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The State of Iowa contains rolling fields of green, old historical buildings, landmark bridges and lots more. It's a friendly and welcoming place for a family vacation. Take this quiz to test your knowledge about Iowa.

Iowa offers more competitive events in its state fair than any other U.S. state. How many events does it offer?

Iowa's got nearly 900 competitive events in its state fair.


Which of these are events in the state fair?

Not to mention the other 898 events or so, both the ugliest cake contest and quilt making are events in the state fair.


What does Iowa resident Duffy Lion do every year?

In keeping with a 100-year tradition, Duffy sculpts 550 pounds (250 kilos) of local butter into the form of a cow.


What does livestock have to do with Iowa's state fair?

There at Iowa's state fair, you can see one of the world's biggest livestock shows.


What special ice cream can you get at the state fair?

You can get fried ice cream there. As for the recipe, that's not on offer!


In what county was actor John Wayne born?

He was born and raised in Madison County.


Across how many acres is the Madison County Historical Society building situated?

The huge building covers an 18-acre area.


Who wrote a best-selling novel that put Madison County on the map of recognition?

The author was Robert James Waller. And the book title? "The Bridges of Madison County."


What aspect about the bridges draws tourists to Madison County?

They're all covered. There used to be 19 covered bridges, but most no longer exist.


Which of these bridges is still in existence today in Madison County?

Imes Bridge has survived through thick and thin. It and five others remain of the original 19 covered bridges.


What is the reported cause of the destruction of Cedar Bridge in 2002?

It is believed that arson destroyed Cedar Bridge. All that remains today is a replica of the original.


Why did the Madison County Board of Supervisors prescribe that the bridges be covered?

They were aiming at preserving the expensive flooring timber. It was more expensive than the wood used for covering.


How many communities make up the Amana Colonies?

There are a total of seven communities.


When were the Amana colonies established?

They were established before the Civil War by German immigrants.


If you go to the Museum of Amana History, you'll find an explanation of what the Amana colonies called:

It was referred to as the Great Change to describe a move away from shared life.


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