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Think you are a beauty expert? The age of clicks entertainment has rapidly changed the way we access information, the way we learn, and how that information is created and spread. On the internet, anyone can claim to be an expert and post anything, which makes being able to tell what's real from what's not vital. This can be especially true in the internet beauty community, where people and organizations often post less-than-helpful or totally insane "beauty hacks" for clicks. Sometimes it can be hard to tell if what you are seeing is a genuine beauty hack or someone who is just a hack. 

Whether it's contouring with fruit or using food as makeup, there are a million and one supposed beauty tips out there that are just not helpful. Some of them can even be dangerous. Putting substances that are not eye-safe around your eyes, for example, can lead to infections and possibly worse. While videos on the internet may claim that you can put half your kitchen cupboard on your hair and face and never buy lotion again, you might want to think twice.     

If you are your own personal beauty guru, put your beauty savvy to the test with this quiz! 

True or false: Liquid lipstick is a good substitute for color eyeliner.

Unless the specific liquid lipstick you want to use is eye safe, don't put it near your eyes. It may stain your skin, cause irritation, or worse.


True or false: Coffee rinses benefit all hair colors.

If you are a brunette, coffee rinses will enhance your hair color. However, if you have very light hair, coffee rinses could possibly stain your hair and dull it.


True or false: Red hair only looks good on certain skin tones.

While red hair is popularly associated with fair people of European ancestry, it actually occurs naturally in Asian and African populations too. Anyone can rock red hair if they pick the right shade for their eye color and skin tone.


True or false: Avoiding hot showers is good for your skin.

While long hot showers feel amazing, they can also strip your skin of oils. This dries it out and can actually age you.


True or false: Oily skin should not be moisturized.

All skin types need hydration to be healthy, including oily skin. A light face lotion can actually stop your skin from thinking its too dry, which tricks it into producing even more oil.


True or false: Hair should be brushed multiple times a day.

While everyone's hair is different, for people with most hair textures and types, too much brushing can strip hair of natural oils and make it fragile and frizzy. Curly-haired people might want to avoid brushes entirely.


True or false: You should wear sunglasses all year round.

Even if it's not sunny, the sun's UV rays are still present. The skin around the eyes is thin and susceptible to damage from these rays, meaning that wearing large sunglasses year round can actually help prevent wrinkles and skin cancer in this area.


True or false: Rubbing ice cubes on your skin is good for it.

Rubbing ice cubes on the skin can help create a firmer and more glowy look. This is because cold water tightens the skin by bringing blood to the surface.


True or false: Putting lemons on your face will brighten your skin.

This popular DIY tip is one to ignore. Lemon juice burns your eyes and the acid in it can damage your skin over time.


True or false: DIY lip plumpers are usually effective.

New DIY lip plumping methods trend all the time, but many of them are painful and can actually damage your lips. Whether it's sucking on a shot glass or rubbing cayenne pepper on your lips for volume, remember that there is a difference between full lips and swollen ones.


True or false: For daily wear, choosing one feature to highlight on the face often works best.

If you choose bold lips or a blinding highlight, keeping the rest of the makeup more understated often looks best for daily wear. This is why nude lips and smokey eyes, or red lips and minimal eyes are classic combinations.


True or false: You should exfoliate your skin every time you cleanse it.

While everyone's skin is different, the vast majority of people will actually harm their skin if they exfoliate too much. It can cause micro-tears in the skin which make it sensitive, dry and prone to early aging.


True or false: Curly hair grows more slowly than straight hair.

Curly hair appears to grow more slowly than straight hair because its length coils up, rather than falling straight down. This does not mean it innately grows more slowly or needs fewer trims, though.


True or false: Glue can remove blackheads.

With so many things on the market designed to get rid of blackheads, there is no reason to pour glue on your face. Glue was not designed with your skin and eyes in mind, and it contains chemicals that should really not go near them.


True or false: Straight hair should never be brushed.

While straight hair can benefit from brushing because it helps to spread the oils of the scalp throughout the hair, curly hair is more fragile. Depending on the texture of the curls, brushing can lead to breakage and frizz.


True or false: Never apply foundation to your chest.

If you are wearing clothing that shows off your chest, it is important to blend a small amount of foundation there, especially if your face and body are different shades. Nothing screams "bad makeup" like a face that is shades lighter or darker than the rest of your skin.


