If You Were in the NBA, Which Team Would Draft You?

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Most of the time, drafting in the NBA is a critical part of the year, as it gives teams the chance to add fresh, young talent that can improve their chances of winning, or provide trade bait for the latest superstar to hit the trading block.

But some seasons, the talent available is so transcendent that the draft can alter the entire trajectory of a franchise. One of our best examples comes in 1984. After Houston predictably drafted the college phenom, Hakeem Olajuwon, the Portland Trailblazers picked Sam Bowie, allowing the Chicago Bulls to make the most crucial selection in team history — drafting a shooting guard from the University of North Carolina named Michael Jordan. Bowie would later be included on a Sports Illustrated list of biggest draft busts in history. Jordan, as you might have heard in the three and a half decades since that fateful night, was not a bust. He went on to lead the Bulls to six NBA championships and is now considered the greatest player to ever set foot on an NBA court. 

But hey, you're not here to revisit history; you probably know all that stuff. You just want to know, to make your daydreams more accurate, which big league squad would be welcoming you to the roster on draft night? We got you! Shoot through these questions, and we'll let you know which team's hat you'll be putting on when you join the league. 

The first question may be the most important — what kind of suit are you wearing at the draft?

Most players today are in several other businesses outside of their athletic pursuits. Do you need to play in a market with lots of off-court opportunities?

They all have passionate fans, but every NBA city is geographically different. Would you prefer a larger or smaller area?

Newer teams bring a fresh, exciting energy, but older teams have history on their side. Do you care about your team's brand legacy?

Players don't always see owners on a day-to-day basis, but they still influence the team. Do you care about having a great owner?

Coaches determine whether players are set up for success or not. Do you want to play somewhere with a legacy of great coaches?

Everyone has to eat, especially NBA players. What kind of cuisine do you want your team's city to specialize in?

NBA teams play in remarkably diverse climates. What kind of weather would you prefer in your home city?

Some team histories involve players who are head and shoulders above others in the league. Do you want a chance at being one of the best players in a team's history?

When it comes to actual gameplay, what style of basketball do you most enjoy?

What would be your biggest strength on the court as an NBA player?

All players have to speak to reporters from time to time. What's your attitude on talking to the media?

Which of these character traits do you value the most?

Of the list below, who is your favorite NBA player?

Which of these products would you be most likely to endorse as an NBA player?

Pro athletes have a lot of notoriety, especially at the top levels. What would be your favorite benefit of being a celebrity?

Basketball players are known for their sweet rides. What dream car are you purchasing when you make the league?

NBA careers are relatively short in the grand scope of life. What do you see yourself doing after you retire from the league?

Pre-draft scouting can make or break a team's decisions. What trait would you convey in your team interviews and workouts?

Outside of the NBA, what's your favorite sports team?

Would you be the type of NBA player to settle down romantically, or enjoy attention on the road?

Every NBA player deals with adversity. How would you handle a bad shooting slump?

What kind of music do you want playing in the locker room as you are getting ready for a game?

Sometimes offseason activity gets more attention than the games themselves. How would you handle being linked to a trade rumor?

Which of these famous NBA legends would you most want to mentor you?

What are your favorite colors to wear while playing basketball?

When not playing or practicing, what would you want to do for fun in your home city?

Do you want to play on a team that has a history of winning championships?

Player relationships are the most important on the floor. What gift would you give teammates to help establish a bond?

Being a basketball player isn't all fun and wealth. What would be your least favorite thing about playing in the league?

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