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Imaginative inventions could ease the harsh conditions Alaskans face. Take this quiz to test your familiarity with the inventions Alaskans need most.

What season do Alaskans refer to as the "breakup?"

When spring arrives to melt the long winter's snow and ice, mud covers virtually everything in sight.


What fashionable invention would be useful to Alaskans during "breakup?"

Brown slip-proof boots and mud-resistant clothing would help to Alaskans navigate through the mud and disguise the mess at the same time.


What trendy clothing inspired the idea for clothes that adjust your body temperature based on the temperature outside?

Hypercolor T-shirts change colors based on the temperature they are in contact with. Imagine if they could actually change their degree of insulation based on temperature, to make you warmer or cooler!


What city in Alaska has no sunlight from Nov. 25 to Jan. 18 each year?

Most Alaskan cities get a bit of sunlight each day in the winter, but the northernmost areas that include Barrow are dark for almost two full months.


What invention could overcome the lack of sunlight in northern Alaska?

Though a virtual sun might seem like crazy talk, many life-changing inventions were seen as equally far-fetched before they were first created.


What invention, inspired by The Jetsons, would solve many transportation problems for Alaskans?

With poor roads and lots of ice, Alaska is the ideal test market for the flying cars that have been in Americans' imaginations for so long.


What could winterproofed cars avoid?

If a car could be winterproofed, it would be impervious to the mechanical failures that cold weather brings.


What invention would be even more effective than a flying winterproof car?

Not only would a teleportation device remove the need for other transportation methods, it would also -- theoretically -- allow people to stay in indoors.


What is jokingly referred to as "Alaskan cologne?"

With more than 30 species of mosquitoes in Alaska, insect repellant is a necessity through the warm season.


What invention has been envisioned to help dogs live more comfortably through Alaskan winters?

An indoor doggie potty would be attached to your existing plumbing system to eliminate the need for your pooch to do his business in the frigid outside.


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