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Right now, your computer has an array of tiny files that are keeping tabs on you. Test your knowledge of Internet cookies, one of the most misunderstood aspects of the Internet.

Which of these can Internet cookies not do?

Contrary to popular belief, Internet cookies can't collect personal information about a user from his or her computer.


Where do Internet cookies come from?

Internet cookies are produced by a central server for a Web site and uploaded onto a user's computer when he or she first enters a site.


Cookies store state information. What is that?

State information is details about your computer and preferences. For example, if you've been to a site before, you're in a state of being a return user. State information can also be stored specifics -- for instance, your zip code when receiving automatic local weather updates from a site.


Other information that a cookie may store about a user doesn't include:

Cookies can't look at other cookies, only the information on the cookie it placed on a user's computer.


If you want to erase your cookies, what folder should you access on your PC?

To erase cookies, you'll have to go into your Temporary Internet Files folder.


What's "targeting" as far as Internet cookies are concerned?

Targeting is essentially focused marketing to Internet users based on information (like past purchases) found in their cookies.


DoubleClick is a company that produces cookies that:

DoubleClick produces cookies that can track users across the Internet, not just on one site.


What kind of cookies does a 2003 White House Office of Management and Budget memo forbid?

The White House memo forbade the use of persistent cookies. These are cookies that remain active, even after a user has exited out of his or her Web browser.


The small, 1x1 pixel cookies implanted in banner ads are called:

Web bugs are tiny files hidden in banner ads that upload cookies onto a user's machine when he or she clicks a banner ad.


Cookies are written in what kind of text?

Cookies are written in name-value pairs. The name may be as simple as "UserID," and the value is a string of numbers and characters, the actual ID tag for the user's computer.


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