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Just like most countries around the world, the Irish have their own slang. The people of Ireland use it to communicate informally with each other or when being proper just gets a bit boring. And because this country is so close to England and Wales, they tend to use some of the same words, even if the spelling may be a bit different. And we would like to see how much you know, in this quiz. 

If you know a few words because you lived there, if you have Irish friends or family or if you're a fan of Irish culture, there are more than a few words and phrases you should know, and we'll ask you about them in our questions. What we'll do is give you a phrase, saying or word and ask you what it means. And the answer could be anything: a compliment, an insult, an action or even a place. It'll be your job to sift through your memory of all things Irish to try to correctly guess what it means. If you can do this enough times, you'll be able to pass this quiz. 

So, if that's something you're interested in doing, it's time to craic on with these questions. 

If an Irish person says your "noodle" what are they saying about you?

The word 'Noodle' in Irish slang can be defined as an individual's head. It is made up of the "nod," which means to raise one's head slightly.


A word that is also used by the English, what does "craic" mean?

This informal Irish word means to enjoy oneself, have fun or a good time. Additionally, 'craic' could mean to have a good conversation or something entertaining.


What does it mean to be "knackered"?

Prominently used in Ireland, the word 'knackered' refers to being exhausted or tired. It can be used to describe extreme tiredness after conducting an activity.


If something is "hatchet," what does that mean?

In the Irish informal language, the word 'hatchet' means to be extraordinarily excellent or brilliant. It is usually used to depict the outcome of a particular situation.


Do you know what a "stook" is?

'Stook' is an Irish slang referring to a stupid person, a goofball or an idiot. This word could be used to describe a person who is being silly or acting like a fool.


What does it mean to have a "glad eye"?

'Glad eye' in Irish lingo means to be in love or to have a crush on someone. It is commonly used to show some form of admiration for another.


If you're "olaginin," what are you doing?

The word ' Olagonin' in Ireland means to moan or to complain. It is used by the Irish when expressing regret or loss over something, typically a game.


What or where is "the jacks"?

'The jacks' in Irish dialect is used to refer to the washroom, restroom or simply the toilet. When speaking about going to the toilet, it is used.


To be "langered" is to be what?

To be 'langered' in Ireland means to be intoxicated or drunk. It is usually used to describe an individual who has drunk excessively.


What is someone saying if they tell you they'll "batter ya"?

'Batter ya' in Irish speech is an expression used by an individual to threaten another by stating he or she will 'beat up' the other. Also, to 'batter ya' means to hurt through kicking or hitting multiple times.


If you heard "She's peeled," what do you think is being said?

'She's peeled' is an Irish slang referring to an object which has been broken. It is usually used to describe something that is not fully functional.


What comes to mind when you see the word "drobes"?

The word 'drobes' in Irish slang can be defined as the bits and pieces of something. It is the remainder of an object which has been smashed.


If a friend is "taking the piss," what are they doing?

In the Irish informal language, the slang 'take the piss' involves the act of teasing or taking advantage of someone. It is usually used when making fun or ridiculing another.


What does it mean to be "on the lash"?

"On the lash" is prominently used in Ireland to refers to the act of going out drinking. It can be used to describe the activity of social drinking.


If someone calls you a "muppet," what are they calling you?

In the Irish informal language, the word 'muppet' means to act like a fool. It is usually used to depict the behavior of an individual.


If someone you don't like says "hop on" to you, what are they saying?

'Hop on' in Irish lingo signifies a fight. It is commonly used when speaking about the act of fighting.


If an Irish person says the phrase "dirty tooth," what exactly are they saying?

The slang 'dirty tooth' is popular in the Republic of Ireland. It refers to an individual who is unclean.


If the exclamation "what a ride!" is made, what do you think is being said?

In Irish dialect the phrase "what a ride" is stated when indicating appearances. It is commonly used to describe an extremely attractive or super sexy person.


What does the term "wanker" mean?

'Whanker' in Irish speech is an expression referring to a fool. It is used by natives to make mention of a person who is dimwitted.


If someone called you "mad as a box of frogs," what are they saying about you?

'Mad as a box of frogs' is used by the Irish when referring to someone who is out of their mind. It is used to describe a deranged individual or one who behaves aggressively.


If you're "acting the maggot," what are you doing?

The Irish phrase for being a jerk is 'acting the maggot.' This is often used to make reference to someone who is being insensitive or simply messing around.


What is the phrase "like a blind cobbler's thumb" mean?

This phrase refers to something that is ugly. In Ireland, the population uses it to speak about a person's whose appearance is weird or strange-looking.


What is the term "caked" describing?

When ladies wear excessive amounts of makeup, the Irish consider them to be 'caked.' It is typically used to speak about the quantity of makeup applied to the face.


If something is "in tatters," what does that mean?

In Irish dialect 'in tatters' can be defined as being destroyed. It can also be used to describe being ruined emotionally or completely defeated.


If someone is "plugged," what are they?

To be 'plugged' in the Irish language means that a woman is pregnant. It's probably best not to ponder this one too much.


If you're "snogging" someone, what are you doing to them?

To 'snog' is an Irish colloquial word meaning 'kiss.' It gained wide knowledge thanks to the Harry Potter movies.


What does the word "shebang" refer to?

'Shebang' can be defined as the whole of something. This word is used to describe a situation or circumstance in its entirety.


If someone is "rumbly," what does that mean?

This Irish word means dodgy. When someone is 'rumbly,' the individual is unreliable or deceitful.


If you're "clean on," what are you?

To be referred to as 'clean on' in Ireland is to be good looking. Someone who is called 'clean on' is attractive and beautiful.


What or who is an "equalizer"?

The slang 'equalizer' is used to indicate someone who interrupts or breaks up a brawl. An equalizer is also called a bouncer.


What does it mean to be "flyin it"?

When someone is doing well, the Irish will say that he or she is 'flying it.' This phrase is used when speaking about personal achievements.


What in the world is a "Rale Bulgarian"?

In Irish dialect, a 'Rale Bulgarian' describes an uncivilized or ill-mannered individual. Someone with such a character is impolite and rude.


What is meant by the Irish phrase "biscuits to a bear"?

'Biscuits to a bear' is an Irish saying which means 'a waste of time.' It is used to signify that the outcome of a situation is pointless.


If a place is "jammers," what is being said about it?

The slang 'jammers' implies that something is fully packed. This word is typically used when describing a crowded place.


What does it mean to be "doin a number" on something?

This Irish phrase can be defined as causing embarrassment or upset. An individual who induces distress or discomfort on others is said to be "doin' a number."


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