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What do you know about induction cooking? Is induction cooking better than conventional cooking? Take our thought-inducing quiz to learn about induction cooking.

How does an induction cooktop compare to conventional cooktops?

Induction cooktops heat up faster than an electric cooktop, have a temperature response like a gas cooktop and are easier to clean than a glass cooktop.


What is heated during conventional cooking?

Any part of the pot or cookware that touches the heat source is heated -- the rest of it is heated through conduction.


How precisely can temperature be controlled through induction cooking?

Not only does it facilitate accurate temperature settings, it also allow you to cook at very low temperatures.


The term electromagnetism refers to the relationship between __________.

Electromagnetism is what science uses to describe the force that governs both electricity and magnetism.


How does electromagnetism occur?

Electromagnetism occurs by having two circuits close to each other but not touching. The first has an alternating current, which generates a current flow in the second circuit.


What scientific principles are bound by Faraday's Law?

According to scientist Michael Faraday, all electric currents have magnetic fields, but alternating currents have fluctuating magnetic fields that cause other currents to flow.


How does induction cooking work?

Beneath the cooktop surface are coils of alternating current. Through electromagnetism, they induce currents in the ferromagnetic cookware placed on top.


How many volts are induced in the cookware surface during induction?

A mere 1-volt current is induced in the cookware surface.


What are eddy currents?

Eddy currents are small electric currents that are induced by the 1-volt current flowing through the cookware.


Why is iron the material of choice for induction cookware?

Iron is a lousy conductor; instead, it turns the flow of the current into heat.


Are aluminum pots a good choice for induction cooking?

Aluminum is an excellent conductor, so it makes a poor choice for induction. At best, aluminum pots can be used if they have iron bottoms.


How can you tell if your pot is suitable for induction cooking?

Use the old magnet trick. If it sticks to the bottom of the pot, chances are you can use it for induction cooking. Cast iron cookware is a sure thing.


How much faster than a conventional cooktop does an induction cooktop heat up?

Induction cooktops usually heat up 25 to 50 percent faster than conventional cooktops.


How much radiation does induction cooking emit?

It emits less radiation than an airport scanner but enough to get clearance from a doctor if the chef has a pacemaker.


What is the price comparison between induction cooktops and gas ones?

Induction cooktops are costly. They can run around three times the price of gas ranges.


Why might the installation of an induction cooktop be unsuitable above an oven?

Some induction cooktops have fans underneath them, so you need to determine their suitability for installation above an oven.


How much heat radiates from an induction cooktop surface?

Happily, induction cooking generates zero heat radiation.


What were induction cooktops originally designed for?

Induction cooktops were first designed for restaurants and industrial use.


What voltage and amperage do you need for induction cooking?

Check with your electrician that you have a capacity for 208 to 240 volts and up to 50 amperes.


What features do most induction cooktop appliances have?

The majority have standard features such as a child safety lock, pan size adapter and a keep-warm setting. Other features vary among brands.


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