticize"?

Assail means to carry out a violent and coordinated attack; to be suddenly plagued by a strong unpleasant feeling or physical sensation; to strongly criticize or berate someone.


Which of these definitions best explains "arbitrary"?

Arbitrary means to be based on or determined by random choice or personal preference, rather than reason or the complicated nature of something; dictatorial or tyrannical exercise of power.


Which of these words means "a pinnacle or summit"?

Apex is defined as the pinnacle or summit of something, typically one which forms a point; to reach the highest of a climatic point. The point in the sharpest turn in a path.


What word do people use when they're describing an energy that surrounds someone?

Aura refers to the particular or characteristic atmosphere, quality or mood that surrounds a given source; a field of energy believed to encompass a living being; luminous radiation.


What does "amenable" mean?

Amenable means to be open and responsive to suggestion; easily controlled or persuaded; susceptible or capable of being acted upon in a specific manner; compliant, accommodating.


Which word can mean "to seize or arrest" and "to worry or dread"?

Apprehension refers to nervousness or fear that something awful might occur, anxiety, worry, dread, angst; the act of understanding something; seizure or arrest by legal process.


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