Quiz: Is This '50s Car a Ford or a Chevy?
Is This '50s Car a Ford or a Chevy?
By: Kennita Leon
Image: Sicnag via Wiki Commons

About This Quiz

If you're a huge auto fan, and we're talking about the kind of fan who knows about the cars of old and not only what the hottest vehicles on the market are, you'll know that the Ford and Chevy companies have been around for a long time. In 1950, Ford would have already been 47 years old, while Chevy was a little younger, at around 39. Both of these American brands paved the way, and it's why they're still at the forefront of the auto world today, and not just in the United States. 

With the likes of the Thunderbird and Fairline Skyliner on Ford's side and the Corvette and Impala on Chevy's, we've created a list of some of the most iconic cars from these to automakers for you. And the reason is that you're going to tell us which vehicle belongs to which company today. We'll show you some pictures of the best '50s models that we could find and it'll be up to you to recognize the style, design lines and bodies of the vehicle,- enough to determine which one is Ford and which one is from Chevrolet. 

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This iconic car starred in many movies. Who made it, though?
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Who made this vehicle?
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This was a 1954 concept car. Which brand is responsible for it?
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Only 300 units were made in its first year of production. Who made those 300 units?
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Is this one Ford or Chevy?
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This vehicle was available with two and four doors. Who designed it?
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It was the first of the Ranch Wagon series. Who built it?
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Can you tell us which brand this vehicle is?
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This car was the first model of the second generation. But who made it?
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Which automaker does this model belong to?
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Nicknamed the Crown Vic, which automaker created this classic?
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What kind of vehicle is this?
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It had a top speed of 85 mph. Who made it go that slow?
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This was the final model produced from a sub-series. Who made it?
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Can you tell us who created this tiny vehicle?
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Which brand made this vehicle back in the '50s?
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The first of the 210 generation, which company made it?
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Named after the Biscayne area of Florida, can you name the automaker responsible for this car?
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Which of these two automakers manufactured this car?
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Only twenty units of this vehicle were made. But which company manufactured it?
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Match this vehicle to the company that made it.
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Also sold under the Del Rio Rancho Wagon, who manufactured this vehicle?
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Can you tell us which brand designed and sold this vehicle?
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The only one manufactured under this series, who is responsible for the Yeoman?
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A variant of the Deluxe, which of these two automakers designed this vehicle?
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Who was this vehicle's manufacturer?
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The first of the mainline series, did Ford or Chevy make this vehicle?
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Who designed this vehicle decades ago?
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It was the first from the Task Force series that was designed. But by who?
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Which company is responsible for making this car?
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This was a variant of the infamous Bel Air. Tell us who made it.
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Manufactured in the UK, which auto brand created this car?
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Can you match this vehicle to the company that made it?
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The Bel Air convertible was the first member of its series. Tell us who manufactured it?
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It had a chrome body. Which company was responsible for this creation?
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It was a popular police vehicle at the time. Tell us who created it.
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What brand do you think this one is?
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This concept car had a dorsal fin and a long nose. Who designed it?
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