If You Were an Actor, Which Classic Action Movie Would You Have Starred In?

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According to film buffs, the first action movie ever made was probably "The Great Train Robbery" back in 1903. At a whopping 12 minutes long, it was also an early example of a Western and, you know, featured a train robbery. Action movies have come a long way since then and we've had a wide variety of styles and themes. You have sci-fi action like "Alien" and "Terminator" and martial arts action like "Enter the Dragon." There are Western action movies like "The Magnificent Seven" or war-themed action movies like "The Great Escape." You can pretty much mix action with any other genre and make a heck of a fun movie as a result. It's one of the only genres where it doesn't even matter if the story is good so long as the action is all top notch. Fun is key in an action movie.

There have been some killer action flicks over the years, especially throughout the '80s and '90s. Some clearly stand the test of time and have carved out a niche for themselves as classics of the genre. They're so good that you can watch them again and again and just put yourself right in the action, too. Of course, if you were an actor you could have legit been in those movies. The question is, which one? Why not take our quiz and see?

Action stars need a day job. What would you be in your day to day life?

Can you hero all by yourself or do you work better with a crew?

What's the best way to deal with a villain anyway?

Heroes don't typically get to choose their foes, but this is a quiz! Who do you want to square off against?

A good action hero needs a good action hero catchphrase. Pick one!

Action stars need to know how to be active! What's your fighting style?

Are you bound by any code of ethics?

There are a few good ways to set up an action movie. Did you come looking for a fight or not?

There are only two fates for an action star at the end of the movie and that's a sequel or no sequel. Are you sequel material?

Can you take a lot of abuse as an action hero or do you avoid the enemy completely?

Is there time for romance in your action movie?

Straight up, who is the greatest action hero of all time?

Never mind the characters, who's the world's greatest action star?

What's more effective in an action movie, a single villain or a team of villains?

You need a good setting for an action movie. Any ideas?

Some action is more intense than other action. What's your movie rated anyway?

Which genre do you think blends best with action on screen?

Are you down for a good car chase or not?

Is it best to have a cool action star nickname for your character or just use their real name?

What's the best way to get into the action? As a by-product of your job or just a situation you stumble into?

What's the coolest location to have the final big action sequence in a movie?

Most people associate men with action stars, but there are some action-packed movies featuring women in the lead. What's the best one?

Action heroes are one thing, but let's talk superheroes. Who's your favorite?

Most Hollywood blockbusters take place in America. Where else would be a cool location for an action flick?

The great thing about movies is they can take place at any time. Pick the coolest time period.

There are a few kinds of action heroes in movies, which kind do you like the best?

Most action stars are humans, but let's show some love to action robots! What robot was the coolest one?

So, are you a blockbuster or not?

What decade made the best action movies anyway?

We all know who the classic action stars are. Who's going to be the biggest action star in 2025?

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