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Art that you are proud to display doesn't have to cost a lot. From knowing where to look for inexpensive finds to less costly do-it-yourself art, there are plenty of ways to decorate your house without spending a fortune. Find out how much you've learned about inexpensive art by taking this quiz.

What is the benefit of buying art from a self-representing artist?

Since these artists are not represented by galleries, you do not have to pay the galleries' fees when buying their art.


What should you check before purchasing art from a self-representing artist via the Internet?

Sometimes a website does not make clear whether a work of art being sold is a print or an original. This obviously would affect the price, so you should check this before buying.


How can an outdoor advertisement supply you with inexpensive art for your home?

Just because they are advertising a product doesn't mean it isn't art. Cut out or get your hands on a copy of an advertisement that speaks to you and turn it into an inexpensive wall hanging.


What is particularly attractive about the posters for local events and performing arts?

Festivals and shows often have posters that you can buy or get for free while also showcasing the work of local artists.


How can you best display flowers from special occasions?

Mounting the dried flowers on a contrasting color of cloth can make them stand out as well.


How can you transform personal photos in a creative fashion?

Decoupage glue is useful for mounting the paper on a blank or pre-painted canvas.


What should you coat a piece of wood with before displaying it?

This type of stain not only will color the wood nicely, but it will also protect and preserve it.


Other than the stain, what else do you need to transform an old piece of wood into a piece of stained art?

Cut a pattern into the wood with the rotary tool, sand it down and then paint the pattern with dark stain. Cover it all afterwards with a lighter, more basic stain.


What is a unique way for you to display photos of your extended family?

The family tree project is a fairly involved one, but can provide you with family bonding time while growing the tree from scratch.


What can supply the shape for a creative fabric caterpillar for a child's room?

Drape light fabric over the vases and spray fabric stiffener on it to form the body of your caterpillar.


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