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In the world of Pokemon, when it comes to "catching 'em all," a trainer has to take into account all of the shiny Pokemon out there. What exactly is a shiny Pokemon, though?

First introduced in Generation II, the most obvious difference that separates a shiny Pokemon from a regular Pokemon is that they have a different coloration than their regular counterparts. Sometimes this coloration is drastically different, and other times the coloration is very similar to the natural species, which makes it a little tricky when identifying if the Pokemon is shiny or not. 

Shiny Pokemon are also extremely rare to catch, much more so than regular Pokemon. Players can spend hours searching an area for a shiny Pokemon and still not walk away with a catch. The rarity makes these Pokemon prized possessions within the Pokemon community. 

Are you an expert on all of the shades of shiny Pokemon out there, from common Pokemon like Rattata to rarer finds like Groudon? Can you separate those shiny Pokemon from their regular counterparts? Here's a quiz where you get a chance to find out just that. 

If you think you're ready, prove you're a legendary Pokemon trainer by getting a perfect score on this quiz! 

Arbok is a staple of Team Rocket's Pokemon core. Is this the shiny version of it?

Along with their Pokemon, Jesse and James are the first members of Team Rocket introduced in the anime. The duo gets their name from the Wild West outlaw Jesse James.


Do you know if this Dragonite is shiny or not?

Dragonite is most associated with Lance, the strongest Pokemon trainer in the Elite Four from Generation I. Strangely, Lance's Dragonite knows "barrier," a move that the Pokemon can't learn naturally.


A rock-type Pokemon, do you know if this Geodude is shiny or not?

In the Sun and Moon games, Geodude is given a unique form which combines his original rock-type with a new electric type. No other Pokemon has been given this combination of types before.


You won't find a better Generation I Pokemon than Nidoking. Is this version of the Pokemon regular or shiny?

Despite being a poison and ground-type, Nidoking could learn an array of attacks from electric to fire. Knowing this, many hardcore fans of the game used Nidoking by itself to beat Pokemon Red and Blue.


A Pokemon known for throwing a bone around, is this Marowak regular or shiny?

In Generation I, Marowak is a ground-type Pokemon that evolves from Cubone at level 28. The Pokemon is given a regional variant in the Alola region that includes fire and ghost-type.


If you were fishing and pulled this Krabby out of the water, would you know if it's regular or shiny?

In the anime, Ash caught his Krabby in the episode "Mystery at the Lighthouse." It's the first Pokemon sent directly to Professor Oak's lab, revealing that a trainer can only carry six Pokemon at a time.


Is this a shiny Magikarp?

Magikarp is one of the weakest Pokemon in the game when you first catch it, as hinted at by its description. However, for trainers willing to take the time, its evolved form is one of the strongest water Pokemon that you will find.


One of the original starter Pokemon, is this Blastoise regular or shiny?

A powerful water Pokemon, Blastoise is known for its lethal water blast. In fact, this water blast is so strong that it can blow holes through steel. That's not a Pokemon you want to get into a water gun fight with.


Pikachu might be Ash's favorite Pokemon, but is it shiny?

Pikachu is the first Pokemon Ash receives in the anime from Professor Oak. At first, Pikachu has an attitude and is tough to deal with, but the Pokemon warms up after Ash puts his life on the line for it.


Misty will blast you with her Staryu, but is it regular or shiny?

Misty is the second gym leader a trainer will encounter in the Kanto region. She uses water-type Pokemon with her strongest Pokemon being Starmie in Pokemon Red and Blue.


Do you know if the Rapidash shown here is the shiny version?

The first episode in the Pokemon anime to introduce Rapidash was "The Flame Pokemon-athon!" In the episode, Ash takes part in a race where he evolves a Ponyta into a Rapidash.


You might pick Cyndaquil if you were starting Pokemon Silver. Is this the regular starter or the shiny version?

Evolving at level 14, Cyndaquil is one of the earliest evolving starters in any of the Pokemon games. However, the Pokemon's top evolve form is not reached until level 36.


Do you know if this Arcanine is regular or shiny?

Arcanine was intended to be a legendary Pokemon when it was first introduced in General I, but it was replaced by the Legendary Birds. The creators went back to their original idea in Generation II when they introduced the three Legendary Beasts.


If this Taillow was flying over your head, would you recognize if it were shiny or not?

In the anime, Ash catches his first Taillow in the episode "You Never Can Taillow." During the episode, the Taillow proves to be a difficult opponent, taking on several of Pikachu's thunderbolts without backing down.


One of the many evolutions of Eevee, is the Flareon shown below a shiny Pokemon?

Originally, Eevee was only given three evolve forms: Flareon, Jolteon, and Vaporeon. For Eevee to evolve, however, it had to be given a stone representing which form it wanted to evolve into. For example, the Fire Stone allowed Eevee to transform into Flareon.


Do you know if this Drowzee is shiny or not?

Drowzee, represented by its name, is known for putting other Pokemon to sleep. Once those Pokemon are asleep, Drowzee feeds on their dreams, which is pretty creepy for a Pokemon.


Ash's rival, Gary, loves his Eevee, but does he have a regular or shiny Eevee?

Gary is an arrogant Pokemon trainer early in the series, but the funny thing is that he's not really that good. For example, Gary never makes it to the finals in the Pokemon league, showing he's not even one of the top trainers in the region.


A rarity to locate, is Red Gyarados considered a shiny Pokemon?

Like many Pokemon, Gyarados had a different name before it was fully marketed to a Western audience. The original name of the Pokemon was Skullkraken, which actually would have made a lot of sense. Besides, what does "Gyarados" mean anyway?


