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Apple and Google back most of the world's portable devices. How much do you know about Android phones and iPhones? Take this quiz to test your knowledge of the tech powerhouses.

Compared to Android devices, iPhone's operating systems are always what?

Apple stresses uniformity and simplicity in every aspect of its iPhones.


True or false: Apple's mobile product line tends to be more budget-friendly than Android.

Apple's iPhones are premium-priced, even when refurbished


Which product line was the first to adopt near field communication (NFC) technology?

The usefulness of NFC depends largely on individual preferences


Compared to Android devices, how much are iPhones typically worth on the resale market?

iPhones command high prices even when they've been used.


For which products are operating system updates generally available much quicker?

Apple's uniformity means its users see updates months sooner than Android users.


Compared to Apple products, Android products tend to be what?

You can find an Android product to meet any budget; iPhones are almost always pricier.


How often is the iPhone's operating system updated?

Most users receive those annual updates right away, unlike Android users who can wait for months or years.


Which product line has the vast majority of the consumer market?

In sheer number, Android is far and away more widespread than iPhone.


Software piracy tends to affect which platform more often?

Android is notorious for piracy-related problems.


Which operating system works with both 32- and 64-bit architectures?

Developers can choose from both architectures as they build their apps for Android and iPhone.


The iPhone operating system works with how many different languages?

It works with 40 different languages. Developers learn to "localize" their apps for various languages around the world.


What tends to be the only real difference between contemporary iPhones?

Size is the only real difference. IPads, however, have more variability in their actual performance specifications.


The Android operating system works with how many different languages?

It works with 70 languages. The sheer number of users means the Android is available for more languages than the iPhone.


Compared to iPhones, Android phones are often loaded with what?

Carrier-branded apps continue to dog Android users no matter how hard they try to remove them.


How many different Android devices are there?

Software developers struggle to keep up with the 24,000 Android devices.


Which product line is based on the Linux kernel?

Android is based on the Linux kernel, which is a type of open-source software that has many resemblances to Unix.


In early 2015 what was the average cost of a new iPhone?

The average cost was $680. You didn't really need that paycheck anyway, right?


In early 2015 what was the average cost of an Android mobile device?

That's less than half the cost of the iPhone, if you're paying attention.


At how many watts can iPhone's Lightning cable work?

The Lightning cable can work at 12 watts. Micro-USB, used with most Android products, is limited to 7 watts.


Which operating system was released first?

iPhone was released more than a year before the first Android system.


On the high end, what was the off-contract price of the iPhone 6?

In many places $950 is a mortgage payment on a nice house.


IPhones never have which capability?

Many users still like the option to remove the battery if they so choose.


Which product line has access to more free games and apps?

There are far more Android apps, but the quality varies wildly.


What is the Android equivalent of Siri?

Many users say Siri still has the advantage over "OK Google."


Compared with iPhone, how customizable is the operating system on many Android products?

Android users face far fewer restrictions when it comes to manipulating their devices.


Which devices let you change the look of your home screen in limitless ways?

Apple's home screen is fairly static when compared to the number of custom launchers available to Android.


In contrast with iPhones, many Android devices offer what option?

The lack of expandable memory is a point of aggravation even for loyal Apple supporters.


Advertising in the app store and the apps themselves is more common on which platform?

Android apps are more frequently bogged down with ads in "free" apps.


Which device was the first to incorporate the use of widgets?

Apple finally copied the idea in 2015.


What is the standard storage capacity for the iPhone 6?

The low capacity of 16GB is a hindrance for a device that generates huge amounts of data through its camera and other features.


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