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If you're a word-lover or just someone looking to sharpen their word game, then we have quite the quiz for you today. We're going to test you on some words you may or may not know, and they all start with the second letter of the alphabet, B! Having a broad vocabulary doesn't come easy, unless you just have the knack for it -- you have to constantly practice using the words in the right context, as well as remembering the many different meanings that each word could have. 

Take for example the word "buoyant." One one hand, it means something that is able to stay afloat, but it could also describe someone's mood as being cheerful, happy or bubbly.  We have words like this and a lot more in this quiz, and it's time for you to test whether you've been using the most basic of b-words, whether you'll get a "B" on this test or whether you'll bedazzle us with your knowledge of all these words we have in store for you. 

So, if you think you have what it takes to be one of the few who can pass this test with flying colors, it's time to get started. 

Do you know what "brazen" means?

Brazen, which originated from the Old English word bræs, refers to disrespectful or shameless boldness; made of brass, to deal with a tough or embarrassing situation by putting on a bold front.


Which of these words defines someone who is stuck to their own prejudices?

A bigot is defined as someone who is stubbornly or intolerantly devoted to their views and prejudices, usually regarding religion, politics, race, sexuality, etc.; chauvinist, partisan.


Do you know the definition of "bashful"?

Bashful is defined as a hesitancy to attract attention to one's self; timid, shy, reserved, inhibited, coy. It is derived from the 15th-century English word bash and the adjective suffix "ful."


Can you tell us what "boisterous" means?

Boisterous, derived from the Middle English, is defined as noisy, energetic, loud, high-spirited (referring to a person, event or behavior); wild or stormy (in reference to the weather).


What's a good synonym for "belie"?

Belie means to give off a false impression of something (of an appearance); to prove or show to be wrong or false; debunk, contradict, discredit, negate, disprove, call into question.


Which of these meanings is closest to the definition of "bane"?

Bane is defined as a source or cause of annoyance or great distress; nuisance, pest, blight, hardship, curse, scourge, misfortune. Something, usually poison, which leads to death (archaic).


What word is a tool with a tapered tip?

Broach refers to any tool or implement with a pointed or tapered tip, such as a spit for roasting meat; to bring up a difficult or sensitive topic for discussion; to open a case to draw liquor.


Of the options, which word is a wetland or swamp?

A bog is defined as a wet, spongy ground too soft to support a heavy body; wetland, swamp, marsh. To cause something (person, vehicle or animal) to become stuck in wet ground or mud.


What does it mean to be have a "bias"?

Bias, as a noun, refers to an inclination or preference toward a particular outlook or tendency. To give or show a partial view in favor of or against a person or group over another.


What do you think "blatant" means?

Blatant is an adjective which means a complete lack of subtlety; very obvious, brazen. It also means done in a vulgar, openly offensive manner; shameless, unbashful, unconcealed, glaring, flagrant.


What word describes when something rolls or undulates, usually in or with air?

Billow is defined as a large, undulating or rolling mass of something, usually a flame or smoke; a surge of water or great wave; to fill with air and swell outward; to rise or roll in surges or waves.


Which of these words represents a fight?

As a noun, a brawl refers to a loud or rough fight or argument; tussle, scuffle, skirmish. As a verb it is defined as to quarrel or fight very loudly and noisily; wrangle, exchange blows.


What would you say is the closest to "bittersweet"?

Bittersweet means being bitter and sweet at once; a pleasure accompanied by regret, suffering or sadness; another name for woody nightshade (a vinelike climbing poisonous shrub).


It means to be able to stay afloat. Which word is it?

Buoyant means having the capability to or being able to stay afloat or to the top of a liquid or gas; (of a mood) cheerful, gay, lighthearted, cheerful, jolly, joyful, bouncy, bubbly.


What does it mean to be "belligerent"?

Belligerent is defined as being prone to or displaying hostility or aggressiveness; assertive, combative, warlike, confrontational, militant. A person or country partaking in war conflict.


Which of these words means to encourage or improve?

Boost means to encourage or stimulate something to improve or increase; enhance, uplift promote, heighten; to push upward; an increase in an amount; an act or source that brings in help.


