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Do you follow the straight and narrow, or are you known for breaking all the rules? However you choose to live your life, it still pays to know the law. Of course, this quickly gets complicated since where you live has its own unique set of laws.

When Friday finally rolls around, it's time to cut loose and have some fun. Let's say you're a man looking for a good time in the Saudi Arabian city of Riyadh. Would you be breaking the law if you wore a dress?

While cross-dressing may be an acceptable way to unwind in many cultures, it's illegal in Saudi Arabia. In June 2009, men were arrested in the country's capital for "imitating a woman," as well as "displaying homosexuality" and drinking alcohol. They faced up to six months imprisonment and 60 lashes.


So, in some places it's illegal for a man to wear a dress. Which place proclaims it illegal for an animal to wear clothes, sleep in a bed AND drink alcohol?

The fictional world of George Orwell's "Animal Farm," of course. Those are three of the seven commandments introduced by Snowball the pig in Orwell's book.


For a masked Mexican wrestler, or luchador, a man's mask is his livelihood, and there's no greater loss than that of his sacred multicolored hood. What if he's planning to wrestle in New York? Is it legal to wrestle under a hood in that state?

Yes, it's legal to wrestle under a mask in state of New York, though this wasn't always the case. Up until 1972, the New York State Athletic Commission outlawed masks but changed its rule to allow famed luchador Mil Mascaras to perform in the ring.


Let's say the wrestler finds himself in Gainesville, Ga., after his match, about to eat some fried chicken. What's the legal way to eat it in that town?

If you find yourself in Gainesville about to eat fried chicken, best to pick it up in your hands. It's the law. Enacted in 1961 as a PR stunt to promote Gainesville as a beacon of poultrydom, the law remains on the books.


If you happen to take your pet alligator to the state of Michigan, is it legal to tie him or her to a fire hydrant while you run inside a store?

A Michigan law prohibits tying anything to a fire hydrant and, technically, that covers alligators.


Upon learning the truth about Michigan's fire hydrant legislation, you might be tempted to curse aloud. You might even "willfully blaspheme the holy name of God." Is this legal or illegal in Michigan?

As weird as it may seem, blasphemy is technically a misdemeanor in Michigan. The statute is still there, but courts have found it inconsistent with the First Amendment, and no one has served time for it since 1938.


Gambling is legal in Las Vegas. Is it legal to take a prostitute back to your hotel room as well?

Sure, prostitution is legal in parts of Nevada, but only within the confines of licensed brothels. Outside those walls, it's a misdemeanor.


Here's one for those of you who love high heels. Can you wear them legally in Carmel, Calif.?

Sure you can, but you'll need to swing by Carmel's city hall and grab a permit for your stilettos first.


Medical marijuana in the United States continues to prove a divisive, complicated issue. But what about the use of marijuana in religious sacraments, such as those practiced in the Rastafarian faith? Is that legal in the U.S.?

While supporters continue to push for legalized use of marijuana for Rastafarians, it's still illegal in the United States, as well as in Jamaica, home of the Rastafarian movement.


You're enjoying a vacation in Amsterdam when someone offers you the most peculiar cigarette you've ever had. Pull yourself together and think: Is it really legal to smoke marijuana in Amsterdam?

Don't freak out, but it's technically illegal to light that monster joint in the Netherlands. Oh, you can walk into a coffee shop in Amsterdam and purchase marijuana, but that's because the Netherlands adopted the policy of "gedogen" or blind eye in 1976. They tolerate the discrete cultivation and sale of marijuana in order to keep the criminal element and hard drugs away from the pot smokers. So, yes, it's illegal, but you probably won't be charged with breaking a law.


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