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The controversial practice of Internet hunting lets you hunt wild animals from your computer, with the help of a remote-controlled rifle and a camera. Many U.S. states have banned Internet hunting, which opponents say is not about hunting, but about cold killing. Take this quiz to learn more about the pros and cons of Internet hunting.

In which did year did Internet hunting come into existence?

Internet hunting was first started by a Texas rancher in 2005 to provide remote hunters with access to game animals on his ranch.


Which of these is an important tool used in Internet hunting?

A remote-controlled rifle, of various calibers, is the weapon used in Internet hunting.


Which of these hunting activities resembles Internet hunting most?

Internet hunting is similar to the canned hunt, in which animals are similarly keep inside a pen, so that they are easy to kill.


What type of hunter did the founder of Internet hunting thought would benefit most from this form of hunting?

The founder thought that remote-controlled hunting would benefit disabled people.


How many U.S. states have banned Internet hunting?

So far, more than 30 states have banned the practice, including Texas, where it originated.


Which among these is a main reason people disapprove of Internet hunting?

Opponents say the use of remote-controlled guns leads to a desensitization to death.


Which was the first state to ban Internet hunting?

Virginia was the first and was soon followed by Texas, where Internet hunting started.


Which U.S. organization is pushing for a federal ban on Internet hunting?

The U.S. Humane Society is actively pushing for a ban, saying it's an inhumane practice.


Which of these organizations campaigns against Internet hunting?

Even the National Rifle Association (NRA) campaigns against it and led the lobby for banning the practice in Virginia.


In which year was a bill against Internet hunting introduced in the U.S. Senate?

A bill was introduced in the Senate in 2007. A similar bill is going through the procedures in the Congress as well.


Which is another reason activists are seeking a federal ban on Internet hunting?

Another important reason is that the Internet is both interstate and international in scope.


How many states do not have laws against cruelty to pets?

Only seven U.S. states have no laws against cruelty to pets.


Which state has no laws against cruelty to pets, but bans Internet hunting?

Utah is one of only seven US states that has no laws against cruelty to pets, but it nevertheless bans Internet hunting.


What hunting method is cited by supporters of Internet hunting as similar to it?

Supporters say the way that some hunters conceal themselves in blinds is equivalent to Internet hunting. They say if a hunter can hide in a blind, Internet hunting is no different.


What demographic other than disabled persons may find Internet hunting beneficial?

Other than disabled persons, military personnel may also benefit from long-distance, Internet hunting.


Other than remote hunting services, what other service do Internet hunting providers provide?

Some Internet hunting providers also offer taxidermy facilities, meat processing and a DVD recording of the session.


According to animal activists, what hunting tradition is violated by Internet hunting?

They say Internet hunting violates the long-time hunting tradition of "fair chase," which involves the hunter's physical presence in the field.


Which organization is against Internet hunting, although it supports hunting exotic animals?

The Safari Club International, which supports the hunting of exotic trophy animals, opposes Internet hunting.


How is traditional hunting better than Internet hunting?

While Internet hunting is a solitary, remote activity, many traditional hunters use hunting as way to nurture companionship and as a time to share with friends. They also see regular hunting as an opportunity to get away from civilization and enjoy nature.


What is also a reason why many states are banning Internet hunting?

Many states are concerned that, since Internet hunting requires no previous knowledge of local and state laws regarding hunting or wildlife, all types of animals may be in danger of being hunted by remote control.


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