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Game designers continually expand on what's possible in video games. From simple simulations to sprawling fantasy epics, innovation has pushed games in new directions. How much do you know about innovation in video game design? Take this quiz to see.

One of the earliest video games, which used an oscilloscope to display the graphics, modeled what sport?

"Tennis for Two" was created in 1958 at Brookhaven National Laboratory.


"The Realm Online" is credited as the first multiplayer online game to load each combat encounter in a separate area from other players, a concept known as ...

The term "instance" comes from computer programming languages, in which an instance is an object created during the running of a program.


Today, "Warcraft" is best known for the "World of Warcraft" massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG), but the first "Warcraft" game was a landmark in what genre?

"Warcraft: Orcs & Humans" was one of the earliest and most popular RTS, or real-time strategy games.


The first video game to become popular enough to run on multiple computers at universities around the U.S. was called …

"Spacewar!" was run on a PDP-1 computer at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1961 and '62, and the code was used to run it at other universities with PDP-1 machines.


The one-on-one fighting game is a video game staple. The first one was released in 1976 and was based on what real-world fighting competition?

Sega's "Heavyweight Champ" was a black-and-white game based on boxing.


A video game that is based on exploration and item collection but includes permanent death and does not allow saving is known as a …

Roguelike games, based on the 1980 game "Rogue," often feature random environments and challenge players to see how far they can get before dying.


In 1978 "Space Invaders" brought many new ideas to arcade games, including the concept that a game ends when?

"Space Invaders" continued until all three of the players' lives had been lost. (Gaining extra lives with high scores was another "Space Invaders" innovation.)


What 1989 video game, based on building and controlling a fictional city, introduced the concept of an open-ended game that had no winner or loser?

"SimCity" put the player in control of a city with no specific goal other than to keep the city growing and thriving.


What was the first game to use quick-time events, or pre-rendered cinematic scenes that the player reacts to?

Released in 1983, "Dragon's Lair" used a laser disc to display cartoon animated scenes.


The earliest persistent-world multiplayer games used a text-only interface and were called MUDs. What does MUD stand for?

Multiuser dungeons debuted in the 1970s, and many still exist today.


The first game that allowed multiple players to interact in the same virtual space across a network was called …

"Maze War," a multiplayer first-person shooter that could connect players over ARPANET, was developed in 1974.


Which RTS game became so popular that its high-stakes tournaments became the foundation of e-sports?

"StarCraft" and its expansions and sequels are featured in tournaments with hundreds of thousands of dollars in annual prizes.


"Street Fighter" is a landmark fighting game. What was its biggest game-control innovation?

Forward, down, forward-down, "Shoryuken!"


Video games like "Sweet Home" and "Alone in the Dark" that focus on evasion, mystery solving, frightening storylines and inventory management rather than combat belong to the genre known as …

Survival horror games create tension and fear by making the player feel vulnerable.


"Minecraft" allows players to dig and explore tunnels, collect resources and items and build things in an innovative way. What game is its most direct inspiration?

"Infiniminer" would look familiar to "Minecraft" fans, although it focused more on finding minerals than exploring and building.


The process of generating random environments in real time used by games like "Beneath Apple Manor," "Rogue," "River Raid" and "Elite: Dangerous" is known as …

Procedural generation makes games replayable and can create unpredictable, dynamic environments.


What was the first home-console game to use battery-powered RAM to allow the player to save the game?

"The Legend of Zelda" was a sprawling adventure role-playing game that allowed players to save it. Earlier console games required complicated passwords to save.


The first text-adventure game, also known as an interactive-fiction game, was "Colossal Cave Adventure" from 1976. What was the most famous text-adventure game?

"Zork" was a highly influential game that featured a strange fantasy story and a sprawling area to explore and interact with.


What game introduced the concept of a gory "fatality" finishing move to the fighting game genre in 1992?

"Mortal Kombat" was controversial for its use of graphic violence. Finish him!


Which famous game designer coined the term MMORPG?

Garriott, known for creating "Ultima Online," first used the term in 1997.


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