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The chances are slim that you'll ever win, but you know, someone has to. How much do you know about these lucky (and unlucky) lottery winners?

What was the jackpot of the January 2016 Powerball lottery?

The jackpot stirred up a frenzy of ticket sales in the United States.


How many ticket holders won the 2016 Powerball?

The winners were from Florida, Tennessee and California.


What were the odds of winning the $1.5 billion Powerball jackpot?

In other words, you didn't win.


How long did it take Canadian resident Sharon Tirabassi to blow her $10 million win?

She immediately shared her winnings with friends and family and eventually blew it all.


What cause did Bob Erb fund after winning $25 million in 2012?

He also pledged some of his winnings to charity.


How much did Jack Whittaker win in the Powerball in 2002?

At that time it was the largest amount ever awarded to a single ticket holder.


Whittaker chose a lump sum for his Powerball prize. After taxes, how much of the $314 million did he get to keep?

Whittaker wasn't exactly broke when he won -- he already had a net worth of more than $15 million before the lottery.


How did 1998 Canadian lottery winner Gerald Muswagon die?

He lived lavishly until he was broke and then he committed suicide.


How many people split the $656 million Mega Millions jackpot in 2012?

Each of the ticket holders got $218 million.


Why did Joseph Rancoioli kill his wife, who won $5 million in 1991?

He poisoned her with painkillers after she secretly gave money to a love child from another man.


In which state was the single largest winning ticket in history purchased?

The win was claimed by Gloria C. Mackenzie in 2013.


How old was Gloria C. Mackenzie when she won her record-breaking jackpot?

And as of 2016, she is still alive, rolling around (gingerly) in piles of money.


Where did Mackenzie live before winning the lottery?

With her winnings, she bought a $1.75 million home in a gated community.


After taxes, how much did construction worker Americo Lopes win in 2009?

He bought the ticket as part of a co-worker pool and then quit his job without telling them about the big win.


How did Americo Lopes' co-workers find out that he had won the lottery?

They sued him for his betrayal and won.


What happened to Jeffrey Dampier, who won $20 million playing the Illinois lottery in 1996?

His sister-in-law and her boyfriend killed him for the money; they were both convicted.


What percentage of lottery winnings over $5,000 go to the federal government?

Uncle Sam will gladly take his share of your winnings, no matter the size of your prize.


At what rate are lottery winnings in Europe taxed?

There are taxes that you pay to play but your lump sum is not taxed.


Where did Tonda Lynn Dickerson work before winning the lottery in 1999?

She refused to share the winnings with her co-workers and was sued.


How much debt did Pennsylvania Lottery winner William Post III accrue before dying in 2006?

He was married seven times and his brother tried to kill him.


What was the largest single-ticket win ever in the EuroMillions?

That ticket was played in 2011.


How do lottery odds compare to those at a casino?

You are better off blowing your money in Vegas than buying lottery tickets.


In 2006, workers at what Nebraska business shared a $365 million jackpot?

Of the eight people who won, several were poor immigrants.


How much did Evelyn Adams win playing the lottery?

She won in back-to-back years (1985 and 1986) and wound up blowing all of the money.


What did 1993 winner Les Robins do with some of the $111 million that he won playing Powerball?

Camp Winnegator was a dream realized for the teacher.


What was the first thing that Brad Duke bought after he won more than $200 million in 2005?

He bought two nice bikes and kept driving his older car.


What did Georgia truck driver Eddie Nabors tell the media he would do after winning the MegaMillions in 2007?

And his $80 million would buy him a nice fishing boat.


What did Allen and Violet Large do with the $11 million they won in the Canadian lottery?

Violet was quoted as saying, "What you've never had, you never miss."


What did the Larges have to say about the money that they won in the Canadian lottery?

They were happy to give the money away to their favorite organizations.


A 2004 study showed that what percentage of U.S. lottery winners continued to work after receiving their prizes?

They often reduced their hours but they kept right on working.


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