From Tree to Table: International Christmas Food Traditions

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Different nations have different holiday traditions -- and different Christmas foods. Take this quiz to find out how the world celebrates Christmas with food.

The Yule log is a classic Christmas dessert. Which country can claim the Yule log as its own?

The buche de Noel got its start in France. The dessert shaped like a Yule log shaped is filled with buttercream.


True or false: No one eats a hot Christmas dinner in Australia because it's summer there.

In Australia, it's summertime in December, and many Australians have outdoor barbecues or pack cold picnic lunches to eat outside. Still, many Australians serve up a traditional hot Christmas roast.


In Ethiopia, the Christmas meal is called <em>wat</em>, and you eat it using <em>injera</em>. What are <em>wat</em> and <em>injera</em>?

Wat is a spicy, thick stew with meat and vegetables. <em>Wat</em> is eaten with <em>injera</em>, a sourdough flatbread that also serves as a utensil.


The English Christmas table is bound to have which vegetable accompany a hearty roast?

Much to the chagrin of finicky children, Brussels spouts are a common vegetable eaten at a traditional English Christmas dinner.


In the Netherlands, most children receive their presents on St. Nicholas Day, Dec. 6. On St. Nicholas Eve, a letterbanket is on the menu. What's a letterbanket?

A letterbanket is a cake in the shape of the first letter of your family's last name.


In Mexico, Candlemas marks the end of the Christmas season in February. What food accompanies the holiday?

Tamales, corn dough filled with meat or cheese then steamed in corn husks, are served on Candlemas.


What is the traditional main dish at Christmas Eve dinner in Italy?

Italians do not eat meat on Christmas Eve, so fish or another kind of seafood is served along with other meatless dishes.


Almond soup is a popular Christmas dish in which country?

Almond soup is on the Christmas menu in many Spanish homes.


Dec. 13 is St. Lucia's day in Sweden. The oldest daughter in each household dresses in white and leads the other children around the house. What are the children serving?

The oldest daughter serves coffee and sweets to members of her household with the help of younger siblings.


Some Greeks hang what fruit above the door to bring good luck?

Pomegranates have symbolic value for some people in Greece. The seedy fruit is supposed to bring good luck.


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