Quiz: Quiz: A Wardrobe of Invisible Cloaks
Quiz: A Wardrobe of Invisible Cloaks
By: Staff
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That's quite a snazzy outfit you have on, but an invisibility cloak would totally complete the look. But which one will you choose from the wardrobe of invisibility? We better test your knowledge on the subject of invisibility in fiction and myth.

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The invisibility cloak is a favorite fashion accessory of wizards and warlocks -- and famous boy wizard Harry Potter certainly had a nice one. Why was it so special?
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In "The Lord of the Rings," the wizard Gandalf exposes Bilbo Baggins' ring of invisibility as an item of considerable power. Who forged it?
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"Star Trek" cloaking devices render whole starships invisible. According to the "Star Trek" movies, a time-traveling James T. Kirk provides humanity with its first taste of this technology. What was he trying to do?
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Big-game hunters from outer space often find invisibility a must when hunting on Earth. Which of the following causes the cloaking devices of "Predator" aliens to malfunction?
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Some people settle for an invisible cloak; others go all out and purchase an invisible airplane. Which comic book character owned one?
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Other superheroes can actually turn themselves invisible. Which of the following super groups has Marvel's Invisible Woman NOT been a part of?
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Who played the title role in the classic 1933 adaptation of "The Invisible Man?"
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Which Greek hero, by some accounts, wore a cap of invisibility to kill Medusa?
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Another cloak of invisibility, the Tarnkappe, aids the hero Siegfried in which Middle High German epic?
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In Shakespeare's day, what seed was said to render a person invisible if eaten? Said to be visible only on St. John's Eve, it is referenced in "Henry IV."
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