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Worried about your online passwords being compromised? Think you're playing it safe? Take the quiz to find out if you're doing all you can to protect your information online.

As of 2010, this was the most commonly used password online.

Believe it or not, thousands and thousands of people use "123456" as an online password. Do you? If so, change it!


Which of these options will keep your online information safest?

If someone discovers your password, no matter how strong it is, they can use that against you if you don't change up your passwords between sites.


True or false: You should always include numbers and symbols in passwords.

True. Passwords are always harder to break if they include random numbers and symbols rather than just letters.


Which of these services should have a different password from absolutely everything else you access?

Your e-mail password is extremely important. If anyone gets access to your e-mail account, they can change your other passwords and have them sent to your e-mail address -- which they can now access.


What is the name of Apple's upcoming backup for storing music and other files in the cloud?

iCloud, of course! Apple continues to leverage its brand by using the lowercase "I" to name its products.


True or false: You should tell you friends your passwords.

False! (You know this already, right?) Even if you trust them, who knows when they might decide to pull a prank?


Which of these services uses a "master password" to log in to many different Web sites for you?

LastPass takes all of your various passwords and locks them behind one master password that makes browsing easier.


If you're using a public computer, make sure to follow this safety procedure:

Make sure you never leave your accounts logged in -- the next person to use that computer could gain access to your information.


Who sells the Time Capsule, a backup storage device for automatically saving data?

Apple's Time Capsule makes backing up data from Mac computers a seamless process.


Which of these backup storage mediums should you use?

Both, of course! Phsyical media can be damaged, and servers can crash, but you're much safer having your data backed up twice. Redundancy is insurance.


Which of these popular cloud storage providers hit 25 million users in 2011?

Dropbox has grown from a tiny startup launched in 2008 to an extremely popular cloud storage solution.


How much storage does Dropbox offer to users for free?

Free users start off with 2GB, but can unlock several more gigabytes by inviting friends to the service.


This major company got into the cloud storage game in early 2011.

Amazon launched its Cloud Drive and Cloud Music hosting in early 2011.


Microsoft runs two different cloud storage systems. What are they?

Skydrive is built for storing files, while Mesh is built for syncing files across multiple systems via the cloud.


This hacking group made a name for itself by hacking Fox News, Bethesda Game Studios and Sony in 2011.

LulzSecurity, or LulzSec, hacked a number of Web sites, including government sites, over a period of several weeks in 2011.


Which of these items does NOT make a good password?

Common phrases are easy to guess -- try to avoid real words like "mustang" or "gojets."


How much does it cost to backup data in the cloud?

If you're only saving a few gigabytes of data, the answer is $0! There are plenty of free cloud storage solutions out there.


Many reliable sites that handle personal and financial information use this kind of encryption.

HTTPS, or Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure, encrypts data traveling from your computer to the Web server to ensure none of your information is stolen.


These sites are fun, but they can also cause us to share more personal information online than we should. What are they?

Social networking sites often encourage us to post our locations, names, ages and other identifying information online, which makes it easier for people to uncover more details -- like our social security numbers.


This hacking tool matches a list of words against the letters in your password to try to find a match.

A hacking dictionary runs through real words to try to break your password. That's why you should always use numbers and symbols!


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