Fact or Fiction: The Ins and Outs of Fireplaces

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The heating appliance of yesteryear, the fireplace, is back, and it's roaring into popularity due to its predictable fuel costs and kindness to the environment. So how much do you know about the pros and cons of fireplaces? Take our quiz to find out!

Wood pellet fireplaces require the same venting as regular wood fireplaces.

Wood pellet fireplaces do need venting, but they may not require a chimney because they can often be vented through a hole in the wall.


Cord wood is easier to come by than fireplace pellets.

Pellets must be manufactured, packaged and shipped to stores, but any dry, fallen tree can be chopped for firewood.


As with any wood stove, the only energy required to run a wood pellet fireplace is the burning of the wood.

Because wood pellet fireplaces use mechanical systems to feed the pellets into the combustion chamber as needed, they require electricity to operate.


Wood pellet stoves are a less expensive way to heat one's home than natural gas.

If you're using it to heat your entire home, wood pellet heating actually costs about 25 percent more than natural gas.


Wood pellet fireplaces have to be EPA certified.

Wood pellet fireplaces acutually burn so cleanly that no EPA certification is required. They're the most efficient of all the solid-fuel systems typically used for household heating.


Wood fireplaces may not be a good solution for those with breathing problems.

While they may be more efficient, wood pellet fireplaces can be harder on the lungs than natural gas or other fuels.


Wood pellets are made only of wood and wood byproducts, such as sawdust and bark.

Wood pellets may also be made of corn kernels, soybeans, nutshells, barley, dried cherry pits, beet pulp, wheat and sunflowers.


There are two grades of wood pellets.

While standard-grade wood pellets are less expensivie, they contain more ash than premium-grade pellets, which means more cleanup.


Wood pellet fires look the same as the fires in regular wood fireplaces.

According to users, some wood pellet fireplaces don't produce as pretty a fire as do wood fireplaces, so you may want to preview the flame pattern before you buy.


Wood pellet fireplaces are maintenance-free.

Wood pellet fireplaces require regular light cleaning, possibly daily, and more thorough cleaning every couple of weeks. You also have to keep the hopper full to ensure continuous heat.


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