A Pokemon you don't want chomping on your leg, does this Totodile appear to be shiny?

Totodile is a rare starter Pokemon in that it evolves at a much different rate than most other starters. The traditional starter in a Pokemon game evolves at level 16 then again at level 36, but Totodile evolves at level 18 and again at level 30.


The regular version of Bulbasaur was a fan favorite from Generation I. Is this that same regular Bulbasaur, or is it shiny?

Bulbasaur is the first of the original starters from Generation I that Ash catches in the anime. It's caught in the episode "Bulbasaur and the Hidden Village." Charmander is caught in the next episode and Squirtle in the episode after that.


Can you determine if the Ampharos shown here is shiny or not?

When Ampharos Mega Evolves, it changes from a pure electric-type to a dragon and electric-type combination, increasing its strength significantly. However, it can only Mega Evolve using an Ampharosite.


Do you know if this Tyranitar is a shiny Pokemon?

Evolving from Pupitar, Tyranitar is a very difficult Pokemon to raise its de-evolution form into. The difficulty is mainly due to the fact that Pupitar can't evolve until level 55, which is typically near the end of the game for most trainers.


Can you determine if this Muk is a shiny Pokemon?

Muk is a poison-type Pokemon that evolves from Grimer at level 38. Introduced in Generation I, Muk appears in every Generation of the game through the current Generation VII.


The shell around Forretress makes it hard to recognize, so can you tell if it's regular or shiny?

Forretress was first introduced in Generation II as a combination type of bug and steel. Though it's unknown what's inside the shell of Forretress, a good guess would probably be some type of creepy bug.


The prized Pokemon of Lt. Surge, does he have a shiny or regular Raichu?

Looking to increase his Pokemon's power as he defended his gym, Lt. Surge used a stone to evolve his Pikachu into a Raichu in the anime. Fearing that he wouldn't be able to defeat the electric gym leader, Ash considered doing the same to his Pikachu, but he came up with a strategy of using speed instead.


You might hear this Mightyena's howls in the night, but do you know if it's shiny?

Mightyena is a Pokemon species based on hyenas from the real world. Like hyenas, Mightyena has a powerful bite attack that will leave its enemies cowering in fear.


Can you tell if this Golduck is shiny or not?

Golduck is a rare Pokemon to find in the wild of any Pokemon game. They are usually placed inside Safari Zones, and often, it's easier to catch their smaller evolve form, Psyduck, and evolve it.


Moltres is one of the rarest Pokemon around. Is this the shiny version of this hard-to-atch Pokemon?

Designed after a Phoenix, Moltres is the strongest of the three Legendary Bird Pokemon in Generation I. Moltres has a base stat total of 495 in the game.


This Electabuzz produces plenty of shine with its Thunder attack, but is it shiny as well?

Electabuzz sits in the middle of its evolutionary family, with Elekid being first and Electivire being last. This powerful electric family is weak against ground and rock-type Pokemon but can certainly blast a flying-type out of the sky with ease.


Can you tell if this is a regular or shiny Absol?

Absol is one of the few Pokemon in Generation III that doesn't have an evolved form either up or down. However, a Mega Evolve form is introduced in Generation VI using the Absolite.


One of the strongest Pokemon in the game, is this Charizard regular or shiny?

Charizard was the cover Pokemon for one of the first two games released in the United States on Gameboy. Charizard's de-evolution, Charmander, could be selected as a starter Pokemon in the game.


Do you know if the Metagross below is regular or shiny?

Metagross is one of the most powerful non-legendary Pokemon in the game, earning the title of a pseudo-legendary Pokemon. One of the requirements for being classified as a pseudo-legendary Pokemon is having a base stat total of 600 when at level 100.


This legendary Pokemon is on the cover of Pokemon Sapphire, but is the Kyogre shown below a shiny Pokemon?

Pokemon Sapphire is the first game to introduce Team Aqua as the main antagonist in the story. Their goal is to set Kyogre free then control it using an orb. Of course, these plans never go as intended, and Kyogre can't be controlled.


Do you know if this is a regular or shiny Espeon?

Espeon is one of the eight evolve forms of Eevee. A psychic-type Pokemon, Espeon can only be evolved with high friendship during certain parts of the day.


This Pokemon legend is on the cover of Pokemon Ruby, but is this the regular or shiny Groudon?

Pokemon Ruby is the first game to introduce Team Magma, a team of villains who take the place of Team Rocket as the game's antagonist. Their goal in the game is to awaken Groudon and use an orb to control its power.


When you look at this Pinsir, does it appear to be shiny?

In Generation IV, the description of Pinsir claims that it will tear its opponents in half with its pincers. Where most other Pokemon are only trying to cause their opponents to faint, Pinsir has much darker motives.


One of the creepiest Pokemon, is this a shiny version of Gastly?

Ghost Pokemon such as Gastly have a type advantage over psychic-type Pokemon. Because of this, Ash is forced to seek out a ghost-type Pokemon to defeat Sabrina in the Kanto region.


A powerful ancient bird, does Articuno appear to be shiny here?

Like the two other Legendary Birds, Articuno answers to one Pokemon, Lugia. As the story goes, the three Legendary Birds created the sea, and Lugia is responsible for protecting it.


An ancient Pokemon resurrected from a fossil, does this Aerodactyl appear to be shiny?

Along with many other Pokemon from previous Generations, Aerodactyl is given a Mega Evolution in Generation VI. When it Mega Evolves, Aerodactyl grows rock-like spikes from its body and wings.


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