True or false: Eyeliner wings only look good if they are identical.

Humans are naturally asymmetrical, meaning that the sides of our faces often look quite different, including our eyes. If your eyes are very differently shaped, perfectly identical eyeliner wings may even look odd as they will look different on each eye. Aim for what suits your eye shape and adjust it accordingly.


True or false: The key to a smokey eye is lots of black eyeshadow.

Smokey eyes can actually be done in any color. The real trick of them is blending.


True or false: Clay masks can help draw out blackheads.

Clay masks work like suction cups and suck bacteria and excess oil out of the skin. However, it is best not to use them right before big events, because they can cause pimples and blackheads to pop out as the skin purges itself of them.


True or false: Picking and squeezing blackheads and pimples with your fingers is the best way to get rid of them.

The bacteria from your fingers can actually lead to infection. Also, picking and squeezing at blackheads and pimples can lead to permanent scarring.


True or false: Heat styling damages hair.

Hot tools rapidly dry out hair. If your hair is color-treated or just naturally dry, this can lead to poor texture and health for your hair. It is best to limit flat iron and curling iron use to 1-2 times a week.


For natural-looking brows, fill them from the outside in.

Brows tend to need more definition on the ends, so concentrating more product there by starting in that area can help you achieve that easily. Remember to brush the brows back in place after you finish them.


True or false: Only apply foundation to your face.

Nothing looks worse than an unblended mask of foundation. Be sure to blend your foundation down your jaw and onto your neck and ears.


True or false: Shimmery bronzers are best for contouring.

Contouring uses color to trick the eye, because things that are darker look smaller and farther away and things that are lighter and brighter look larger and closer. While a matte bronzer will mimic natural shadow, a shimmery one will catch light and draw more attention to the area you are trying to minimize.


True or false: Contour needs to be many shades darker than your natural skin tone to show up.

When it comes to contouring, bronzer mimics natural shadow. Opt for a bronzer one or two shades darker than your skin for a natural sculpted contour that doesn't look orange or strange.


True or false: For natural brows, the head of the brow should begin at the bridge of your nose.

While different face shapes are complimented by different brow shapes, there are some general brow rules that work well on all faces. One is that the beginning of your brow should line up with the bridge of your nose.


True or false: Whiten your teeth before wearing red lipstick, because red lipstick can make teeth look yellow.

Classic blue reds, like those worn by Marilyn Monroe, actually do the opposite. They make teeth look brighter and whiter.


True or false: Under eye concealer should be as light as possible.

Too light under eye concealer actually draws attention to the area in an unnatural way and can make any under eye issues more noticeable. Opt for a peach concealer to cancel out any blue or purple tones, and then top it with a concealer that is close to your skin tone.


True or false: You should always apply lipliner before lipstick.

This all depends on preference. While some like to sketch out their lip shape with a liner before filling it in with lipstick, others like to apply lipstick first and then use liner to correct and extend their lip shape around it.


True or false: Using a flesh-toned eyeliner on the lower waterline makes eyes appear larger and more awake.

This trick needs to be modified for every skin tone, but it is a surefire way to highlight your eyes. It is also quick and easy.


True or false: Bright concealers cancel out pimples.

When spot concealing, using a too light concealer will only draw attention to what you are trying to hide. Color correcting with green and then concealing with something closer to your skin tone will work much better.


True or false: Coconut oil is an effective makeup remover.

Coconut oil works as an effective, natural and gentle eye makeup remover. However, coconut oil can cause some people to break out, so look out for that if you use it very regularly.


True or false: The thicker your hair, the more often you have to wash it.

Fine hair actually usually absorbs oil faster than other hair types, meaning that it needs to be washed more often. In general, thicker hair becomes oily less quickly because it takes longer for oil from the scalp to travel down the hair strands.


True or false: Fill in your brows black for a natural look.

Even on many people with naturally black hair, penciled-in black brows can look far too harsh. If you are looking for a no-makeup makeup look, do not draw over your brows in black.


True or false: Swatch your foundation on your hand for a perfect match.

Unless the foundation will be worn on your hands, don't swatch it there. Sunlight hits different parts of the body in different ways, and many people naturally have faces that are redder or differently colored than their bodies. Swatch foundations on your jaw to find a true match.


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