Which word is used when speaking the Lord's name in vain?

Blasphemy refers to the act of insulting or expressing a lack reverence toward God, taking the Lord's name in vain. The act of likening one's self to a deity, to claim the characteristics of a deity.


This word means to hand or pass down. Which word is it?

Bequeath means to pass on or hand down something to a person or other beneficiary via a will; grant to, entrust to, transfer to, leave to/leave in one's will to, make over to, bestow to, donate to.


Which of these meanings hits "beguile" spot on?

Beguile means to enchant or captivate someone, usually in a deceptive manner; to lead by deception, charm, attract, mesmerize, seduce, hypnotize, dazzle, spellbind, woo, win over.


Which word means to be bombarded?

Barrage, as a verb, means to bombard someone with something such as advice. As a noun, it refers to a concentrated artillery dispersed over a wide area; a rapid outpouring of many things at once.


To look at someone with envy is what this word means. But which is it?

Begrudge is defined as looking upon someone (possession, success, happiness, enjoyment) with disapproval or envy. To give or concede resentfully or reluctantly; feel bitter or annoyed about.


What does it mean to be "benevolent"?

Benevolent is defined as having or displaying good-natured and compassionate traits; caring, altruistic, kind-hearted. To serve a charitable rather than profitable purpose; nonprofit.


What is a "bourgeois"?

Bourgeois means related or characteristic of the social middle class, usually marked by conventional attitudes and perceived materialistic values; a bourgeois person.


Do you know the meaning of "berate"?

Berate, which originated in the 16th century, is defined as criticizing or scolding someone angrily and at length; admonish, reprimand, reproach, rebuke, tell off, reproach, take to task.


Which of these words refers to someone with blunt and sometimes coarse mannerisms?

Brusque refers to markedly abrupt or blunt mannerisms and speech, usually to the point of ungracious coarseness; impolite, discourteous, rude, snappy, sharp, terse, gruff, curt, offhand.


What does it mean to be "bereft"?

Bereft means suffering the death of a loved one; stripped or deprived of the use or possession of something; lacking something that is wanted or needed; archaic past participle of bereave.


Cooperation between two opposing political parties is possible. What word is used to describe this?

Bipartisanship, also known as non-partisanship, is defined as an agreement, compromise or cooperation created by two opposing political parties (especially in the United States).


When you see the word "bemoan," what comes to mind?

Bemoan is defined as the act of expressing deep grief or discontent over something; lament, mourn. It was derived from the Old English word bemǣnan, meaning complain or lament.


It means the lack or novelty or originality. But what word is it?

Banal is an adjective meaning to lack novelty, originality and freshness to the point of obviousness; unoriginal, dull, uninteresting, valid, clichéd, unimaginative, stale, worn out.


In plants, it means disease. What is the word for it?

In botany, blight is a disease of plants which leads to lesions, withering and death of various parts; an organism which causes blight; in a severely deteriorated condition; defeated or frustrated.


What does it mean to "bask"?

Bask is defined as the act of taking delight in and making the most of something pleasing; revel in, wallow in. To lie exposed to pleasurable warmth and light for relaxation; lounge, sprawl, laze.


Which of these definitions best suits the word "byzantine"?

Byzantine means marked by devious or unethical procedures or manner of operation; relating to having the characteristics of the Eastern Orthodox Church, Byzantium or the Byzantine Empire.


Which of these words means to strengthen or to boost?

Bolster means to give a boost to, strengthen, support or reinforce, as with a bolster — a cushion or long pillow; a structural part designed to provide support or bearing or to eliminate friction.


What does "berth" mean?

Berth refers to the place where a ship stays when at the dock or pier; a fixed bunk or bed on a means of transportation such as a train or ship; to provide a sleeping place for someone (on a boat).


Which of these words can be used in place of "flourish" and "snowball"?

Burgeon means to put for forth young shoots, bloom. To begin to expand and grow quickly or rapidly; flourish, prosper, improve, develop, escalate, swell, snowball, rocket, boom, mushroom.


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