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Social media blew up the Web in unfathomable ways, allowing friends (and foes) to connect using new and instantaneous messages and posts. Do you know the difference between Facebook and Myspace?

Which social media site went live first?

Myspace was one of the first real splashes in social media culture, and it arrived in late 2003. Facebook emerged in early 2004.


Which company is bigger?

Myspace had a head start but took a nosedive in popularity. Why? In large part due to the phenomenal success of Facebook. Facebook is a worldwide phenomenon -- Myspace is now mostly an afterthought.


Which site is equipped with a ubiquitous "Like" button?

Facebook's "Like" button is a cultural icon for the digital age. Clicking it can convey affection, dismay or irony ... and its power is such that not clicking it can have the exact same effect.


Which company currently has about 20,000 employees?

Facebook is now a worldwide corporation with offices around the globe -- it has about 20,000 employees. Myspace is a lean operation with 500 employees.


In 2005, which site was the biggest social networking company in the world?

Myspace blasted into the social media stratosphere. In 2005, and for about three years, it was the biggest and most exciting thing in social networking.


The "Wall" is an important part of which site?

The Facebook Wall is another name for the Timeline. It features all of the stuff that you post to your profile in a desperate attempt to get your friends to acknowledge your existence.


Which company was ultimately purchased by News Corp., which owns Fox News and 20th Century Fox?

Rupert Murdoch's News Corp. decided to blow $580 million to buy Myspace in 2005. At first, it seemed like a fantastically solid purchase. But just a few years later, Myspace was struggling in the wake of Facebook's success.


Which site was basically a Friendster copycat?

Friendster was one of the original social media sites, and some of its users saw an opportunity to copy and then expand some of Friendster's features. What they wound up with was the first incarnation of Myspace.


Which site rocketed to fame thanks to its popularity with young teenagers?

The emergence of Myspace blossomed thanks to young teens, who used the site as a hangout and messaging board. But it didn't take long for older people (you know, 20-year-olds) to jump on the bandwagon.


Which company was led by a co-founder named Tom Anderson?

Tom Anderson is the co-founder of Myspace and also the company's first president. When people first signed up for Myspace, Tom was automatically assigned as every new member's first Myspace friend.


Which site was first popular with college students?

Facebook was initially rolled out on college campuses across America, and only students really used it. But it was just a matter of time before the phenomenon spread far beyond dorm rooms.


Which site is renowned for its popularity in the music community?

Although Myspace has faded from the mainstream social media spotlight, it remains a strong draw in the music community. Many musicians and their fans share a sense of place on Myspace that they can't find in other social media venues.


Which site first gained fame for its leniency in letting users customize their profile pages?

Myspace users spent hours, days and weeks customizing their profile pages, which far too often resulted in eye-piercing flashing graphics and horrific color combinations. Myspace users were rarely known for their graphic art talents.


On which site is it customary to say "thanks for the add" when you connect with a new friend?

Oh, the early days of social media, when people were still enthralled by simply making new online friends. "Thanks for the add!" became a ritual on Myspace, complete with fancy stickers to seal the deal.


Which site was launched by a group of Harvard University students?

Mark Zuckerberg created a program called "Facesmash" when he was a sophomore at Harvard. The idea, which was a blend of ideas from other students, eventually evolved into Facebook, and it quickly caught fire on campuses around America.


In 2006, which site overtook Google as the most popular site in America?

Google, being Google, is the benchmark for Internet success. That Myspace overtook Google for a short time in 2006 is a reminder of just how crazy popular the site was for a few years.


Which site is famous for its Timeline feature?

The Facebook Timeline is a running log of all of the stuff that you post to your profile, and it features posts created by friends, too. For some people, the Timeline is a critical component of their digital lives.


Which site eventually became bogged down by a morass of graphics, ads and an unwieldy interface?

Myspace unintentionally became a life lesson for many other online entities -- ignore user experience at your own peril. Loaded with ads and terrible graphics, Myspace became a victim of its own success, as users bailed for Facebook's cleaner aesthetic.


Which site is blocked in most of China?

China isn't really renowned for its unlimited freedoms. In most parts of the country, Facebook is blocked, one way that the government controls information.


Which site introduced "reaction" buttons in 2016?

If the "Like" button wasn't enough for you, you were probably overjoyed in 2016, when Facebook introduced reaction buttons. Now, instead of calling your friend to congratulate her on a new pregnancy, you can just click the happy face. Phone calls are so awkward, anyway!


Which company signed on to a $900 million partnership with Google in 2006, in which Google became the site's search engine provider?

In 2006, Google paid $900 million to Myspace to become the site's primary search engine … but also forced Myspace to display more ads. The site quickly became overloaded with ads, which cluttered the visual interface and slowed loading times. Can you hear the death knell?


About 85% of which site's daily users live outside America and Canada?

Facebook was born in the USA, but it's very much an international product. About 85% of active users live in places other than the U.S. and Canada.


Which site has a well-known News Feed feature?

Facebook unveiled a News Feed feature that greatly changed the layout of the site. It keeps a running log of the posts that your friends create on Facebook.


Which company currently has about 2 billion users who access the site each month?

There are about 7.4 billion people on Earth. About 2 billion of them actively use Facebook accounts. Those numbers are a testament to Facebook's immense online reach.


In 2005, which company tried to buy the other?

Myspace saw Facebook as a direct threat to its user base, so it spoke with Mark Zuckerberg about a possible acquisition. Zuckerberg's asking price of $75 million was too steep at the time … and in hindsight, probably would have been a good investment.


Which site charges money for basic services?

Almost since both sites were created, rumors about monthly fees began to emerge. But both companies make their money in ways other than subscription payments.


Which company was valued at around $12 billion in 2007?

Myspace was peaking in popularity in 2007, with tens of million of active users. The company was valued at roughly $12 billion … but as it turned out, the party wouldn't last much longer.


Which site benefited greatly by allowing outside companies to build apps that could then be integrated into the social media experience?

Myspace's executives insisted that in-house developers create all of the site's features. Facebook exploded in part because it allowed third-party developers to make apps that added to the social media experience. FarmVille, anyone?


Instagram is a subsidiary of which company?

Photo-sharing site Instagram created a firestorm of interest, so Facebook acquired the company and began integrating some of its powers into Facebook. The two brands now account for a huge percentage of social media posts.


Pop star Justin Timberlake is now a major stakeholder in which company?

In 2011, Timberlake emerged as a major stakeholder in the purchase of Myspace, which was floundering financially. His interest? Myspace's strengths in the online music community.


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