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A great book has great characters, just like the Bible. But can you name the most influential of them all in this book?

The Bible features tales that have often been retold in literature and pop culture. And why are Hollywood execs and novelists still mining this book of faith for storylines, even after centuries of existing? Simple: the Bible has great and influential people in it. Do you think you can identify some of them in our interesting quiz?

Any existing classic book in human history is full of touching stories, courageous characters, uplifting underdog narratives, and people who have lost their way (but realized it and repented, or didn't and remained that way 'til the end). The Bible is the same. Starting from the Old Testament books and continuing through to the last books of the New Testament, the book features characters who have withstood the test of time and survived the modernization of the ages. We cheer the efforts of the good people, and we despise the twisted maneuverings of the not-so-good ones. Yes, some of these famous do-gooders and evildoers are included in this quiz! We're sure you can name them all!

At the heart of unforgettable Bible stories are influential characters. Whether their influence falls on the light side or the dark, they're still counted as influential - because they're inspirations for us as readers. We learn the lessons they learn and take note not to make the same mistakes they did. 

So come, start this quiz and see if you can pinpoint who's who in our Influential People From the Bible Quiz. We have faith that you can do it!

He is the Son of God, no less.

Jesus is the Savior of all humankind.


He’s the one who built an ark.

Russell Crowe played Noah in a movie recently, directed by Darren Aronofsky.


He is the youth who defied odds and toppled a giant Philistine soldier.

David toppling Goliath became a modern idiom when referring to smalltime efforts winning over bigtime ones.


She is the mother of Jesus Christ.

Mary is known as the Virgin Mary because of this virgin birth.


He is the strong man whose strength lies in his long hair.

Samson underwent hardships but, though fulfilling his calling from God, was still able to overcome them.


He is the one who was almost fed to the lions because of praying to God.

Daniel was protected by God in the lion’s den, and he wasn’t harmed.


He is considered as the very first king of Israel.

Saul considers King David as his arch nemesis.


He is technically the first man ever, if we are to believe the creation story of the Bible.

Adam lived in a paradise garden.


She is Adam’s partner.

Eve ate the forbidden fruit with Adam, leading to their banishment by God.


He is known as the great prophet.

Samuel was borne of a previously childless woman named Hannah.


He is perhaps the most well-known angel figure in the Bible.

Gabriel appeared to Daniel and also to Mary.


He is the prophet who challenged the evil King Ahab.

Elijah disappeared to teach the erring people a lesson on straying away from God.


He was preparing people for the coming of Christ by baptizing them.

John The Baptist was more of a preacher, actually.


He is known as one of the Gospel writers.

Luke is actually a doctor by profession.


Perhaps he tops Judas in the most influential evil figure in the Bible category, since he is indeed the epitome of evil.

Satan was once a good angel, but he wanted to rival God, so he went to the dark side, and never looked back.


He is known as a huge betrayer.

Even Jesus was aware of Judas’ destiny of betrayal, and held no grudge.


She is the first person to see Jesus being resurrected.

Mary Magdalene is actually one of the closest followers of Jesus Christ, like a female apostle of sorts.


He is one of Jesus’ 12 apostles who didn’t believe that Jesus could come back from the dead.

Doubting Thomas wanted physical proof that Jesus has risen, so he demanded to touch His wounds as proof.


She is known as the wife of Abraham but she is technically his half-sister, too.

Sarah is the mother of Isaac.


He is the king who’s supposed to possess great wisdom.

King Solomon demonstrated a keen sense of wisdom in dealing with extraordinary situations.


He is the father of the 12 men who established the 12 tribes of Israel.

Jacob’s sons were the heads of their respective tribes.


He is the famous brother of Cain.

The good Abel was sadly killed by his own brother Cain.


He is the child who was about to be sacrificed by his own father as a sign of his love for the holy one.

Isaac was spared his life by an angel.


He took the enslaved Israelites out of Egypt via an exodus.

Moses was able to help protect his true people from the plagues.


He is called the Father of Many Nations.

Abraham became the father of many tribes that led to the expansion of humanity.


He is infamous for letting Jesus Christ be sentenced to crucifixion.

His name is now synonymous to leaders who shrug off their direct involvement to an important (often disastrous) decision.


She is the strong-willed sister of Moses.

Miriam became a leader of sorts and helped people find God.


He is the first son of Adam.

Cain symbolized the evil son because of his story.


He is one of the writers of the Gospels who probably had the most financial literacy.

Matthew is also a disciple of Jesus.


He is the one who was tested heavily by Satan to see if he will renounce God in the process.

Job is a figure that stands for integrity in the face of hardships.


He is the famed figure in the Battle of Jericho.

Joshua has great leadership skills and ability.


She is perhaps the only female judge that was recorded in the Bible.

Deborah was a prophet and a warrior, too.


She was able to save the lives of many Jewish people.

Esther was designated to be a Jewish queen.


He is technically the first pope of the Christian world.

Peter established the first church after the death of Jesus.


Her influence in the Bible caused one man to be beheaded.

Salome demanded the head of John The Baptist to be served to her on a platter.


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