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Turkey, stuffing…and sushi? That's right -- you're not stuck with turkey, mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie for your Thanksgiving meals. Learn about many of the international delicacies that can grace your festive spread this year by taking this quiz.

True or false: The United States was the first country to establish a regular feast for giving thanks.

Many other cultures have enjoyed feasts and festivals for giving thanks over the centuries, including the ancient Greeks and Romans.


What's the main focus of American Thanksgiving celebrations?

Traditionally, Puritans designated specific days of Thanksgiving for religious prayer following difficult time periods. Modern Americans, however, see the day as a time for expressing gratitude.


What items were probably on the menu at the very first Thanksgiving feast?

Don't be too mad at the Pilgrims for feasting on seals! They didn't have the means or ingredients to make our modern Thanksgiving dishes.


What type of food did the ancient Chinese serve at <em>Chung Ch'ui</em>, the annual harvest festival?

This ancient feast was organized in celebration of the harvest moon, so it's appropriate that round, yellow moon cakes were served!


True or false: American colonists came up with the recipe for cranberry sauce on their own.

American Indians can be credited for this popular Thanksgiving dish, which they called ibimi, meaning "bitter berry."


What is a traditional cornucopia bursting with?

The symbol of the cornucopia is yet another thing that Americans owe to ancient Greeks and Romans. The term is derived from the Latin cornu copiae, which means "horn of plenty."


If another turkey sounds a bit blasé to you, what traditional Jamacian meat dish might you consider in its place?

Made from cubed goat's leg, Jamaican curry goat is a zesty dish that's popular among Jamaicans and non-Jamaicans alike.


What's the name of the traditional Jewish harvest festival?

Sukkoth is a Jewish harvest celebration where revelers enjoy meals for eight nights. Huts of branches are erected to pay tribute to the ancient Israelites, who had to live in makeshift huts after their exodus from Egypt.


Honey, nuts and phyllo pastry are key ingredients in what delicious international dessert?

Baklava, a popular Mediterranean dessert, is characterized by its sweet flavor and flaky, layered pastry crust.


What is <em>salata de varza</em>?

Made with cabbage, oil, vinegar, salt and pepper, salata de varza is Romanian coleslaw. It refrains from the use of any sweeteners or mayonnaise, which gives the dish a decidedly different taste than the slaw we're used to in the U.S.


How can you easily shave some calories from a traditional Indian tandoori chicken?

Yogurt is a key ingredient in tandoori chicken, so trade the full-fat for a low-fat version to achieve lighter results.


What country does <em>doro watt</em> hail from?

This traditional chicken stew from Ethiopia is usually served on top of injera, a flatbread that soaks up the dish's delicious juices.


What is the national dish of Morocco?

Couscous is a remarkably versatile grain, and it can either be served as a side dish or as a component of a larger stew, making it a desirable addition to your Thanksgiving spread.


What utensils must you provide if you plan on incorporating sushi into your Thanksgiving feast?

Although many of us have tried eating this dish with chopsticks, sushi is actually a finger food.


What added ingredients can make couscous seem more appropriate for Thanksgiving?

Couscous can be adapted in countless different ways, so give it a little Turkey Day kick by including dried cranberries and nuts.


Which internationally-known meat options can be substituted in place of a turkey on Thanksgiving Day?

Both of these delicacies are exotic yet accessible, so they're excellent options for turkey substitutions.


The French reserve turkey as the main dish of choice for what holiday?

Since they don't have their own holiday focused on giving thanks, many diners in France enjoy turkey on Christmas Day.


On what day of the year does Canada celebrate its Thanksgiving?

Canadians give thanks and eat a ton of food on the second Monday in October every year. Thanksgiving in America falls on the fourth Thursday in November.


What cheeses are typically found in lasagna, a lovely and common addition to the Thanksgiving tables of many Italian-Americans?

Ricotta, mozzarella and Parmesan are found in many recipes for this delicious Italian dish.


What dishes might Mexican-Americans incorporate into Thanksgiving dinner in recognition of their own heritage?

Traditional tacos and burritos are delicious as they are, but if you want to make them more Thanksgiving-appropriate, try wrapping the holiday's typical dishes like turkey, stuffing and mashed potatoes inside flour or corn tortillas.


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