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In 2003, a U.S.-led force blasted through Iraq and toppled Saddam Hussein, setting off a firestorm that still rages. How much do you know about the Iraq War?

When did the Iraq War begin?

After the 9/11 attacks, the U.S. began operations in Afghanistan and then moved to invade Iraq.


Under what pretense did the United States and its allies invade Iraq?

The supposed WMDs were never located.


When did the Iraq War end?

From an official U.S. standpoint the war is "over," but the Iraqi civil war is still a bloody affair.


In February 2003, how many people around the world protested impending military action against Iraq?

It was the biggest protest in human history, but it couldn't stop the invasion.


About how many protests were held between January and April 2003?

By some estimates, more than 35 million people protested the war … and still, the bombing began.


The Iraq Body Count project found that 174,000 people were killed during the war. How many of those people were civilians?

The vast majority of casualties were civilians, not military types.


How many days did major combat operations last during the invasion?

It took just three weeks for coalition forces to defeat Hussein's army.


In what year did the U.S. respond to the growing insurgency by implementing a "surge" of troops?

Most of the 20,000 troops were sent to Baghdad to quell the violence.


President Bush gave Hussein 48 hours to leave Iraq. After Hussein missed the deadline, how long did it take the U.S. to begin the invasion?

The air strikes began a little over an hour after the deadline had passed.


Between 2003 and 2014, how many U.S. service members were killed in Iraq?

The U.K. lost fewer than 300; Australia lost 2.


Following the invasion, how long did it take coalition forces to capture Saddam Hussein?

Three years later, Hussein was executed.


Which country didn't participate in the invasion but did assist the U.S. coalition after the initial incursion?

Iran provided some support once the initial attacks were complete.


How did many citizens of the Sunni Triangle react to Saddam Hussein's capture?

Hussein was originally from this area and had many loyal supporters there throughout his reign.


About how many U.S. service members were wounded in action?

That includes combat and non-combat casualties


Most attacks in the so-called Triangle of Death target which group?

Insurgents have killed hundreds of people with bombs in this area, including one attack that killed 125 people.


What was the purpose of the Iraq Survey Group?

It concluded that Iraq didn't really have much of a WMD program when the coalition invaded.


Who was Private Lori Piestewa?

Piestewa was also the first Native American woman to die on foreign soil; Arizona's Piestewa peak bears her name.


Why did coalition forces move to occupy the Al-Faw peninsula at the beginning of the war?

The ports gave attacking navies a strategic advantage.


How was Saddam Hussein executed after being found guilty of crimes against humanity?

A cell phone recording of the event was leaked, and the guard who recorded the video was arrested.


Before the invasion a CBS poll showed that what percentage of Americans thought that an invasion of Iraq would only lead to more terrorism?

The war didn't put an end to terrorism originating in the Middle East.


How long did Saddam Hussein rule over (and sometimes kill) the Iraq people before he was ousted?

Many citizens were very happy to see their tormentor go.


In hindsight, what was the result of the 2007 troop surge?

Even politicians who opposed the surge admit now that it helped to stabilize the situation.


About how many U.S. service members took part in the 2003 invasion?

The U.K. kicked in about 45,000 and the Peshmerga, about 70,000.


Who massacred 17 Iraqis in Baghdad in September 2007?

It was employees of the infamous Blackwater Security Consulting company, as they escorted U.S. diplomats.


In 2009, why were all charges stemming from the Blackwater massacre dismissed?

Charges were reinstated and several convictions were secured; Blackwater also paid a settlement and eventually changed the company name to Academi.


According to Gen. Tommy Franks, the first goal of the invasion was to do what?

His second stated priority was to find WMDs and disable them; this never happened because no WMDs were found.


How long was Pfc. Jessica Lynch held captive after her unit became lost during the invasion?

Lynch was badly hurt, but she was the first female U.S. solider ever rescued from enemy hands during combat.


The acronym ISIL is short for what?

The group took hold in portion of Iraq and the Middle East thanks in part to Iraq's power vacuum.


Which major Iraqi city did ISIL take under its control in June 2014?

Iraq's weakened post-war condition means its forces struggle to contain groups like ISIL.


Before the start of the war, what did President Bush say to U.K. Prime Minister Tony Blair?

Instead, the invasion simply served as a prelude to Iraq's civil war.


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