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Hollywood's over-the-top effects are often far-fetched and unbelievable. How much do you know about impossible movie technology? Test your knowledge of ridiculous fictional science by taking this quiz.

In many movies, what important feature hides spaceships in plain sight?

But cloaking devices would have to hide everything, from visual clues to heat signatures.


In "Star Trek," which devices allow people to disappear and rematerialize elsewhere?

When teleporters malfunction, they send people into terrifying limbo.


What is probably the most critical (and unlikely) capability of many space-faring sci-fi ships?

The concept might not be impossible, but we certainly haven't figured it out yet.


Which tool does Doctor Who use to fix just about everything?

The sonic screwdriver is mainly a tool but has also been used as a weapon.


In the "Austin Powers" film series, cryogenics technology is used to preserve what?

Freezing people for future purposes is currently an iffy technology.


In "The Fifth Element" which vehicles dominant the urban landscape?

Flying cars are still fictional, but the technology is emerging .


In "Star Wars," which direction are the Millennium Falcon's engines facing when it docks?

Somehow this machine docks with the engines facing backward.


In "Terminator" which characters travel through time and hunt down prey?

Current technologies struggle just to make robots walk on uneven terrain, much less hunt people.


Which hovering machines were often used for travel on Endor in "Star Wars: Episode VI – Return of the Jedi"?

The speeder bikes hovered above the forest floor and zipped along at breakneck speeds.


In "The Matrix," human bodies are used for what?

Using bodies for power is a flawed concept.


The laser-spewing drones in "Prometheus" perform what task?

The real-time mapping drones aren't really that useful, but the special effects are cool.


"Star Wars" and "Star Trek" ships use what to ward off attacks?

To date, there's no way to make an invisible shield that fends off various weapons.


What's the name of Tony Stark's (Iron Man's) computer that features advanced artificial intelligence?

Current artificial-intelligence technologies are rudimentary compared to J.A.R.V.I.S.


The Portable Automated Somnacin IntraVenous device uploads dreams to people's minds in which film?

The whole concept of the PASIV device in "Inception" seems confusing and creepy.


The neuralyzer in "Men in Black" does what important task?

With one push of a button, the device erases classified deeds from witnesses' minds.


Time travel might be possible but may require how much power?

Time travel may require all the power of the sun. Unless physicists find a workaround, theoretical time travel will guzzle too much power to be useful.


In "The Matrix" characters have a wide-open "headjack" data port that receives a data probe in spite of which obvious problem?

An open hole that lets in bacteria and viruses by the billions seems like a quick way to die.


In "Elysium" the med-bays accomplish which amazing feat?

People are almost instantly healed of any physical problem you can imagine.


What does the Mr. Fusion in "Back to the Future" accomplish?

The Mr. Fusion produces gigawatts of power and runs on just about any fuel, including banana peels.


Just about all space warriors carry this kind of sidearm.

Ray guns, or laser-gun sidearms, aren't quite a reality, although the U.S. government is slowly installing versions on large vehicles.


What sort of ship might allow people to colonize the galaxy?

A generation ship would act as an ark of sorts, but resources like food and water would become a problem.


In "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy," the electronic thumb lets you do what?

You could summon a ride, but of course the off-duty light will be on.


What are the trademark weapons of "Star Wars" Jedi knights?

Who doesn't wish light sabers were a reality?


What is special about Marty McFly's shoes in "Back to the Future"?

Shoes that tie themselves would be helpful for parents of toddlers around the world.


In the movie "Transcendence" researchers do what with Johnny Depp's mind?

The consciousness-to-digital storage concept isn't a reality … yet.


Which device ends arguments in "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy"?

The point-of-view gun allows foes to see an argument from your perspective and ends conflicts.


In "X-Men" Professor X uses a Cerebro machine to accomplish which hard-to-believe task?

It helps identify and track dangerous foes as well as friends.


Tom Cruise uses complicated gestures to control computers in which sci-fi movie?

The large virtual-reality screens appear throughout "Minority Report."


Marty McFly uses which gadget to zip around in "Back to the Future Part II"?

Kids have been clamoring for scientists to build hoverboards in real life ever since.


Iron Man relies mostly on which device to fight his foes?

Exoskeletons do exist, but not ones that fly and do the other incredible feats in "Iron Man."


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