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Yes, there's a big difference. Each manufacturer has its pros and cons, but in this quiz we're going to test your knowledge of the difference between Japanese and American cars! By the end, you just may want to have one of each.

Which car holds its value better?

In general, a Japanese car holds its value better. In fact, it can go about 15 years and then only need minor maintenance.

Who came out with the ?

I hope you got that right! The Model T is as American as apple pie. It was introduced by Henry Ford, back in 1908.

Who is home of the "Big Three"?

America is famous for the "Big Three." These include General Motors, Ford Motor Company and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles.

Which car has a better chance of getting stolen?

Japanese cars are popular with thieves! They're the most stolen automobiles in the U.S., because they have such great parts.

Which cars are the safest?

Right again! Japanese cars are the safest. This was once thought to be a myth, but it's actually quite true.

Which manufacturer is known for their compact cars?

Japanese cars are known for being more compact, and also more fuel efficient. Japanese manufacturers to change the design of their cars less frequently.

Who changes the design of their cars frequently​?

American manufacturers change designs much more frequently than the Japanese. They also offer larger, more spacious cars.

Which country makes the most cars?

Neither America nor Japan makes the most cars. China does! They're the largest auto manufacturer in the world.

Seven of the ten top-rated cars in 2010 were _____ cars.

Seven of the ten top rated cars in 2010 were Japanese cars. Japan continues to dominate the market.

Who had the top-selling car in the U.S. in 2016?

The Toyota Camry continued to be the best selling car in the U.S. Toyota also came in second, with the Corolla.

Who invented the auto assembly line?

Henry Ford does it again! The first auto assembly line came from the Ford Motor Company in 1913.

Who has more powerful cars?

America is much more focused on performance than Japan is. Americans also have a love for muscle cars, and this leads to a greater emphasis on engine power.

Who produces a car faster?

Japan definitely has a more efficient system for making cars. There is a tried-and-true method that is fast and produces quality cars.

Where was the first true commercial automobile manufactured?

The first true commercial automobile was manufactured in the U.S. This was after the popularity of several models of "horseless carriages​."

Who revolutionized the HEMI engine?

America revolutionized the HEMI engine. It was Chrysler to be specific, and the revolution started in 1951!

Who takes more risks?

By far, America takes more risks. There is more pressure in the industry to unveil the "next best thing" and this leads to innovation.

Who looks for more ways to cut costs in the manufacturing process?

Because there's more pressure in America to increase profits, there's also more pressure to cut costs. Engineers have to jump through hoops!

Who has got the bigger edge in the auto industry?

Japan actually has the edge in the automotive industry. That being said, America still has a great deal to offer.

Who dominated the automotive market in the mid-20th century?

America was a powerhouse mid-century through the '70s. They produced two-thirds of the cars in the world.

Who employed 1.3 million auto workers in 2000?

Amazingly, America employed 1.3 million workers in 2000. It was a peak time. That number has since fallen below 700,000.

Who is the third largest auto producer in the world?

Japan is the third-largest auto producer in the world. America is the second!

Who gets their engines moved into other cars?

The American V8 engine is often swapped into a Japanese car. But a Japanese engine is never moved to an American muscle car.

Which are the top 5 Japanese automakers?

Japans top five are Honda, Toyota, Nissan, Mazda and Mitsubishi. The first Japanese car sold in the U.S. was the 1982 Honda Accord.

Who has the most popular truck?

The American Ford F-Series dominates the truck market. In fact, it has sold more than 34 million units since 1948.

Where does DeLorean manufacture cars?

DeLorean manufactures cars in America. This is also true for a number of other niche manufacturers, such as Anteros, Avanti, Carbon, Dragon, Fisker, Panoz, Shelby American, SSC, Tesla and Zimmer.

Who has the best imports into Australia?

Japan has the most and the best imports in Australia! Turns out they like a good Japanese car in the outback.

Who has more auto auctions?

Japan has the most auto auctions, by far. More than 150,000 cars are sold each week at auction.

Where were airbags invented?

Airbags were an American invention. They were used in early models of the Chrysler Imperial, Cadillac and Buick.

Who had the first four-wheel anti-lock breaks?

America boasted of the first four-wheel anti-lock brakes. They were available on the Chrysler Imperial back in 1971.

Who invented automatic climate control in cars?

American auto manufacturers invented the first fully automatic climate controlled car. It was a 1964 Cadillac.

If you want to buy a car under $10,000, what do you buy?

The most reliable cars for under $10,000 are Japanese used cars. Brands include Toyota, Nissan, Honda and Mitsubishi.

Who capitalized on the energy crisis in the 1970s?

Japan seriously capitalized on the energy crisis. They began to make small, fuel-efficient cars, and the rest was history.

Who boasts of a car that drove 1,000,000 miles?

Japan actually had a car that drove 1,000,000 miles. It was a 1990 Honda Accord, and only once did it have its engine rebuilt.

The first intelligent suspension came from where?

The first intelligent suspension was in a Mercedes. The Germans are known for many car innovations.

Who popularized "just in time" delivery of auto parts?

Japan introduced "just-in-time" delivery of auto parts to factory floors in the 1980s. This reduced warehouse costs.

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