Is It Time to Replace Your Truck?

Mark Lichtenstein

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It is your friend, your trusted companion, your workmate, and your road trip buddy. It's your truck. You don't just drive it for work, you build an attachment to it, like a well-worn pair of jeans. Is it the right time to replace your truck?

What happens when you turn the ignition key in your truck?

How do your brakes feel?

How responsive is your truck's steering?

How many horses have escaped your truck's engine?

How well does your truck carry its payload?

What shape is the upholstery in?

What shape is the dash in?

How many cracks are there in the windscreen?

Do the windshield wipers still work?

Does the engine still make a good sound?

How quickly does the torque come now, compared with how it was when it was new?

How good is the truck's transmission?

Do your friends still ask to borrow your truck?

Do your friends who borrow your truck try to keep it clean when they give it back to you?

When you accidentally dent a door or a fender, do you bother to worry about it?

Do you worry when a road leads your truck to the base of a hill?

Do you ever say a little prayer when you hit your brakes?

In what shape is your truck's paint job?

What was the key feature marketed by your truck's manufacturer when your truck was new?

Do you have to use your phone for navigation?

Do you have to use your phone to listen to music?

When you pull up to a red light and a new truck pulls up next to you, how do you feel?

Would your truck be considered a "classic"?

How often do you have to do DIY maintenance on your truck?

How often do you have to take your truck to the shop for maintenance?

When was the last time you brought your truck in for maintenance, and how did the mechanic react to it?

Does your significant other think you should get a new truck?

Is your truck capable of towing a trailer?

Is your truck capable of pulling a tree stump?

Is your truck still running most of the time?

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